World of Warships- The Best French Battleship

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Hey guys, today I have a game for you guys that I had in the Alsace, was a blast! Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. for me JEAN Bart is the best

  2. i climbed to rank one the first day on a richelieu itself nothing more i tried kaga amagi bismarck still cant just played only richelieu and boom im rank 1 in 6 hrs easy carry easy win almost all the games high caliber. t9 alsace im sort of liking it its a bit different playstyle

  3. ShadowRifter Gaming

    I’m currently working in the French BB line I’m at the Normandie and enjoying the line so far only one I have not liked has been the bretagne

  4. I want to Upload

    I remember when Alsace had the better stealth (12.6km full build). They did the very first arms race mode and it was possible to use the Alsace’s secondaries to stealth fire from 10-8km away. One of the most glorious things I ever saw.

    I was sad when they nerfed the concealment because you used to be able to close that one and a quarter kilometers and force your target into secondary range.

  5. holy cow 6 kills and a lot of damage! respect man and yup i luv her too. she is a hell of a ship. bought for her the prem camo 😀

  6. Is it just me or do you like calling British BBs Vanguards, lol keep up the good work

  7. “French battleship secondaries can shoot directly behind them.” good for running away, seems fitting wouldn’t you say. 😀

  8. Use speed boost mod 1 for alsace and instead of bft take Superintendent and take secondary reload module if u wanna brawl in alsace

  9. Alsace is really good but get your hands on the Bourgogne and tell me what you think of her. Shes my favorite atm.

    • Jose Mari Cuesta Dominguez

      Me too, i was deciding if i took JB or bourgogne but i said “Bourgogne is a JB but at tier 10 and a better ship” so i forgive JB and get Bourgogne. And im very happy with it.

    • Jose Mari Cuesta Dominguez JB is more rare at this point as it will never be in the game again, bourgogne is also a version of Alsace NOT jean Bart, Jean Bart is a Richelieu class bb and Alsace is a completely different layout all together

  10. Alsace secondaries are actually more anti-BB than anything. In this case, top tier, they do some damage to Yuudachi and such, but the 100 mm guns have not even enough pen to deal with high tier DDs, unless you also get IFHE. But due to good base fire chance, the secondaries at least set ships ablaze. Naturally, that’s more useful against BBs.

  11. I have allready grinded french BBs 2 times and Alsace was both times a joy to play. Just like most french BBs, in my opinion its a really well rounded techline. At the moment I’m regrinding russian BBs but compared to french its a pain in the A$$.

    Alsace is way the best T9 Techline BB, close followed by Izumo and Iowa

  12. For me Jean Bart and Alsace. Love then both.

  13. Dont u have the special french captain honorè? He have a good adredaline rush reload 0.3 i think normal is 0.25

  14. I don’t know if this video is supposed to highlight the best TechTree French Battleship, but the Bourgogne is better than the Alsace in every possible way. It gets 1.8 vs 1.6 sigma, 28 vs 32 second reload, 24.8 vs 20.3 km range, slightly longer range AA, and trades the Fighter consumable for Reload Booster. The only “downside” is that Bourgogne is a T10, but T9 sees T10 games most of the time anyway. So if you don’t have her yet, I would highly recomend saving your steel for the REAL best French BB.

  15. As someone who mainly plays co-op mode (less toxicity in chat, more fun, less guilt for cheesing your target, and getting curb-stomped is very rare), I love it when the naval battle goal is collecting ribbons. Not having the Alsace, I use the Smolensk. I used the Smolensk for nine out of my ten battles and earned eight of nine stars. My current record is 947 hits with the Smolensk’s main guns.
    My results chasing ribbons with the Jean Bart are more variable.

  16. When you say “full secondary build”, do you mean you went with IFHE aswell? Or did you just go with Manuals and AFT?

  17. Adrian Salgueiro

    French secondaries are just for esthetics, you lose a lots of them in one HE salvo and they only 100mm = 17mm HE pen, a DD have 19mm armor so the secondaries are useles without AFHE
    the only secondaries you can use are the 152mm

  18. My most played French bb is dunkirk I enjoy it more then my jb I also like the republic and have done very well in it

  19. My Yūdachi in WoWS:L has a detectability of 4.6km. It’s insane. 😂

  20. Alsace is honestly one of my least favorite french BBs. Lyon might have terrible accuracy, but it at least has 4 more guns and better reload to make up for it. Richelieu and Republique both have faster reloads, more accurate guns, and longer range. Yeah, Alsace has more guns, but at least the other two can hit their shots (and Republique hits harder). As for secondaries, sure Alsace is great, but so is Republique. I just prefer landing my shots which Alsace isn’t the best at most of the time.
    It can definitely be a fun ship to play, but I prefer literally any other T7 or higher french BB (Gascogne is tied with Alsace).

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