World of Warships – The Average Joe Show

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We’re not all super unicums who can score 3k base xp games in every ship we play. Most of us are just plain average. Okay that’s sort of obvious, that’s why it’s called average. But even Joe Average can do well just by minimising the effect of their mistakes and jumping all over those of their enemies.

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  1. been feelin sick all week. Jingles videos always help me feel better.

  2. German humor is no laughing matter…

  3. Jingles- “Oh wargaming, never change..”
    WG- “You heard the man!”
    But seriously, they have been *a bit* better lately, good to see. Good vid Jingles.

  4. I had to do a triple-take when you said Akatsuki, I’m already so conditioned to the long U

  5. I think this was your best video in a while, Jingles.

    I enjoyed today’s video.

    Thank you.

  6. as an average Joe i usually only make one mistake per battle. The one that gets me killed. 😀

  7. The thing about Japanese “U” is that it is in most cases shortened to the point of almost non existence. That being said if you were saying syllable after syllable – you would pronounce it.
    And how much it’s shortened also depends on specific dialect.

    • Yes. It really depends. Akatsuki typed out in Roman letters has would make it seem like the “TZSU” phonetic pronunciation would be correct (A-KAT-TZUE-KEY) but a native speaker would most certainly sound like they are saying AHH-KATSu-KEE because of which syllable is stressed.

      If you want to hear a Japanese speaker pronounce it, seach YouTube for “the Akatsuki gundam first launch” and listen to how it is pronounced at 1:50.

  8. i would dare say this was an above average performance of mr Joe, his positioning and map awareness were definitely better than what you usually see. Jolly good show old boy!

  9. Easy fix for Subs. If you have 2ndaries, as soon as the sub shows, you can target it with them. The 2ndaries will open fire as soon as they can hit it. No worries. Also if you are close in when the enemy sub surfaces, stay there. It’s bloody hard to shoot a ship with torps if you are sitting on the ship that is trying to fire them.

    • Not enough people take advantage of the torpedo arming distance. Back when I could take Atago/Takao out and still have fun, we used to do that thing where we would draw the enemy into a ram and dodge at the last moment for a torpedo strike. Only reasons I got away with it as much as I did was because I would dodge just enough the enemy fish wouldn’t activate before pulling back and shooting mine.

  10. DD’s may be the counter to subs, but a good torpedo snapshot is still a good torpedo snapshot. That U-190 definitely earned that last kill.

    • .
      The old down-the-throat shot, the USN used to use it. They were sinking Japanese escorts faster than the escorts could sink submarines.

  11. Using torps against the Fubuki also has one use that people usually forget; they give the Fubuki driver one more thing to worry about. It’s an added distraction. Torps can be used in other roles than just doing targeted damage. Denying ground (water? sea?) and limiting movement is one, distraction is another. Specially in a lower tier games where the reloads are relatively fast.

    • I fire Chinese deepwater torps at DD’s even though they will not hit just like you said, to give them something else to think about.

  12. This might just be me but I don’t understand why people got upset about not being able to shoot a submerged submarine with your guns? wouldn’t that make sense that a ships guns can’t hit if its more then 10ms underwater cause of the water?

  13. Whenever someone mentions German Humour, I always think of a former crewmate; we were discussing a tough time and he said completely deadpan “My friend, just remember that life is like Belgium. Sometimes you just have to march through it.” And they say German humour is no laughing matter

  14. To all of those who think subs are balanced enough: Wargaming will add the I-400 carrier sub to the Japanese tech tree, either as a researchable tech tree ship or as some sort of premium ship. Just a fair warning.

  15. I’ll argue the Sims is also a good T7 destroyer based on its combination of speed, rudder shift, range, turret rotation, and DPM. It can struggle at bottom tier but is a monster when middle or top.

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