World of Warships- The Battlepass Is A Lot better Than We Thought? Wargaming Responds

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the response Wargaming put out in response to the “buzz” over the battlepass, so lets see what they have to say. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:47 DevBlog Intro
4:12 Combat Missions
7:47 Reward Distrubution
9:22 Post-Progression
11:04 Example of Rewards
13:10 Thoughts
16:05 Yammy Adds Her Input


  1. Still not going to get the Battle Pass.

    • As a F2P player, I view the battle pass as the most efficient way of spending doubloons. It gets me a lot of resources like red buffs, coal, and steel that are very expensive to exchange with doubloons. It is so weird that people, usually people who spent at least some money in this game, voice for F2P players about something like 3 million credits to 1 million is a huge nerf. I don’t care about random flags but I care more about how signal containers can bring me more super containers that have much more valuable items. Or at least have some chance of more coal than just giving me some flags that I might never use. I will get the battle pass because why not?

  2. Well thats good to hear, timely communication from a company notorious for “miscommunication” issues. Still as you said it adds MORE RNG and less consistent way of getting our rewards.

    You named your cat after the Yamato, how adorable. Meow 🙂

  3. on topic of 10k dubs for stage … it was clear from start it is a placeholder value. but that also raises a question, is the spaghetti code situation so bad they are unable to put “unavailable” tag over it? maybe not … so are they so lazy to put 10k and call it a day?

    jesus, what a little effort could be done to completely avoid this apparent confusion.

    • Yeah I wondering why it wasn’t just disabled.

    • Because if not enough ppl would have complained about it they would have leave it like that and earn a ton more of money, they got caugh redhanded, as always.

    • @Nicolas Fidalgo you seriously think that??? Hahahahaha

      If it werent for those meddling kids, we could have gotten away with 10k per stage and 500k for all


  4. First they explain nothing, then when they see the reaction explain what they are doing.
    Or were they planning the worse, but changed because of the reactions?

  5. As a 48% win rate player who plays maybe five matches a day three co-op before work to randoms after. I can usually do the current system and get somewhere in the 60s of missions complete. I think of myself is fairly average and my number is bear that out. So I imagine I’ll never see most of those containers and wargaming will never see my money

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      @StarshipEnterprise Why shouldn’t rewards be expected for co-op??

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Silentwolf Sherman WoWs is a competitive PVP game. Co-op is designed to learn the basics and try out new ships.
      And originally Co-op gave so few xp and credit it was even took your credit with a higher tier ship and took forever to grind up the next tier..
      Now they made it fool proof, boosted the credit and xp so shitty players not bankrupt when they play there, and therefore they not ruin the game of the real target playerbase in randoms.
      Also, rewards like Steel is for the good players, not those who just want to “fun” in co-op.

    • @StarshipEnterprise As a player of this game who’s been around 5+yrs, my avg: w/r is 45% give or take… Below avg:. My w/r over the last several months in t8-t10 + clan btls is 70+% w/r…. give or take…… proving that w/r weans very little depending on the battle involved & the team you have been dumped with. As is the case these days where a supposed 15m-20m random battle from the old days is a 7-13m battle these days because of the way WG has set the team standards… meaning 1 team, stat wise, will ALWAYS win beacause the teams are no longer statistically evenly matched. Make your own comparisons on the stats as I have done over the last 6mths & I’m big enough to accept being wrong.

    • @StarshipEnterprise and that is why there is grading on a curve, if everyone does bad it might not be the people it might be the test.

      my opening comment was about the AVG player and how they will make out using my stats as an example. it is a shame to see the comments have turned into stat shaming other players.

      so instead of ” get gud ” ( to people who use that i say ” learn English” ) how about play nice with others. the bell curve on this game isn’t much of a curve.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @mike henthorn Well this is the main problem.
      Since I play since CBT I see clearly as more and more BAD player come to the game.
      They dumb ignorant, and ruin the game.
      They don’t want to improve themself, but want to get EVERYTHING for free without skill. They buy themself up in high tiers without learning basics.
      Your opening comment was the AVG player by numbers, but in reality, the majority of players are SHOULD NOT play this game, or play Co-Op and operations ONLY.
      Before WG removed the stats from the camo paints, I seen lots and lost of “AVG” (by your meanings) players who were so dumb they not used camos in randoms (not even in rankeds) and they played in high tiers.
      When this game came out, even the dumbest of the AVG player know that camo was a MUST HAVE on each ship abouve tier 5 even in randoms.
      Just because the quality of the playerbase worse now, it not mean, that the now majority BAD players count as AVG players.
      That’s the same ignorant arrogant selfconfident mentality which is why THEY remain BAD players and they RUIN the game for EVERYONE ELSE TOO.
      And that was my point since my first comment here.

      It’s hard to play nice with someone, who ignorant, do dumb things, not accept any kind of advice to improve itself, and keep do stupid things.
      Let’s think you play football, (or if you american soccer) with your friends.
      There is a teammate, who always pass to the other team, if you ask him to stop, and he say “Play nice with me” and keep do it what would you say to him?

  6. WG just trying to squeeze out more money from us players again. must be sending kickbacks to russia.

  7. As someone who plays 3 days a week I often get all the important stuff on the weeklys done although I often don’t do all the dailys and the 3 containers so this just sounds like I now have to play everyday! It would be cool if the dailys instead of just giving progress points also included signals so if there was a daily mission that had 10 points instead it has 10 points and 5 signals.

  8. Mountbatten your math for the Combat Missions is a bit off, yes it’s 27k Base XP with the 9k general base XP without qualifier in the Battlepass,
    but the 25K in the old system is only the Hard Mission chain alone.
    With the 7,5k in victorious Battles from the Easy chain being added to a total of 32,5K base in victorious in the old system.

  9. Still annoyed with the empty gaps in rewards from the BP. WG did not explain that.

  10. Might buy the battle pass once, just for the sake of testing it out.

  11. I agree with a lot of the comments below. It looks like it turns a game into another job. I uninstalled all WG games last night and I don’t think I’ll be coming back.

  12. PickelJars ForHillary

    Is WG aware that this game isnt supposed to be a full time job?

  13. Eugen Von Surschnitzler

    You could circumvent the “victorious battle part” of the daylies by just playing PVE to get the dayly revards

  14. YourFavoriteLawnGuy

    Battlepass is a scam. WG is trying to take all the money they can on the spiral down of player pop. I used to log in every other day to play a couple ganes, get my missions done, maybe a few naval battles. I havn’t logged in, in over a month because of subs and now i have zero reason to… ive spent more money on this game than ALL others in my 30 years combined, they dont deserve another single penny.

  15. Does using spotter plane decrease your dispersion?

  16. It seems like they are front loading some of the good stuff. what math needs to be done is how much you get per day if you do all the combat mission now , vs the battle pass. The people that do not play every day or only play the weekend or a couple of days a week are they going to be getting the same. the people who are going to complete the whole pass are the small % of the player base anyway. so I would like to see if the people who only play on the weekends are going to get the same.

  17. Something I noticed on the first replay was Edgar firing while in free look.
    It’s something I didn’t think of tbh, I always expect people to be changing course, especially at high tiers

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