World of Warships- The Best Premium Ship For Credit Farming

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Hello guys, today I answer a question I get asked quite a bit “What is the best Premium Ship for credit farming?” Today I answer that with the Tier IX Premium Japanese large cruiser, Azuma, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Picked her up for Free XP, (BTW remember they turned all the Free XP ships into Coal Ships). Iv learned 2 things, 1 SHE IS MADE OF EXPLODIUM! and 2 Shooting stuff at range is HARD. Like the shells have the speed for it but….alot of the time the shells just miss ya know. She also has ALOT of FLAK puffs (yes i racked up that AA on her sue me).

    • Azuma’ accuracy is honestly good enough for me.
      I tend to play her from 14+ kms using islands to limit how many can fire at me.
      Grease the gears is underrated and important, because your guns can more easily stay on target though you are making full turns to avoid shells. Even better with Yamamoto.
      I also take priority target and instantly disengage the moment 3 or more ships target me. Eye in the sky is awesome, especially when the ship you are burning tries to run. I also take expert Loader to be able to swap to punish broadsides.

      Not a fan of buffing her AA. The AA buffs do much more if a ship’s baseline AA is strong. Azuma isn’t really strong there, so there’s not that much to amplify. Same logic to taking Hydro over defensive AA fire consumable. Hydro protects you from torps, which are much bigger threat to this ship than a carrier. An unseen torpedo dd/sub are your weakness, so hydro seems essential.

    • have they done that now already?
      might have to spend my steel instedd of waiting

  2. The best tier 9 ship i think is kerisarge because it also gets credit boost and it has rocket planes that can somewhat deal with dds and it has Montana fire power and it gets extra credits on damaging t 10s and rn t9 matchmaking is not good

  3. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    For me, the best one is the Derrpitz or Pommern. I usually do well with a smart CHAAARGE playstyle. It used to be the Kii with the Kobayashi camo. I usually do well with that ship and the camo helped a lot.

  4. Cant agree on this. Azuma is such a low impact ship and if you slot your good bonuses on it, you might regret it alot cause blowout matches happen very often. There is little time in them to do damage etc for your income and Azuma is especially bad there cause it relies on carefull HE spamming in the early game.
    For me premium Battleships and DDs are much better suited to get constant good Credit numbers not only from the rare good match which lasts for 20 minutes and doesnt get lost but also from matches where its good to get big hits, dev strikes or caps early on.

  5. Some time ago, the only viable answer would have been the Missouri

  6. Honestly I have similar results in the Alaska and Moskva, but I understand how to play them more than other t9s and 10s so that probably factors in

  7. Originally I credit farmed with the Jean Bart, then I got the Mainz. Prefer the Mainz just because it’s so much fun to play.

  8. Don’t have the Azuma, so I just run the Kii with Kobi, but the most consistent (rather than highest). Is run Blue credit on the Mainz in the new Op mode. over 1M per game with very small service cost.

  9. I would go with Thunderer or Nelson when i need credits, instead of cruisers. Mainly because i like them better and allready have them.

  10. I got the AL Azuma as I love AzurLane and I really love the look of the AL Azuma camo.

  11. I earn most my credits with a Georgia. I love that boat, but I also enjoy the payout. Around a million credits every game.
    Really stinks they took it out of the stores. :

  12. I think it doesn’t matter which T9 premium you use. Benham is quite good too. Just perform well and you are good to go 🙂

  13. I’ve always felt the Atago was a good credit farmer and captain trainer. T8 is juuuust before you get the craziness of superships and the like, plus with IJN cruiser accuracy, its great for getting plenty of hits. Torpedos are good for well, torping and it has enough armor that a few mistakes won’t get you killed

  14. So, I got tired of how slow farming for T5 (Omaha) was going. So, I paid for the Prinz Eugen, and during black Friday, I got the Tirpitz B. Started to get much more points of all kind, even when I lasted about 3 minutes in a match! Most frustrating was getting sunk by a (t10?) ship I never even saw. Quickly learned to run and hide until the big boys thinned themselves out some. That helped some but not always. Typical game is one or two T8 ships (me), maybe one or two T9, and a dozen T10. So most things I shoot at are two levels up!! And count myself lucky if I get over 5000 damage on something, and am not on the bottom of the points list after the game. Too bad there is not a game mode where you choose to only face same tier as your ship. 🙂

  15. One thing to note that I didn’t hear covered in the video is that winning or losing has no effect on credits earned, so the fact that Azuma is a lower impact ship and thus harder to carry with doesn’t affect its credit earnings.

  16. agree , and a lot of tips i did not know , i found a 21 point captain also gives you bad mm .
    been training a bit lately , bit shocked by the mm , with unskilled captains

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