World of Warships- The Best Tier IX Premium

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Hey guys, today I discuss the best Tier IX ship you can buy right now, enjoy!

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  1. The best premium in the game for me that is

  2. -Spends 130dollars on missouri-

    Most credit earner for me ( is shadow-nerfed they say minorly)

    • Well duh, Missouri was the first T9 premium, and WG didn’t know how to not break the economy with a ship like Mighty Mo

  3. I had the choice and I went with Thunderer and omg love this ship.

    Accuracy is a godsend and that AP does work as does its HE. With proper angling and keeping a nice distance from the enemy you can tank quite a bit too Especially with Jack Dunkirk, Jack of all trades, and premium Heal I’ve gotten my repair party to 57sec reload.

    It plays exactly as a BB should.

    My next Coal ship will be the JB though I love my Nelson and Lenin.

  4. Extra Jean bart info:
    1: Use Reload booster to HE stack fires on ships that just used their damage control party.

    2: You must use one of Honore brothers as the captain of the ship. They have buffed adrenaline rush and expert marksman captain skills.

    3: If you see a Smolensk, you better kill it or hide away from it. (Goes the same for any gun destroyer or light cruisers but you can overmatch light cruisers)

    • JetWaters one of the great things about the JB is that when you see a Smolensk you don’t overmatch it with your AP (at most ranges) since it’s a smaller caliber. Makes for easy Russian bias deleting.

    • @Atomic Science Yes, this.

      I poked a corner once, saw a smug Smolensk just sitting there broadside on to me and I was like lol BUHBYE troll citadel and sent it to another universe

      The best part is that we stared at each other long enough that he could have torped me, but he must have used them

    • another thing I like to do is rapid switch ammo types under MBRB.
      Preselect one ammo type, fire, load that ammo type, pre-select the other ammo type, fire and so on. Allows you to be aggressive to multiple enemies, especially ones that underestimate your Main Battery rotation speed (Which Jean Jacques excells at- BTW, will the last Main Battery Reload module’s 12% or so nerf to turret speed be counteracted by Jean jacques Expert Marksman buff? Not like turret speeds is necessary for JB, she rotates pretty fast and doesn’t need to do much as a bow-on tank BB)

  5. Totally agree, Jean Bart is about the best all round ship in the game. She consistently earns tons of credits and Free XP and is a lot of fun to boot. Remember you don’t even need need to open your wallet to get her either as you can get her for coal. I’ve now got the JB, Georgia and Thunderer and although they are all fun I’m very glad that I got the JB first. Also a note on Captain training, rather than keep swapping in new captains to train on your premium ships you are better off getting one captain up to 19 points with optimum skills for that ship and then just using the elite captain points gained on any other captains that need training.

    • Thunderer: MLG Devstrike turrets but will implode when hit by anything with decent guns
      Georgia: Apparently the “better” Jean Bart in terms of speed, but will get deleted if showing any hint of broadside
      Jean Bart: Weaker on paper due to the flamethrower meta, but has the *ALMIGHTY MBRB* and AA that screams a huge middle finger to most CVs it plays against (42 planes lost from a Graf Zepplin XD)

  6. “You will never have a credit problem if get a Jean-Bart”

    Is that a challenge? :^)

  7. in my opinion georgia and jean bart are the best premium in tier 9 as well as being the best BB at the same time.

  8. maybe in another time I will get JB, still having fun with moshi-moshi and alaska. good video

  9. Jean Bart cost is a bit high for me, maybe ill get it after the Thunderer with coal.

    • Bruh, don’t buy the Jean Bart with real money. That’s the point of her being in the armory, it’s the intended way to get the ship

  10. Jb is a good ship and i have a secondary build on it. But the only thi g that i find would make it alot better is if it had 406mm guns

    • I don’t want to see you in my battles, Jean Bart Secondary builds are highly offensive to its potential as a stealth BB, like 14 or less km potential concealment, this is almost half its max range

  11. Well, im new captain (not actually new tho, have account years ago but stop playing cz i don’t know what i was doing lmao but start playing again since last month cz i have lots of friends now that play this game) and i like french, love anything french (and british, idk why i’m not french nor british either lol) and now i’m grind my way to this ship, the other reason i want this ship is because it is historically built so thats plus for me (i’m quite a nerd about naval warfare). Glad that this beauty also perform really good in the game ?

  12. Thanks for this video, was exactly what I needed and wanted to hear. I am about 40k coal from buying and now I know for sure what my next coal ship is.

  13. YES!!!!!! This video gets my 2020 award for the most TRUTHFUL video EVER! 🙂

  14. Indeed a Wonderful ship. I have my absolute best game in this one (though Alsace comes close)

  15. We just got this ship on warships console. Just at great for us as it is for you guys… but the best part is there’s a specific commander that, with the reload mod, gets you an 18.5 second reload..before the booster. So glad ya console players got this ship. 😛

  16. LOL that final ~6000 damage Citadel against that Yammy who WAS totally broadside (but you never got a citadel) – but then you got the killing citadel off when he was WELL angled! GG and yes, Jean Bart is AMAZING! Great for BB mains, great for Cruiser Mains too!

  17. The Missouri is not a good ship, but it definitely earns a lot of credits.

  18. And by the way, JB looks different than Richelieu in real life.

  19. honestly i clap jean barts with my Alaska B and Großßer Kürfurst so easily

  20. Hi, I was wondering, if the jb is the best t9, well then, the bourgogne, which is if I’m right a straight upgrade with a third turret, should be also exceptionally good, right? (Except for his steel cost of course ^^)

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