World of Warships- The Best Tier X BB

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Today, I bring you guys an updated list of the best Tier X battleships in World of Warships, in my opinion


  1. The Republique should have more than 32mm deck plating because it doesn’t have the RN super heal.

  2. Good review bro.

  3. Emeraldking208 Bosshydra Momentore

    where..IS THE THEME DAMMIT!!!!

  4. Honestly i think this list is not a list anyone should abide by, the g.k takes the most consistent damage out of any t10 bb due to the fact no ship can over pen it broadside, the secondaries on the republic have been proven to be better by a large margin and no battleships secondaries can pen 32 mm plus (without IFHE) so this also means its garbage at close range brawls unless running IFHE secondaries spec. When im in my montana vs a g.k i deal more damage than he can even with 2/3 citadels on me because his armor is so thick ur shells dont over pen and generally do full dmg pens and his secondaries are just perma bouncing, the conqueror i understand it has created conqueror affect and its low armour but putting it last because of this reason just means u are basing it off bias because the conqueror puts out the most consistent dmg, its AP is also amazing if u dont swap to ap against anything broadside it just means u don’t know how to play it, it’s HE sure can punish anything that gives u broadside if u havent swapped shell type but if u use Ap ur going to be doing alot more damage. So this list is heavily miss informing

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well yes the Conq is last because of my bias, this is all my opinion lol

      To me it’s an incredibly broken ship that is long overdue for a rework, but if we’re talking about which ship can do the most damage vs another BB, it would be hands down the Conq it’s HE is OP and it’s AP is terrifying as well, add that on top of its ability to print itself a new ship with its heal and that’s already OP. BUT then it has AA on par with Monty, an underwater citadel, and almost cruiser levels of concealment. So that’s why it’s last on my list

      Now the GK, yes she does eat a lot of pens, but that’s the trade off you get for having an underwater citadel. But with Adrenaline Rush equipped, I don’t mind it that much because my DPM just keeps getting higher, and since you likely won’t be getting citadeled, most of the damage can be repaired.

      But again this list is 100% my opinion and we can have different opinions ?

    • I was just trying to state this for anyone using this video as a serious guide to what battleship they want to get as this list is a lot more opinion over fact, also I was just wondering in the g.k have u noticed that getting citadelled by ships hits less than the constant damage u receive even cruisers can do 15-20k plus per volley, and no hate on u it’s a great video and explains the pro’s and con’s of the ships very well only a small few errors other than that great video and keep up the great work ?

    • Also where u said g.k secondaries are better than the republics is actually incorrect, I’ve seen a bunch of videos and stat comparisons the republics are actualy better for stock accuracy and overall killing speed tho I haven’t checked their full secondary builds against each other

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I have done some tests, only ran them once so I didn’t bring it up, with both ships secondary spec’d they’re actually close for time to kill, the GK is better at killing destroyers and cruisers with its secondaries , while the Repub is better for other BBs due to the amount of fires it can set (although this was a while ago so it may be different now). BUT I’ve found in game that the Repub’s secondaries are easily knocked out, I don’t have any health mod on the secondaries of GK or Repub (besides PM) and I find that I’m out of half of my secondaries quite quickly in Repub after getting my daily dose of HE spam.

      But this is an interesting topic and I think I’ll be doing some further research

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well, yes if you’re sailing broadside on, you will get punished quite badly, but if you angle, GK’s armor will bounce anything……well almost anything *Yamato theme plays in the distance*

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