World of Warships: The AP Monster – Hindenburg Commentary [144k damage in 9min30s]

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Another T10 cruiser that was supposed to be so weak, yet in reality is probably the most terrifying of them all if it gets to fire at a broadside, no matter if you are CA or a BB. As usual you can skip to 19:00 for Upgrades, Modules, Consumables and Captain Perks.


  1. Nice video but your voice is a bit low. :(

  2. Typical teammates.I saw you got that pink ship and you never did a Myoko
    commentary,can we expect a good video about that colorful ship?Many Thanks.

  3. You’re a bit of an asshole towards our team. If you want them to do
    anything organized, them come up with a plan. You can bitch and cry when
    you’re dead charging the enemy alone and blindly

  4. why did every WoWs player become so passive all of the sudden, in my games
    even destroyers wont go ten feet out in front of the fleet, then i actually
    play aggressive and get slaughtered because i have no support

  5. Looking forward to this. 🙂

    I have reached the Roon now and I quite like it so far. There was this
    Yamato today at 10 klicks on which I scored 9k per salvo… ^^
    Is the pen on the Hindenburg better than on the Roon? On paper they have
    the same turrets, so I’d expect the same performance.

    My T10 projects are looking fine so far… have Montana, Yamato and Hakuryu
    in the harbor, reached Fubuki and Roon this weekend and will buy a
    Baltimore once I have enough money (so just need lotsa Ranked battles in my

    What do you think of the 2nd level Incoming Fire alert Captain’s perk? Most
    people I have asked about it keep telling me that it’s worthless, and I
    should take Expert Marksmen, but I don’t think so… on Roon and Hindenburg
    the traverse is already super fast with 22.5s stock, Expert Marksman only
    gives you 1 or 2 seconds, that’s like nothing. Of course you should always
    angle yourself in battles, so theoretically you’ll never get deleted, but I
    find it hard to stay focused all the time… there almost always is a
    situation where I’m too occupied with doing other stuff and don’t see that
    I’m showing broadside to something nasty. This perk then quite often saves
    my life…

    I’m quite torn about the 3rd skill as well. I’m using my Fubuki captain on
    my Atago (stealth Atago with Concealment expert :D), but I skilled
    Vigilance, not Superintendent. Superintendent is nice, but somehow I have
    real, big trouble evading high tier torps if I’m the first one who spots
    them and I’m going towards them. Without Vigilance (and/or the module) I
    seem to lack a crucial second or two to evade, unless by chance I’m already
    positioned in between them. And in an Atago and as a Fubuki I’m quite often
    up against DDs in close range… a single torp hit which I couldn’t prevent
    because I saw the spread too late more than offsets the fourth heal I get.
    But I don’t think I’ll be up against DDs in a Hindenburg that often, so
    Superintendent may be better even for me. What are your thoughts?

  6. In the DnD like Dragon Warriors RPG universe only the finest Warlord class
    blacksmiths were able to forge the Razor Blade, one which could cut cliffs
    in half. The only weapon able to rival it in power was a satanic dagger,
    the Wicked One’s Claw. Now the Hindenburg steps in, with twelve times that.

  7. If you could select one, Hindenburg, Zao or DM?

  8. Where do you find the mod that Flamu is using to download? mainly the
    detection + torp circles on mini map

  9. Telling things as they are and presenting ppl with the hard facts.Yet very
    few listen or even try to admit fault and get better from it.Thanks for the
    vids and insight in general.

  10. “because fuck you, that’s why….” haha

  11. The german ships in general seem really good at AP in general though the
    ones i’ve played.
    Does this hold true though the whole cruiser line?

  12. Can you please Tell us what Mods You are Using ??

  13. If you would have to chose from the cruiser lines which is the best most
    allround ship from Tier VII and up and of course most fun to play? Kutozov,
    Zao or any of the other ones. Also which server do you play on?

  14. This got me thinking.. will they ever release Tier 10 German BB?
    btw, Falmu is the monster, not the ship :P

  15. so do you prefer Zao or Hindenburg in the end?

  16. hINDENBURG ALREADY? you need to get of the computer brah XD

  17. funny enough I met a HE spamming Roon in my Iowa and he did like no damage

  18. just got my roon, and its probably my favorite cruiser in the game
    soooo lethal.

  19. Nice vid.
    Coward BB’s is becoming epidemic at all tiers and really getting rare to
    see a team with forward moving bb’s.
    90% of them are so afraid for damage. Its a mental state and most of them
    mostly fire their back guns only. I love the psycho analysis you made of
    the New Orleans.

  20. Another great vid! As i said many times during youre stream i really love
    youre aggressive playstyle, specially when youre playing BBs. I play
    exactly the same but you die quite often just because youre team often are
    pussies hiding in a cluster in the corner like youre team did in the first
    match. Why would you even wanna play T10 if you gonna be afraid off damage
    and play like a pussy?
    Repairbills ?! Thats what youre T4-5-6 ships are for!
    Flamu, Is the Roon and Hipper the same in that OP AP regard or do you have
    to grind to the Hind for that?

    “The Yamato just shoots you and its a Citadel, because Fuck You! Thats
    why!” Epic Yamato commentary!
    Bye the way, have you changed out the spotting plane on youre Yamato yet?
    Since Janne forgot to remind you ; )

    Would you take any off the other level 2 or 3 captainperks on youre
    cruisers then the one you have already selected? Or are the rest just
    garbage for cruiserplay?

  21. Man that Des Moines! what a wipe out. Great play mate Im at the Roon I dont
    have the hull upgrade yet I fitted it the same way as yours it is Badass. I
    cant wait for the Hindenberg

  22. dat laugh when you killed the des moines lol :D

  23. its crazy how some people think to cuddle with the edge of the map helps to

  24. Please post links to the music which u had used in the videos :D

  25. Great video Flamu. I’m now slugging my way through the Yorck. Looking
    forward to being in the Hipper and beyond here in a few weeks.

  26. “I didn’t get these ships to camp in the back of the map… I got these
    ships to HAVE FUN”

    This is EXACTLY why I am mostly a Cruiser and Destroyer player! Also why I
    will NOT be buying a Tirpitz until/unless they are on sale at or below the
    price of the Atago. Because IMHO the Atago is a better ship, and can be
    bought WITHOUT a stupid bundle.

    I am nowhere near as skilled as you, and watching you is making me MORE
    skilled – but I tend to play AGGRESSIVELY as well! Often, too much so! I
    bought the Atago before I had any REAL experience in high tiers, let alone
    Heavy Cruisers – and as a result I played it FAR too much like a tier 3 to
    5 light cruiser – as the Yubari and Murmansk were my 2 main premiums before
    the Atago.

    TRYING to play the Atago at full throttle at all times while being HEAVILY
    scope sighted on a single target – almost NEVER works out well! XD

    So my record in the Atago overall is crap. But I have been doing MUCH
    better after both having watched MANY videos on how best to play heavy
    cruisers – as well as getting the Aoba and learning to play that ship well,
    I now tend to never do less than about 55k damage anymore, and am FAR more
    careful! Not to mention my aim with those guns, and really all guns, has
    gotten WORLDS better! I USED to fire off the guns one turret at a time on
    the Atago, again – not the RIGHT way to play a heavy cruiser, unless your
    target is a DD who is maneuvering heavily that is. Where now, I do full
    broadsides whenever possible and generally tend to land at least 6 shells
    on average against a target that isn’t at the edge of my range and/or small
    and maneuevering heavily! And against BBs, it is almost always 8 to 10
    shells per broadside!

  27. Seing this, I would love to know how to do the middle-men, say Yorck and
    Hipper once more =D

  28. Ty for a good insight into the Hindenburg. Also do you stream?

  29. I have had this ship 1 month and played it 40 times only

  30. the hindenburg is a awesome ship at the Moment i have the stock roon;D

  31. lmfao I really shouldn’t do commentaries when I just woke up, I sound drunk
    when I laugh at that poor Des Moines 😀

    Buuut I really wanted to get this posted since I have been enjoying the
    Hindenburg quite a bit.

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