World of Warships- The Best Example Of The Balancing Nightmare That Is SAP

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Hello guys, today we discuss the TIX Premium Italian Battleship Marco Polo, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. “We had SAPs…”
    “What did it cost?”
    Italian DDs and BBs: ” Everything”

  2. It really needs the pen to drop off at range – the way it actually would. Even HE should have the pen drop at range. They aren’t HEAT rounds.

    • Chemical energy projectiles dont significantly drop in penetration values with speed (by association range), its mostly about angle of impact at those velocities specially with shaped charges like HEAT where the molten stream shoots straight out.
      But with conventional High explosive the impact speed be it 1.000 m/s or 750 m/s for example, doesnt make significant difference even when the round at the higher speed straight out penetrates a thin layer of armour while in the other case the shell detonates outside of it. You are totally right tho in the fact that SAP, which is a kinetic energy round in essence, should drop off at range. (Not to lecture you but i just studied this on my engenieering degree and had to share)

  3. I remember when the itl bbs came out, got hit by a full volly of SAP, bow on, from a columbo in my odin. 1 volly, completely dead. 50k damage. i’m sure every single shell hit me, still it was sooo much fun.

  4. SAP is good only on CA. The SAP dmg cap on the BBs and DDs is bs. Simply because BB dispersion and DD reload is abysmal

    • Forrest Sherman: exists

      Also the Pasta DDs, at least the top few have high alpha and excellent DPM. Really it’s only BBs that suck with it.

  5. The biggest issue with the italian bb’s is really the reload+the dispersion+the meta, its a big combo that makes them almost unplayable sometimes, if just one or two of those things were fixed, like giving it a little bit faster reload, or slightly better dispersion, it would do okay in the meta regardless of range, but all of that ontop of not having range at all, just makes them flatout bad. Ive played marco plenty aswell as the full italian bb line, and frankly sap just isnt worth all the stuff you have to give up for it.

  6. Just Another Music Theorist

    Let’s be honest here. It’s only a matter of time before Wargaming releases a premium ship with 457mm SAP.

  7. The Marco Polo is another disappointing premium BB. I received mine in a Santa container. The hull is soft and burns easily like most BBs. The secondaries are limited due to short range and lack of being able to penetrate anything beyond 25 mm. I thinks WOWs needs to buff the MB reload time to 32 second. Increase the secondaries to 8 km and have the 152s shoot sap. I also think it should have the exhaust smoke generator. The ship as is not fun to play. It also seems the ship is on the wrong side of RNG.

  8. I don’t think SAP was a mistake…. I think Subs and superships are much more cancerious. Imagine if the SAP for the the Italian BBs had the pen on destroyers that the cruisers did.

    • CVs, subs and superships, the three biggest mistakes made by weegee

    • True, SAP is something unique in my opinion. Main battery SAP in my opinion it kinda meh, secondarys are a whole different ball game. Napoli and Verdi if they had the standard 90mm Italian HE shells would not be noteworthy to say the least although the 152mm guns will hurt if the tag you. SAP makes things more interesting, Any ship in the game would think twice on taking on a Napoli in close quarters combat not just because of the torpedos, but the unique ammunition the guns fire.

  9. Currently grinding Lepanto and loving it. 150 dmg consistent games, consistent salvos of 10-20 k even at angled BB. Smoke to disange or hide from CV. One of my favorite BB lines. Miles better than stinker like Izumo which I also grind right now

    • In Izumo use the reload booster module and the aiming one. Set your captain to grease the gears and it’ll be far more enjoyable.

      Edit: Put Kirishima on her if you have the commander. It’ll be funny when you start catching fire.

    • @Capolaya Don’t forget to wear headphones too

    • @Aluminumati 147 oh yeah.

    • I have to say Italian bbs like Lepanto and Christopher Colombo the secondarys are based, 11km max range at tier 10 even if the 90mm secondarys cannot directly hurt ships and number of them you get on the ship with a sub 3 second reload with build makes it a monster.

  10. Marco Polo is my favorite ship I’ve ever played, and It’s my highest avg damage ship with 96k

  11. Deadeye literally made tier 9 and 10 Italian BBs broken

  12. You should try AP when presented with a broadside.

  13. When you said your match got ruined by certain “underwater features” i thought you meant submarines and that made perfect sense to me.

  14. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    indeed but there is more torp spamming plane spamming and overmatch nowdays

  15. Love my Colombo for it’s SAP! Thanks for sharing your experience with the Marco Polo!

    • I love Colombo for its AP. Did nasty 7km smoke to broadside Yama with 5cits all 16 barrels emptied for total 63K deadly strike.
      SAP is good but shooting DDs it does everything from overpen to around 7K per salvo if you shooting typical midrange.
      Nothing to fix, its balanced IMO. No fire, no extra dmg, can do zero dmg too.
      I played italian cruisers bit, nothing too attractive for me, 2 stock smokes, long reload, with Amalfi my top tier tree It CA did just average.
      I don’t understand italian DDs.
      Napoli is cool, have to play it more to find best strategy.
      Italian researchable BBs worked for me ok from T7 F. Caraciollo.

    • @gstorm CZ I agree! I blasted a Monty from 16km with Colombo AP and had 43K damage! The secondaries are pretty good to if you option for those – good volume and pen – not a Schlieffen by any means but one of the better BBs in that regard. I do find the Yamato’s are very weak against SAP and use it frequently when taking one on – I win more than I lose…

  16. I was rocking Yoshino in ranked with the high alpha long range accuracy gimmick but then i used venezia and boi oh boi… If i have a chance on shooting sap into ANYTHING broadside or even +- 10 degree from broadside i can count on reliable 10+k hits and every 15/17s 10+k salvo can melt the crap out of enemy BBs and cruisers and destroyers shit their prop mods when they are broadside to venezia and with venezia i went for extra spotter plane talent and damn it works wonders

  17. Not always have close range game these days
    Simple just both teams fire at 18-20km
    When DD almost all gone in one team
    Then start a long chasing game…..
    This ship is painful at those game
    She only got 9 guns in a 36sec reload and you got no fire
    You hit hard but you don’t hit much
    That is deadly on those 1v1 long range late game too

  18. Mackenzie Ouellette

    Just use spotter plane to get free dispersion buff when shooting since it changes the dispersion scale at range, it’s just part of playing Italian bbs dealing with their gloriously troll accuracy. Thay being said I started playing wows grinding the German line pre dispersion buff so it doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother others. Italian tech line BB’s are much more enjoyable to me with the exhaust smoke. Polo lacking thay consumable makes it feel a lot less dynamic than the main line bbs and verdi with their ability to get into strong positions or flanking positions unspotted or go dark at will. Verdi in comparison barring the secondaries is more fun because of its ability to surprise or disengage to heal. Compared to Lepanto it loses out due to Lepanto’s larger salvo size. Imo it could useca little more love but not necessarily just by buffing its guns.

  19. @Danh new player here, what did deadeye do exactly?

  20. @fulviorsc it reduces your dispersion both vertically and horizontally by 10% if there is no enemy ship inside your concealment circe, obviously a gigantic buff to inaccurate ships.
    In those times Colombo could consistently remove 20~30k off a ship in 1 salvo.

  21. Yannic van Straalen

    I quite like the Marco Polo. Got it for coal when it was just released. I tend switch betwren Reload and Range to be honest. Don’t discount the AP, it can really really hurt. I think.its still a decent ship in todays meta, although she can be frustrating at times

  22. Cancer's Final Form

    I think you slightly underestimate just how far WG will go to make money. I think it’s only a matter of time until they come up with a tier 10 BB with big SAP.

  23. i love how even the Nakimov’s own team was roasting them with that “if they arent here, theyre hanging around schools” comment, but on the topic of the video, honestly, Marco Polo might be the ONLY coal ship i regret getting because then the Verdi came out and it was basically superior in just about every way, enhanced exhaust smoke, SAP secondaries, HE, made me wonder why anyone would take Polo over Verdi

  24. I kinda get your point, but with 36sec reload, its just 4 secs below vermont…. Let that sink, vermont has 40secs reload, its accurate, has good range, and the guns are… well.. ridiculous. So would you really choose marco polo over it.

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