World of Warships – The beast of the labyrinth

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This used to be my favorite tier 10 cruiser, but I played it sooo much that I got bored of it and stopped playing. Recently I started dropping some games in Minotaur again and it just reminded me how fun and powerful it can be.
Have fun and enjoy watching 😉


  1. さもさもさもあ

    Mino is the best cruiser for me.She clearly has strength and weakness.

  2. Great vid as always! What campaign is Flabi talking about, though? Didn’t see anything in that regard…

  3. mark worthington has

    All vessels follow The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (IRPCS) or colregs for short. This applies to all vessels upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith navigable by seagoing vessels. Naval vessels follow the same rules however there may be local bylaws that add additional rules depending on the place and situation. For example you may have to stay a certain distance from a Naval/Military vessel or risk being deemed a threat.

    • mark worthington has 1000meters from ships engages in mine clearing operations.

    • Gordon Goldsteinburg

      however, like with cars, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, it matters if you’re alive. So be cautious and give way (If they arent stopping), even if you don’t have to give way.

    • @Gordon Goldsteinburg Rule 17 Action by stand-on vessel. Shall maintain course and speed, May maneuver when give-way vessel is not acting appropriately, SHALL maneuver to avoid collision when action by the give-way vessel alone is not sufficient to avoid collision. Or words to that effect.

  4. “the smaller ship needs to dodge”
    lol, that’s not how shipping works 😀

    • Thats exactly how shipping works. Weight has the right of way. Even if there where some rule that military ship get to go first. Its not like they can suddenly turn fast just because they have to.

    • No it’s not how it works. There’s a whole set of rules. Has nothing to do with displacement. Google “COLREGS” and educate yourself.

  5. Not running radar Minotaur. My dissapointment is immense.

  6. Imagine this, Monkey is the captain of the largest battleship in the world. The ship is sailing in heavy fog and radar gets a contact ahead. He radios the contact and tells them to move out of the way of the battleship, but the contact tells him that Monkey’s the one who has to change course. Angry at this, Monkey tells them that he is sailing the largest warship in the world and they better make way for him if they know what’s good for them. There’s a moment of silence before the contact radios back… “This is a lighthouse”…………. *CRASH*

  7. 3:10 to 3:30 Always good to hear the experts talk business. 😀
    BTW, if Monkey were Captain of a ship the crew would start a mutiny within 2 days.

  8. A the mino, used to be my favorite DD.

  9. the Flambass “Battle Chariot”

  10. 15:30 – it would be more chellenging if it would be: to get a Kraken, and be the second from the bottom

  11. The 3 stooges attack WoWs

  12. jennifer stewarts

    HMS Curacoa, was escorting the RMS Queen Mary. The queen mary was zig zagging all over the place, and much faster then the light Cruiser Curacoa. The C-class light cruiser was capable of 29 knots so had to sprint in straight lines, while the queen mary zig zagged at 32 knots. She turned in an sliced the light cruiser in half.

  13. Flambass: “Don’t expect too much out of Alaska, she’s not a great ship”
    Flamu: “I consider Alaska fairly overpowered”

    *confused potato noises*

  14. Monkey, Trenlass and Flambino! i love when you feature replays with the Unholy Triad.

  15. Has anyone else noticed that since the corona lockdown it’s almost impossible to get a good game?? It’s like every day is a weekend day now with nothing but yolo’ing kids playing.

  16. There was a recent case where a Venezuelan offshore patrol vessel intentionally rammed a drifting cruise liner and ended up sinking. The cruise liner sailed away undamaged. Venezuela claimed the cruise liner was violating territorial waters…..somehow

  17. Alaska is pretty strong and more than “ok” haha

  18. Not sure whether I just watched The Three Wise Monkeys or The Three Amigos or The Three Stooges, lmao!!
    But, The cavalry has arrived, lmao!!

  19. 8:38, 9:44 I keep hearing strange sneezing sounds/screems during the entire replay? Is there any hidden purpose to this? Or do I need to get my ears and brain into drydock again for overhaul?

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