World of Warships- The BEST Heart Breaker Game Ever

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Hey guys, so boy do I have a game for you today.

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

Have a replay?

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  1. Why play NC if Lenin does everything better. Only stat were its weaker than NC is AA….

  2. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing he only had 4hp left because I had no idea. This was a fun match for me as well (TargetFriendly here). Wish that Lyon would have potatoed his shots, but oh well. See ya out there again soon.

  3. he should have gone for cv and dallas but he turned completly for vlad

  4. 4 health 4 the win, catchy.

  5. I’m confident your cv literally cost you that game

  6. I got a Lenin in an Alabama bundle… It is now one of my favorite ships.

  7. The Unsinkable Dallas

  8. Bracketing all around him as all the shells clearly land in front or the Dallas to much lead on the first shot and doesn’t adjust his second shot and same result what a surprise

  9. Felt that heartache at the end. Damn that Ryujo. GG, Mountbatten

  10. It’s more like “Rii-yuu-joh”
    GG BTW 😀

  11. Well, on the ‘bright’ side, even with another kill, this would have been a loss. The points difference was just way to big.

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