World of Warships – The Best Camouflage

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Just unlocked this beautiful camo for the and wanted to check it out. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Baltimore – Discord Server

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  1. These camouflages just scream “MURICA”

    • no, they scream “kiddie game”

    • Robert Pettigrew

      Well the advantage is you can tick a box and it does not matter 🙂 People who want clown cammos can and the rest do not have to see them 🙂

    • This camo screams kiddie game but the immature Weeb pedobait captains and camos don’t?

    • Firstly, its not a kiddie game regardless. Its just an arcade game, one that ive sunk too many hours that i care to admit, into. If you want realism, play something else. I hear War Thunder are giving shooteh botes a go.
      Second, anime isnt just for kids, and for the love of everything unholy, learn what “weeb” is before you use the word.

    • Anime is for babies, Weebs and Japanese Otakus are both usually a-social shut ins that never matured despite being over the age of 20.

      That’s why you see these losers fawn over 12 y/o looking girls and buying waifu pillows, Or spamming “Poi” like degenerates.

  2. i have this camo for both ships…its fantastic looking.

  3. I want Measure 32 Camo to be an Alternative Permanent Camo for USS Alabama SInce USS Massachusetts has her own Alternative Permanent Camo.

    You can Google Measure 32 Camo on Alabama if you’ve never seen it, Its very sexy.

    • I’ll Consider it when WG Stop banning people for using that mod pack even though they said its Legal and Safe.

    • Tomás Giauque
      Well Massachusetts got her own alternative camo, Why can’t Alabama have hers???

    • ARC 7157 Because wg does not add useful camos, they are more like paints instead of camouflages, because they don’t really camouflage you, except for the mighty mo camo thats actually kinda useful

    • Umm, yes they are useful, some cut a % off of your repair bill, some give you more credits, some give you more xp/Free Xp.. and so on. There not just for looks. If you don’t want it, then dont bother with it.

      On the other hand, I want it, So stop trying to ruin my dream of getting an alternative camo for Alabama.

  4. Hector Gonzalez 3D

    the camo 4 clev and balti r gay

  5. love the camo, brings the ship alive

  6. i’m not even an american, and these camos vor the Cleveland and the Baltimore are my favorite camos of the entire game.

  7. MURICA!!!! Now get me the mighty Soviet Star on my Chapaev as we are all citizens of the Russian Empire reborn (CNN confirms) and deserve the proper symbols!

    • Wowa Ilyich and let the horn be the glorious USSR anthem

    • Wowa Ilyich if i remember well, there is a special camo for oktyabrskaya rev. called “red october”, it’s awesome!

    • Don’t have the Revolution unfortunately. But there should be a Soviet option for any USN ship given the current politcal climate hrr hrr. I stand by that demand 🙂

  8. I have to disagree, Notser. I don’t particularly like this camo. I don’t really like any of the camos in the game that are more than simple paint jobs and add things to the ship that aren’t actually there, like the Roma’s beer can or this camo’s Eagle, and so on. In fact, these aren’t camouflages at all. They’re new skins. Camouflages would be nothing but paint jobs to the existing ship models, though it’s a little difficult to think of the Texas’ red, white, and blue camos as actual camouflage in the true sense of the word. They’re really just loud, patriotic paint jobs.

    So, sorry, but I prefer realistic camouflage schemes. They don’t need to be actual historical camos. Having the feel of a realistic camo paint job is good enough for me. And I can deal with the patriotic paint jobs. I just don’t like the SKINS that truly change the model of the ship, particularly those that add something overly large, like this skin’s eagle or the Roma’s beer can.

    Also, I have a gripe with the space ship skins. It’s not how they look. My gripe is about how the ships look when the ship is on fire. It’s difficult to tell if said ship really is on fire or not, particularly when you’re at range. This visual may have been good during the space battles event, but now that these skins are seen on the high seas, IMO, WG should adjust them so that the fire actually LOOKS like fire.

    • To each their own. lol

    • Chipster No, it’s a computer game. You get over it.

      Also, this isn’t about making points. It’s about stating opinions. As Michael H says above, to each their own. Deal with it.

    • Kuhluh For starters, colors that seem naval appropriate. Not a gaudy color palette, like the school bus camo, the Fujin camo, or the Frosty Fir camo. I’d generally say that colors that are more muted and at least attempt to blend into the general background rather than make the ship stand out.

      Back when cyclones were first released, the foggy effect at the edge of detection range really made the difference in camos stand out BIG TIME. Camos that generally blended into the background made the ships very difficult to see through the fog, while gaudy, bright camos made the ships a LOT easier to see through the fog.

    • well, the camos that blended were not really successful in real life, that’s why Dazzle camoflagues were used, it’s easy to see, but hard to judge size (so distance), angle and speed, that was a lot more successful (until radar came, but then camo in a whole was pretty obsulete)

    • Christopher Jonasson

      Totally agree

  9. i dont like the eagle on the superstructure myself

    • if it wasnt for the eagle i think its looks ok….why they didnt put the eagle on the bow is beyond me.

      maybe because of upcoming go navy event i guess

    • iamplay There actually is an eagle on the bow. A smaller one, but it’s there.

    • +crucisnh i know but id much rather have the one on superstructure on the bow

      it just dont look good on the superstructure

  10. Mc Shagan pronounced Shaegen

    Looks awesome.

  11. It looks bloody horrible…………

  12. The Nick Holland

    The Murica camos are too tacky in my opinion. I do like the Texas camo though.

  13. hey notser, i was thinking about a game mode that uses the airfields on the maps we have ingame.. In Navy Field 2 you can capture airfields with the ship laying close to the airfield and landing troops, each ship class had its own amount of troops it can deliver… i was wondering if that can be a new game mode in wow as it fit perfectly. maybe airfields can repair players if they are out of combat for 20 seconds or so or can replace aircraft carriers aircrafts.

    • I think they want to avoid people on ships as destryoing ship would implicate killing people. Right now we are simply destroying unmanned ships. It’s better for ratings and people blaming your game for mass shootings and what not I guess.

    • PetrSojnek you right, its 2018.. nvm ;-(

    • Or even tanks. A Warships/Tanks mashup. Someday even Warplanes.

  14. Lol that Phantom guy in the in game chat was pretty ticked off.

  15. A lot of the features on that camo seem to be modelled on the Chrysler building architecture in New York. Just a wild guess.

  16. No issue with whacky camos…as long as I can turn them off.

  17. The camo is perfict. Its colorful its 3d in some places. The turrets have flare on them, the eagles on the bridge and bow. It was Merica perfectly.
    Would love camo like this for everything.
    WG knocked out of the park.
    Now I have to play clevland and Balty so I can use it

  18. It looks really bad. In Poland we call it “wiocha” (read in Eng “vyoha” ) and it means looks silly and no taste.

  19. Truly disgusting…

  20. TheLordDeliverence

    lol, the skin looks terrible.

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