World of Warships- The Battlepass Is Shafting All Of Us, And It Is Not Ok

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Hello guys, today we take a look back at the horrid new Battlepass system coming to the game, and….oh boi

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Values on the PT and the live servers tend to be different (like for dockyard). I really hope the backlash they get makes them release something a lot more reasonable.

    Reducing the credits isn’t a big deal imo, 3 million over a month is so little anyway. The combat signals and blue boosters are what hurts the most.

    I also think the 10k dubs per level is to prevent people on PT to use the free dubs to complete it easily.

    • Matthias Darrington

      3 million over a month is actually a lot for people who don’t have premium. Credits is the main thing you grind for…

    • @Matthias Darrington They don’t listen to people who give them money do you think they will to the free players?

    • @Matthias Darrington You get 3 days rental ships every week as new players(probably F2P players cuz I still get them sometimes after 3 years). And you get free premium days quite often. You grind with some good rentals like Prinz Eugen or Atago with premium day. That’s how I got away before I saved enough coal for a T9 premium. Not very smoothly but if you stick at mid-tiers like 6-8 it is not a problem to complete those missions and you should have enough credits. Once you get your first premium boom credits won’t be very painful to grind at all. 3 mil is just small number that you get for 1 to 2 hours with free premium days and green buff.

    • Actually, I forgot that repulse is given for free to new players now and it is an amazing ship (sadly not for new players with bad aiming skills).

  2. Well Sea Lord Mountbatten on the EU stream Thursday this week they said the the rerwards in the BP was final.

    • @Dysputant I wanna see how you gonna make 8OOK to 2,2M credits in one battle without blue bonuses, because you’ve been probably using them till now, haven’t you?

    • @Jan Miknyik old missouri probably doesn’t need blue bonuses to earn that, it’s literally shafting everyone that didn’t spend money on missouri originally

    • Even old missouri has been nerfed from what it was

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @enjoyingend193 800,000 is completely possible with old Mo, 2mil+ you need at least blue boosters or one hell of a match

    • @Dysputant This isn’t really about those who have OG Missouri, TBH, I don’t think WG could give two flying fucks about players who have been in the game long enough to have obtained her. You’ve spent your money on the game, or are set in your spending habits, so either way, WG don’t need to worry about you and how much money they may or may not get from you.

      This is about how it screws over new players, because that 1.5million is a lot when you’re starting the game, learning its mechanics, and don’t yet realise how expensive higher tiers are, don’t yet realise how little you can actually learn at low tiers because it’s mostly bots and seal-clubbers, don’t yet realise just how much the game itself doesn’t tell the player etc.

  3. This Battlepass makes most other mobile game Battlepasses look like a free giveaway.

    • If the spreadsheet says too many people walks away, they will tweak it. But they need 3-5million$/months so they are in panic mode to pump up the income. It should settle to a more normal level later (I am afraid this is only wishful thinking…)

  4. i have a good feeling that WG has shot itself in the foot with this move to replace the daily, weekly and monthly missions behind this shitty “battle pass” system
    those missions are one of the incentives to keep playing the game in the first place

  5. Let me guess, this will just simply be a misunderstanding due to communications after the backlash.

  6. Stuff like this makes the regulars want to walk. I’ll be keen to see how it works out for them, I for one love the game but after a few months hiatas am reluctant to come back the more of this I see pop up in youtube.

    • Same, been like 8 weeks now, and while I had breaks before, I really lack the motivation to log in at all. I would not surprised this is the big one where I walk out. Not even because I am upset, mad or have feelings about it. I think this is the one because I just don’t care anymore.

    • @Tuning3434 I feel the same way. I ve played since almost the beginning and have heavily invested money in the game probably too much if I’m honest. I too don’t feel any anger towards the developers for stuff like this I’m just less and less interested as they introduce more greedy schemes to fleece people of their money and give them less in the process. With the world economy the way it’s headed lets hope their arrogance doesn’t shoot them in the foot.

  7. You briefly mentioned it, but there are whole mission chains locked behind the Premium Plus Paywall. You can’t even see them unless you buy that level of pass. Also, the rewards in the free pass are absolutely laughable.

  8. I wouldn’t mind the Battle Pass if it were in addition to the mission system we currently have. THE reason I log in and play every day is to do a couple of the missions so at the end of the month, I have completed the entire chain. With a Battle Pass, it removes that daily play structure for me so I probably won’t be playing nearly as much. Not playing = not spending. Luckily there are loads of other great games to participate in and want my time & money. WoWS will be the old game I used to play and probably will revisit it during the snowflake events just for nostalgia.

  9. This Battlepass reminds me of the garbage changes to Premium Account Time a few years ago. Remember a few years ago, Wargaming made a big thing about creating a Unified Premium Account Time. You could pay once and get the +50% Boost to credits and XP in all 3 of Wargamings games. WoT, WoWS and WoWP. This was great, but then a couple of years later Wargaming realised that they wasn’t making enough money out of allowing players to buy 1 premium account for all their games. First they created the World of Warships Premium Account. This gave you 65% Boost to Credits and XP, instead of the 50% boost. Then they created World of Tanks Premium Account, where you could get even more extra stuff that was better than the normal Wargaming Premium Account. Things such as being able to add another map to your ban list, and 5 times to add extra XP to a mission result. Plus other goodies. Now this all meant that if you played both WoT and WoWS, most players would want to have all the boosts they can get. That means paying for 2 separate premium accounts. The WoT one and the WoWS one. This Battle Pass is just another way of forcing the player to stump up the cash for the Premium version of Battlepass. They make the free rewards so shitty, that many players will just pay for the Premium Battlepass. Its utter dogshit, and I am glad that I stopped playing. Played WoT since 2012, and WoWS since the Closed Alpha. But enough is enough. Both games have been un-installed.

  10. As someone who has been playing since Alpha and misses out on most if not all events due to the fact im a Merchant Marine working on Harbor Tugs when I get home I have other things I would like to do as well as alot of things that I need to do. I dont get to play world of warships as much as I would like and yeah I’ve missed out on some pretty awesome events an rewards. However I have never complained till now all this sounds like to me is its going to make the game more of a grind and I simply do not have time for that. For myself paying for this battle pass simply isnt worth my money just like Premium time. I wont get to use all of it and I wont get my moneys worth. Its a waste of time and a waste of money and if WG decides to go with this and make the game even more of a grind I may have to stop playing like I did other to grindy games I simply dont have the time when I am off.

  11. “The tighter you squeeze your hands; the more players slip through your fingers”
    WG really knows how to finish off their game

  12. As Flamu said: the dubloons for speeding up are probably place holders.

  13. I called that they were gonna do this a year ago when they introduced the daily rewards upon opening the game. It was very unlike WG to give us something for free, they dangled out the carrot, and now we get the stick. At a time when they are losing a huge amount of the player base, this is getting ridiculous

  14. I play this game for 3-4 years. After recent updates and now the introduction of the battlepass I am thinking about quiting the game because I don’t want to feel like a milking cow. I am a paying WG customer, don’t get me wrong, but this is just too much when you have to think what another purchase system WG will implement instead of enjoying the game. Flamu recently launched a video about players count dropping in all servers. My spider sense tells me that battlepass will get numbers even lower 🙂

  15. Can’t wait to have to pay doubloons every time I want to take a ship into battle! Probably in the 0.13 update.

  16. I will definitely miss SLM. I love Flamu, for his honesty and wonderful humor, but SLM, you’re a good egg!

  17. Even bringing up AL with Wows in one topic is an insult towards AL.
    The amount of player friendlyness is barely seen in any game but wows is so far away from it that even in 5 lifetimes u wouldnt see that ..

  18. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    My hot take is that they still feel like they aren’t soaking up enough credits with the camo/special flags to bonus rework and the introduction of super ship credit sinkholes. Super ships are optional to play and I’m sure a lot of people haven’t been willing to burn the credit on them and I bet they didn’t fully anticipate how great the apathy for camo would be once they took any incentive other than vanity away from using it. So a lot of players right now are credit rich because they dumped all that now worthless camo for credits and are continuing to dump the camo they are periodically handing out for free.

    In addition to this a lot of veteran players have problem become coal rich as well. I myself am sitting on 600,000 coal and feel very little incentive to spend much of it at the moment. While there are a few coal ships I don’t have that I want, I’m in no real rush to get them. But if I have to start burning coal and or credits to replace my combat signals flags than what is currently a surplus of coal for me and an adequate amount of credits will likely start to look like famine quite soon. FXP is the same kind of story. I am rich in boosters for FXP and bank it pretty quickly to be such an average quality player. But now they are opening new avenues for spending FXP while curtailing some of the ability to earn it at the same time. Why? Again I’m guessing because a good many players are sitting on a surplus of FXP or are earning it to quickly.

    You know what all this tells me? The current economic model is broken and they’ve finally realized they can’t live forever on getting players to buy new ships with their $$$, so they are trying to figure out other ways to get people to spend money in game. It’s kind of hard to do that when all the resources are readily available to even decidedly average players in quantities large enough that they can bank stockpiles of it. And as much as it sucks to know they are tightening up that slack in the economic model I will be OK with them doing that if it will put an end to them endlessly dumping new tech tree lines into the game of bullshit paper ships that power creep everything under the sun. My one real complaint is that they really aren’t showing us anything truly new and different that actually adds FUN to the game for ALL the players. Subs is really the only thing that are truly new in the game and that has just been a total shit show that is making large segments of the player base miserable or pissed off. They want to increase their revenue stream and I get that but if they are going to do that they need to give something new and or different that adds value to the game. And that element is sorely lacking at this time.

    Just my 2 Cents.

  19. Honestly you’re right about this battle pass being a joke, just comparing it to the WoT version. Each battle pass there gives access for up to 3 unique commanders, styles for the selected tanks of the season, and tokens for upgrades comparable to our research bureau upgrades.

    They really need to step up their game for my wallet to open up for WoWs battle pass.

  20. I feel like AL’s “cruiser pass” is more like WoW’s dockyard since you get a ship out of it and it lasts for about the same time as a dockyard. Main difference is that the ship in AL is completely free compared to WoWs, though those META ships are usually just port queens anyways.

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