World of Warships – The Battle of Cape Matapan

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On March 28th 1941, the Regia Marina met the British Mediterranean Fleet in what would be the worst naval defeat in naval history.

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  1. Did you say… the Battle of Cake Marzipan?

  2. Johnq365 Quebec

    This is the content that your channel is best at. Keep it up please!

  3. TheNerfPlayer12321

    I love jingles history talks. So good!

  4. You have to admire the balls of sneaking up and then turning on your search lights as you fire a broadside…..

  5. MajesticDemonLord

    I do love historical Story Time with Jingles.

    Maybe one day he’ll do a guest appearance with Sabaton on their history channel.

  6. I love these historical stories/voiceovers. Please do more Jingles!

  7. love the history chat parts jingles can’t get enough keep it up 🙂

  8. Jingles talking about my favourite battle of the Mediterranean theatre? Tops!

    HMAS Stuart and HMS Jervis playing hide and seek with Italian destroyers after Zara and Fiume were destroyed. A great night out.

    • u just hv to thank that we were led by idiots. We had more naval history than u considering Roman Empire and Renaissance/Middle ages

    • +belladesa91 Incompetent leaders for sure, and radar didn’t help things, either. That was basically an “I win” button at the time, and with the added advantage of air superiority.. Not a very sporting match, but it was war, after all.

    • it’s an ‘I win’ button in game too.

  9. can never get enough of these history chats, keep ’em coming!

  10. A blinder of a battle topped off with Uncle Jingles History time . .My Day is Awesome now .
    Thank you Jingles and Well Played Captain

  11. BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA Gaming

    And thats why i like Jingles
    A lot of history
    Keep it up old man

  12. Below Average Gaming

    Italians: “Is dark, they no can see us”

    Brits: “Hold my whiskey old chap”

    • History Gaming Verified

      +bringingtherukas Wouldn’t it be Grog? As far as I know pure rum wasn’t allowed on Royal Navy ships.

    • bringingtherukas

      +History Gaming Verified Probably, I have very little knowledge of Naval history, When I hear sailors i think rum.
      I know lots of rum Brands have maritime names/association like Pusser Naval, lambs naval, admiral something, captain Morgan etc, something about naval rations.

    • History Gaming Verified

      +bringingtherukas It’s not wrong, just checked one of my books on naval warfare. The British adopted grog, a mix of water and rum, more than 200yrs ago as their crewmen tended to save their daily rum ration throughout the week and get completely hammered on weekend. But when mixed with water rum decays pretty quickly, meaning they couldn’t save it up. Daily grog rations were standard until in 1970 alcohol rations were abolished in the Royal Navy.

    • Whiskey is American spelling, I’m pretty sure. Whisky would be more accurate

    • +armorhide406 “Whiskey” is a common Irish spelling as well as American, so an Englishman drinking Irish whiskey wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to spell it that way.

  13. OneRandomOsuPlayer

    Jingles: Accuracy and shot grouping is important
    Japanese tier 3 Battleship: “laughs in inaccuracy”

  14. You should make a new video series, “Storytime with uncle Jingles”. would love that!

  15. Tirpitz: *exists*
    Arctic convoys: Nope

    • Dudley Pound
      , the admiral who ordered the escorts to withdraw and PQ 17 to scatter, died of a brain tumor a year later. I have to wonder if that influenced his poor decisions. Seeing as the convoy’s escorts included the battleships Duke of York and Washington, Tirpitz would’ve been at a severe disadvantage if she’d actually sailed out to attack.

    • micha wieczorek

      Correct, but it was still a Battleship capable of taking a beating and able to inflict some damage aswell.
      Also, do not forget the German Propaganda and the Fact that the British Navy didn’t want to have a “Hood 2.0” and the Luftwaffe posing a serious threat as they were somewhat able to sustain air superiority over the Atlantic.
      If the Tirpitz would have actually left the harbour (propably estimated with escort by the Navy) to attack the convoy, splitting-up would not have been the worst idea as it might have acted as a “damage control”.
      In the end, its a what-if scenario, I dont think the decision taken was particulary good, but underestimating your enemy is worse…
      Furthermore, the Allies were already testing (successfully) new Anti- Submarine technology so they might have overestimated their ability to protect the convoy from the U-Boats.

  16. JINGLES!!! Sir, you are missing a massive pool in viewership by not doing naval and war history video’s… I do hope you rectify this at some point. We would love to hear your take on history such as this…

  17. I really love listening to Jingle history voiceover.
    As an italian myself just a coupple of things, Mussolini was, offcourse, Italian and not russian, almighty jingles learn some italian accent, would make me proud(for what matters).
    And other than not having radar, the regia marina didn’t had smokeless night propellant charges, doing the math I have to say you cheated damn brits…
    Keep it on old man.

  18. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    Historical Sarcasm:
    Pula, Fiume, Zara…. All named after 3 Croatian cities, what Italy only occupied for a short time after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and all 3 ship sinked at the same night..

    • That’s…not entirely correct though. Zara and Pula where both part of the Republic of Venice, until Napoleon decided that no Republic where not that fancy in the end. That’s how they end up in the Austrian empire

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      +Alessio Basile But the Republic of Venice was never similar with Italy. Just like as the Roman Empire was never similar with Italy.
      Italy ofc thinked they have a right to every cities founded by the Roman times, and this is why they turned against Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, or Greece or France and England in North Africa…

    • +Alessio Basile
      and venice snatched them from the hungarian kingdom which conquered croatia and dalmatia before them.

      history is full of claims, you are both equally right.

  19. The Regia Marina would get some revenge for this loss – sinking both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Valiant in Alexandia harbour, by using manned human chariots. Although both ships were eventally refloated and returned to service, they were out of commision for around 12 months.

  20. Gabriele Pezzuto

    My grandfather was on board of the destroyer Giosuè Carducci during the Battle of Cape Matapan: the ship was reduced to a floating wreck in just 5 minutes of focused fire from only 3 km away, while attempting to lay down some smoke cover for the rest of the fleet.

    Out of 206 officers and sailors, only a few dozen survived that night. Then at dawn, while the British Navy was collecting the Italians sailors at sea, German bombers drove the ships away, leaving many survivors to their fate. My grandfather and many others spent 6 nights and 6 days at sea, while capt. Alberto Ginocchio tried to keep the morale up by praying and singing. Many were killed by sharks, most by wounds and fatigue. Eventually they were saved by an Italian hospital ship on the 2nd of April. Only 35 survived.

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