World of Warships- The Best Tier IX Battleship

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Today I go through the Tier IX Tech Line battleships and rank them in a Top 5 list, just a reminder that this is all my opinion.


  1. Keep up the good work ???

  2. 7:41 you can almost hear the “oh shit”

  3. What is wrong with Conq compared to any HE spamming cruiser or dd at X? A good Conq player is not spamming HE at the first and saves it for mid to end game anyway. The AP is a much more effective damage dealer at range, at least i have found. I am more annoyed at 11-13K torp spam or cruisers hiding or bow retreating/kiting and that sort of play. I think that ruins the game much more than one Conq in the game at tier X. It’s a great battleship and much better than just having all Yammy or Mont meta in queue.

  4. subbed
    dreadvviper in wows

  5. Emeraldking208 Bosshydra Momentore

    “throat is a bit dry”
    still salty about the Alsace nerf eh?

  6. The Grob;s dispersion is rage inducing reminds of the Colorado back in the day.

  7. Savage Canadian96

    Deff has to be izumo 🙂

  8. every time that im watching your vids im ending up playing my self a few games of wows. and still enjoying the content you bring out. keep it up

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