World of Warships- The Best Premium Ship To Grace This Game With Its Existence

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Hello guys, today I answer a question that I get asked often: “What Is the best premium in game?” Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    Massachusetts (and her big sister Ohio) are lovely… until you encounter a Submarine. Their ASW only exists to taunt you with it’s uselessness.

    • Haha
      Yeah, and if the sub knows the *turn sideways* its over

    • Fr. I always wondered why they did that. It’s not even a balancing factor because you literally can’t hit subs unless they surface. 6km is so laughably shit.

    • @Neptunia i usually wait for them to ping twice so i can get a rough idea of their direction and drop my depth charges that way, so funny being accused of mods by sub players when i keep landing hits on them when they’ve not been spotted

    • Until you superlucky get it free, you have to buy it. I am not much comfortable to spend money for single ships in this game and I have to agree with pure fact, some T8 prem BBs rock alot silver ranked but brawls too if that at T8.
      Rock paper scissoors. But you don’t have much paper among tree ships against these rock BBs.
      Thats probably reason, why WG keeps T8 mostly out of coal and other free resources.

    • @enjoyingend193 I find the whole “mod user” crap hilarious considering most mod users are running it via aslains or modstation with modstation being curated by the devs and aslains almost exclusively using mods put up via the official forum.

  2. Best premium ship in the game is E Lowenhart. At Tier 6 you wipe the floor of everything. You can delete dds in 2 HE stuka drops and you are a cv.
    But that being said…. my favorite is Napoli. Man she can pull off some BS haha

  3. I know there is no filler for T6-7 but couldn’t Oklahoma count as the start to the “unofficial 4th branch of (secondary) USN BBs” as the one good thing she has going for her is her secondaries, not that you’re fast enough to ever get them in range of anything
    Edit: I guess technically the T7 Florida has some enhanced secondaries, the 4 single 5″/38s, sharing the same dispersion as Wichita’s enclosed mounts

    • Tier 5 Oklahoma
      Tier 6 Tennessee post refit OR tier Nevada post refit
      Tier 7 Wee Vee post refit
      Tier 8 Washington or South Dakota or Indiana
      Tier 9 pick one of the two Iowas not already in the game upgrade secondaries but not main batteries
      Tier 10 pick a Montana variant with better secondaries but not upgraded main battery.

  4. Georgia is by far the best premium in the game to me. It’s stupid fast and hits like a truck. It’s also incredibly accurate if you build into the guns

    • Georgia is a better ship in most respects… HOWEVER it is even more likely to be up tiered in Massachusetts and it sees more super heavy gunned BBs so it is more difficult to play in actual practice.

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      She also, unfortunately, can’t run Ops whereas Massa is one of the best Ops runners available. Or semi-available.

  5. Good call SLM. Before super ships, I would have said Georgia. Being blapped from 26km by a satsuma has been changing my mind though.

  6. I don’t know why people are so crazy about premiums. There are more then enough good silver line ships to play.
    I hated the Mass when it first came out. I hated that they took what made the Bismarck special and gave it to a premium. I know you are thinking that almost all the BBs have good 2ndaries these days and ya. But it wasn’t always that way. It was something that made the german BB line special. I guess WGing ran out of ideas though.

  7. I have the Massa, Bam, Georgia and Ohio and used to enjoy playing all of them very much indeed, Great Times alas I never thought Wargambling would F*#* things up so badly. Oh well That’s WG. Good Choice Sea Lord 👍🇬🇧👍

  8. As a newer ish player (highest is tier 8) I got very discouraged from playing against players so I’ve found enjoyment out of spamming operations and there’s ALWAYS a Massachusetts in there and 95% of the time it’s always performing very well. Seems to be a really good boat. I’m hoping maybe some day I can manage to pick it up.

    • She’ll be for sale during the Black Friday event. Only time of year you can purchase her

    • I played 5k games (60% win rate) in randoms. Just too frustrating. I’m now playing Coop and Operations. Having fun still. Coop can be frustrating in that bots are too easy, but I at least don’t have the complication of poor players leading to stupid losses. 🙂

    • I agree, I sometimes play cvs and in randoms it’s a nightmare. People constantly pissed off at you for one reason or another, but it all boils down to the fact you are playing cvs; I almost exclusively run cvs in the cv brawls, co-op, and ops, anything else, even if they are allowed in, are just too toxic for me to find enjoyment in.

    • Well It´s becouse they have played this game 5 years and become pretty good at the game 🙂

  9. Hello Sea Lord Mountbatten, your earlier video on what to get during the Black Friday deal was the reason I got myself a copy of the Mass. Also because I’m a big fan of the German brawling ships (especially the GK), but your video did pull the trigger so to say. And honestly, I haven’t regretted buying it at all.
    OK I don’t have that many games in it yet, but when I do I have the time of my life cruising around ripping unsuspecting dd’s into little pieces with my secondaries.

    Again, thank you for your vids, they help us noobs or lesser players a lot!

  10. I’ve been wondering if I should go for the Kidd or if the San Diego still holds up during this patch; Mostly because outside of the Marblehead I’ve been aching for a USN trainer I can do operations in and because climbing past the New Mexico is pure agony.

    • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

      The Kidd is a good ship but requires a fairly high skill level to play, it’s very hard to hit anything with it’s guns over 10km. San Diego is a great ship also and very good in randoms and especially operations. You can also pick up the Flint for coal in the Amory, another good ship for operations but it’ll struggle if it gets up tiered in randoms

  11. The community has been asking for an American BB secondary split since before the Vermont line. It still utterly baffles me that WG has added two, all-paper split lines when they’re still so many historically built American BBs not in the game. Its very frustrating, especially given how toxic the hybrid BBs are. I’d love to see the Iowa class USS New Jersey at T10 with awesome secondaries balanced by weaker main battery firepower or something of the sort.

    • To be fair, making it an iowa eith georgia secondaries and fast heal probably is enough to warrant a t10. No need to decrease the main guns since the montana has more hp and an extra turret

    • The Kansas is slightly more than paper. It’s clearly a representation of aSouth Dakota (1920) class battleship after a hypothetical late 1930s or early 1940s modernization. All six ships of the class – South Dakota, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, Iowa, and Massachusetts, BBs 49-54 – were laid down and started construction, but were cancelled and scrapped due to the Washington Naval Treaty.

      A good – and needed, due to its crappy accuracy – buff for the Kansas would be giving her the 16″/50 caliber guns the South Dakota class would have had, instead of the 16″/45 WG has on her.

      Fun fact: the later Iowa class was originally used to use the 16″/50 caliber guns made for the South Dakota and Lexington classes. Due to a miscommunication, the turrets wouldn’t fit the designed barbettes, so the Mark 7 16″/50 was developed for what became Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

    • @Allan I was so excited about Kansas until I played her. The two things that suck the most about that ship are the crap armor and the ridiculously long reload times.

  12. So why are there 2 premium South Dakota class battleships but no premium North Carolina class?? Granted there were only 2 of them but I would like to see the USS Washington in the game since she was one of the first US battleships to go toe to toe with Japanese battleships sinking one in the battles around Guadalcanal

    • I think Washington would make a great premium – differentiate her by nerfing the range, but lowering the base reload to 25 seconds. Oh, and create Willis “Ching” Lee as a special commander with enhanced Adrenaline Rush and Concealment Expert as his special talents.

  13. Still would lean towards Pommern, or either of the German heavy cruisers Agir or Siegried. Mass I can just have bad spawn points that are hard to recover from and it isn’t the quickest ship out there. The German ships can move around a bit faster and adjust to the battle better, I feel. Also all of them feel more tank-y than the Mass or even most of the USN BBs, but it is probably a play style thing.

    • the pomm is a dominant ship in ranked… not so much in randoms.

    • I have both and I much prefer Massachusetts. Poms maneuverability is shit and her main guns lack penetration at her tier in addition to having super hella bad dispersion. You can also spot her from the moon. In addition to all of that Pom is more rightly comparable to Georgia since they are tier 9 ships. Massachusetts should more rightly be compared to Odin or Tirpitz and she beats both of them silly. What makes Massachusetts so damn good is quick cool down repair and her quick setting heal. If you build into them and use them correctly you can EASILY tank well more than 2 or 3 MILLION in potential damage.

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth nah, mass beats oden in a gun engagement, if it’s a 1v1 brawl oden wins 9 times out of 10 if the captain knows how to use her. I’d take the mass in randoms every time over the oden, it’s low hitpoints is just murderous in randoms. but in t8 ranked, or t8 brawls oden is a stronger ship. And you’re right, comparing the pomm to the mass isn’t right, it’s a t9 not a t8. The pomm should best the mass. That said you’re also right, in randoms i’d still take the mass over the pomm, pomm stands out in ranked or brawls not in random.

  14. Mass the “Best Premium”, no not even close. The guns are just IMO too frustratingly inconsistent and RNG dependent even at closer ranges. Mass is not a bad ship but there are so many other ships to choose from the give better main battery consistency and you do not feel like RNG is just has it in for you.

  15. I mean I love it, but out of the 15 or battles I rolled since I bought the black version, I was up-tiered to t-10 like 99% of the time. Not much fun.

  16. I bought the Massachusetts B during Black Friday on Sea Lord’s recommendation, and I have zero regrets. Used it to slam my way through the recent 6v6 T8 brawls (even sent a replay of one to him; should’ve used it for the video dude! lol). Just qualified for Silver League in Ranked for the first time using it. Let’s see if it can carry me through Silver!

  17. mechanical engineer

    Only dds can have consistent damage and have fun in most of games! For me the best dd on this game is Groningen, why? Average damage for me is 100k average income of credits is well over 500.000 , with premium account , win and blue economic bonuses you can achieve 1.500.000 credits per battle! She got almost halland AA and American smoke plus 5km hydro! So for me this is the best ship on game! And you can still get her for 1.000.000 free xp! ( I also have Kleber, Marceau, f Sherman, Ragnar, Småland, Khabarovsk, Daring Harugumo and other 200 ships, none of them can achieve the consistent good games of Groningen!!)

  18. My absolute favorite ship in the game. Mass is a beast!

  19. I really like Mass, but since acquiring Alabama, I’ve been choosing her over Mass because of subs. ‘Bama has 10K ASW, while Massachusetts has only 5K.

  20. Its one premium which has lost little of it’s luster over time. I got her shortly after it came out and have never regretted it. I do equip her with spotter to help out on her shorter main battery range.

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