World of Warships – The Aoba Brothers! Aoba Cruiser vs Baltimore Cruiser

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World of Warships Gameplay – The Aoba Brothers, Legends!
WOWS Cruisers – Japanese Aoba vs American Baltimore

The has 3 different types of planes; fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. At the early tiers you don’t have access to dive bombers. Fighters are great at defending capital ships from torpedo and dive bombing attacks and also hunting down other enemy planes. Torpedo bombers require a bit of planning and skill, but can unleash a 6 torpedo attack run on enemy ships that can have a dramatic result on the battle. Currently there are only 4 classes in WOWS; destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers use a top down, Real Time Strategy (RTS) style of gameplay which is fun and unique to World of Warships.

Thanks for watching!


  1. All the rage ………

  2. ‘Grog’s the shot’ refers to it bieng the answer – shot

  3. Use the PBY with torpedoes 

  4. My two favorite things: Green menthos and the death cries of Baron and Phly

  5. stupid yellin terds

  6. Zibbit Razberrie

    ” what?!! we lost????!! ”

    ;). good episode

  7. where can i get this game?? i what to play it.

  8. Pissed myself laughing, i dont even care if my humor is immature this
    deserves all the gratitude !

  9. LOL. Fucking hilarious video. But goddamnit, every time I watch one of

  10. Epic Ending… Best Video so far :D

  11. Baron, propose to Phly :D

  12. I enjoyed the collective intellect of two great and powerful Japanese
    warlords that actually failed. Yalta should definitely do more videos
    together it was hilarious. Maybe a video of a battleship and a cruiser
    working together or two battleships working together. or two cruisers
    working with one battleship

  13. +BaronVonGamez there was a commercial for WoWs that showed somebody
    shooting an iceberg and flipping a boat with the waves. Can you actually do

  14. “what the tits Daily happened?!” lmao cx

  15. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    so funny!

  16. The score went from
    1000 them to 1000 you that was crazy

  17. Lol gg

  18. what is RNG?



    That’s a story I’d not want read to me before bedtime. 😉 Did not see that
    ending coming… thought you boys were going to take it.

  21. Play the Iowa class

  22. Best ending ever.

  23. Seagulls in the arctic. Seems legit

  24. lololololololololololololololol

  25. RNGjus said no to the win

  26. So emotionally charged at the end there XD

  27. more Aoba brothers videos please!!

  28. Sounds like Phly is getting it in the ass from a moose at 8:40

  29. dat intro man…. you should do more of it! XD

  30. Do you even shift bro ?

  31. Plz the fletcher 

  32. Master heart break levreu achieved

  33. “AhhOh-Ba”

  34. You guys are on NA cluster?

  35. 11:50 I guess Japanese is quite similar to Russian. I hear “ej joba” often
    in Russia too.

  36. And Baron’s face is like “Da fuck, m8?!”

  37. And so the Aoba brothers were utterly crushed in their defeat.
    The end. 

  38. aoba the bringer of death(to allies)

  39. That thumbnail tho!

  40. wait, just got a better look. they hit 1000 right before shells hit

  41. ever figure out how this game was a “Defeat”? The points at the end should
    have subtracted from them and added to you. Hard to watch frame-by-frame
    on Youtube, but it looks like your team shoulda had the victory

  42. Lol Baron, ya done goofed with port and starboard. Port is left (both have
    four letters) and starboard is right.

    Is Phly your Coxswain? ;)

  43. Hey Baron, sorry to be another pronunciation Nazi (I’m know you WoWs
    commentators get a lot of us), but Aoba is ‘AH-oh-bah,’ or ‘OW-bah’ as
    others have said. Just treat Japanese vowels like Spanish ones, which I’m
    sure you have an idea of. Peace .o>

  44. Gled ShadowBroker

    Baron, get your pronunciation correct. The “ao” in Aoba is not pronounced
    as in english.

  45. Finnur Arnór Þórisson

    1 seconde late 🙁


  46. “We didn’t launch terpedis!
    They’ve been always swimming
    since the world’s been spinning” *sing*

  47. THey won by caping

  48. love it

  49. Alejandro Kellman

    baron von story

  50. bernardobiritiki

    Baron congrats this tumbnail has bean considered the best tumbnail in all
    of youtube, IGN gave it a 10/10

  51. As all great legendary stories begin, this one begins with two guys saying
    “Hey, dude, hold my beer and watch this!”, only with torpedoes.

  52. epic alarm-sounds and “gonna send some torpedos you way, asshole”

  53. the Baron and Phly Bromance was real this game

  54. uss Torpenis sounds rather kinky

  55. is there a uss Saskatchewan or hms Saskatchewan ?

  56. What does R&G stand for?

  57. Lmao, great ending. Look at my vids.

  58. When is the open beta coming out ???

  59. LlamaDontNeedNoDrama

    I love both youtubers Baron and Phly congrats on the battle
    love the vids

  60. Plz do the Bismarck plz i really want to see it

  61. Yes Real Madrid lost to your highschool team

  62. Woo Woo woo h

  63. Giorgio_Zska_51576459
  64. The seagull sfx sound very out of place on an arctic themed level.

  65. more duel content so good :3

  66. OO OO Story time! 

  67. Now… just have to get lucky to meet Baron in WoWS.

  68. It’s even funnier because the Baltimore you guys killed is also one of the
    5 best players in the WoT NA server

    Aoba brothers OP pls nerf

  69. mountianbluebear

    I’ve kept quiet but now I’d host like to take time and mention that it is
    pronounced owba, not a-oba.

  70. Why did you pronounce ‘anime’: ‘ay-nee-meh

  71. Do death star vs b29 with phlydaily 

  72. I laughed so hard when he said he was eating fruit tik taks because right
    at them moment I to was eating tik taks

  73. LOL so much fun to watch.

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    Send me your best Replay and WIN 10000 GOLD!!
    More infos to win on my chanel! Good luck

  75. When will it be released to the public so everyone can play

  76. you guys should marry. i bet your kids will be even funnier

  77. Oh man, seems like you guys had fun in this game for sure. xD

  78. Heartbroken. :””'(

  79. Game of Thrones on Sunday. You know nothing Jon Snow.

  80. i laughed so hard

  81. Just hearing Phly and Baron rage is hilarious one goes:TITS, other one has
    a rage scream.

  82. Nicholas Lockner

    Batimore, my home town :D

  83. Last forever and ever!

  84. The points ticked over to 1k just as Phly’s shells hit. So the game already
    ended before he died. Unlucky there, bud.

  85. Hi the bb is cool ty the Aoba Brothers

  86. I have a crease on my ass from sitting on the edge of my seat watching
    that. Good game. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  87. The enemy team breached 1000 points milliseconds before you killed him,
    tough luck.

  88. My two favorite channels that play World of Warships in the same game
    together: I love it.

  89. That was a wonderful intro lol.

  90. Nice video baron! 100th like

  91. hey baron why do u do the o7 thing what does it mean

  92. barron you have a great entertaining voice, and your also great at keeping
    us interested. love the editing and everything but maybe move onto
    some-other content. keep up the great work :)

  93. Fox Croasmunchristensen

    You should try using the broadside tactic and see if it works

  94. Michael Chadolias

    Is it possible for anyone to give me a beta key?

  95. give em torpedis!

  96. what the tits daily happened!

  97. せんぱいだいすき。 lol

  98. Best video ever ;D

  99. WARE AOBA!!


  100. Such a beautiful story haha

  101. when will this game be released?

  102. hey baron can i ask what is your pc specs im just wondering :)

  103. First

  104. I’m not going to say first

  105. No comments? We need to fix that. 

  106. nice caught it 6 mins after it was posted lol

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