World of Warships- The Best Battleship For The Current Meta

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier X Research Bureau Ship Slava! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Hy my friend great content like always,thank you !

  2. Either Louisiana or Conqueror

  3. kingoftheroad40

    You could have mentioned a couple alternatives for those that are not able to get a research Bureau ship yet such as a tech line ship a coal ship and a Doubloon ship I’m currently working on getting Ohio I’ve been playing quite a bit of Louisiana in convoys.

  4. Can you remake the battleship tier list?

  5. slava is good for random but not for clan or rank or brawl

  6. Think I’ll just keep grinding to the Nebraska. Can only get the Montana at the moment anyway. 140,000 XP in the Colorado is so slow. May just use free XP for the Kansas.

  7. My go too tech line for grinding through the tech line for the Research Bureau point is U.S. Destroyers. Most commanders tier 4-8 are over 17+ Captain skill points and 9-10 are 21-points. I find doing scenario missions and COOP is the quickest way to finish quickly.

  8. you also have to take into consideration that the slava has a bunch of hidden armor, so whilst you are able to overmatch the bow you wont be getting citadels through the front or back

  9. To unlock the bureau it has to be 5 tech tree tier 10 ships you don’t have to own them just have them researched with XP.

  10. Ohio is better for competitive because the maps are smaller and it is built to brawl. It also has better survivability with the 40 sec cooldown on the heals with accurate long range secondaries.

    Slava is my stress relief ship for randoms. It’s fun to play when your team isn’t yelling at you for not helping despite you chunking most of the enemies hp. I will say make sure you know how to aim at targets that are slightly angled in or out but giving enough angle so you can citadel them. Making shots like that count will be most of what you run into with Slava, it is rare someone will park in front of you flat broadside. It also takes a bit to understanding positioning with this ship, yes it can brawl but it is at a severe disadvantage since it has no overmatch and no rapid damage con like Kremlin.

    • Papaver Somniferum

      Ohio is a good choice for people who doesnt own Georgia. I have Georgia in my port and im resetting Harugumo line to get enough points to own Slava. I dont have any “sniping” BB (Iwami doesnt count, its a brawler…maybe Thunderer? But I dont like her) and if Slava is like XXL Moskwa then im bought 😛

  11. ArmorPiercing11

    I almost have enough RB points for another ship and I’m having the decision anxiety of trying to decide between the Slava and Ohio.

  12. Stevie mightdoit

    If you want the Slava play style at t-7, get the Florida.

    • Papaver Somniferum

      Nope, Florida isnt anything like Slava. If you want to “test” Slava playstyle take Moskwa, cause Slava is XXL Moskwa.

  13. Special_Needs_Cannon

    Slava’s AA is slightly better than Kremlin stat wise doing a bit more mid range dps due to swapping the 45mm mounts for 57mm mounts

  14. Why just not play Yamato instead? It doesn’t have all those downsides. It has amazing firepower for sniping. It has great armor at range. On top of that, it has special AP shells which do not bounce.

    What I’m saying is that I would like to hear comparison with the closest match for the same role.

  15. 2:25
    * Hits Des Moines flat broadside*
    *ZERO damage*
    * angry screen shaking*

  16. i’ve been having a lot of fun with both lines of american bb’s lately more than any other branch really.

  17. Wait… Soviet bias best for META. Who would have guessed?

  18. johnfrank tullo

    I was never a bb player but I started to play the Russian line and so far the sinop and Valdie are great ships

  19. Loanword Eggcorn

    Please explain what meta means, in as much detail as possible, especially how it means to play. Probably a separate video would help.

  20. LeckMichImArsch

    Just did an experiment in the training room with Kremlin and Thunderer to shoot at a full-broadside Yamato. With a friendly bot keeping the Yamato spotted, I managed to get 3 citadel ribbons in Kremlin and 4 citadel ribbons in Thunderer from 20 km away (line of sight was perpendicular to Yamato on the minimap), so yeah, other battleships are fully capable to deal citadel damage to full-broadside Yamato too, as long as the AP shells land on the right segment.

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