World of Warships: The Beginning of Vermont

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I have unlocked the Vermont! It’s time to play her a little.
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0:00 Vermont Match
11:12 End Screen
12:21 Captain Skills & Upgrades
13:17 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US battleship Vermont.


  1. Thiccc vermont

  2. “Very thicc”
    We should have this thing in Azur Lane!

  3. I guess it’s time to start playing Italian battleships!

    • I really dont advise playing them. The Colombo was such a disappointment with weak armor and bad guns. Short range, very bad dispersion, long reload. You cannot overmatch cruisers. Need AP to delete them. SAP is bad.
      The 360 degree back turrets are good actually

    • Arman Sagmanligil

      @Jozsef Toth i mean, sure, but you have the heaviest broaside + a very useful fuel smoke

    • @Arman Sagmanligil idk mate, maybe its not for me. Some people tell they prefer the 12 gun BBz. Its even more, 16.
      The armor should be better for such limited gun performance. And she could be more nimble, being italian. I wrote this already in some chat, that the fuel smoke is great, but the ship is not fast enough to get away while it last. Maybe with swift in silence. I think the speed boost on Georgia is better than the fuel smoke. The whole pack Georgia offers is better than Colombo(my opinion)

    • Tiền Nguyễn

      Colombo with a 35000

    • Columbo is a joy! It’s a new, fresh playstyle and it’s guns absolutely smack!

  4. My problem whit this ship is that i cant push alone, i need to stay whit my team. Because the ship i so slow and the DPM isn’t that good.

  5. Ggwp, aerroon! Almost a kwacken

  6. Beautiful skin with it too!

  7. congrats on your shiny new BB , she really is a beauty !

  8. whose main gun do you think the most accurate between G kurfust and vermont ??

  9. I really do like Vermont. I find her to be very hard hitting and rewarding even tho she’s very slow. One of my fav tier 10 BBs.

  10. Lets see how Aerroon like the t10 BB with the biggest punch👊

  11. i love how when you shoot something 20km away, the shells land and you still have 25 seconds left on your reload -_-

  12. That Minotaur kill is a great example of a player not getting his deserved devstrike

  13. Having played my fair share of ijn cruisers, or cruisers in general, but mostly ijn and most of the ranked season in yoshino with decent success it really makes me wonder. Why does everyone sail them broadside or park them in the middle of the cap?

  14. this is awesome. every day got a new video.

  15. 457 12 guns with awesome Accuracy makes these ship perfect.

  16. she just need USN BB heal and Ohio/Massa damacon to make her more survival in HE META…
    the rest is just fine after all she’s now one of my favorite BB compared you know German BB lol

  17. Caspian Korwado

    this is weird but I really love your accent lmfao

  18. Admiral Spaceballs

    7:55 – 2 ricochets 7k damage .Well somebody paid wows before making a video

  19. Артём Шепелев

    0:00 The only time you will see Vermont reload in 8 seconds

  20. Order And Discord

    You could fire a shot in the Vermont, take a piss, read today’s newspaper & comeback by the time it reloads.

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