World of Warships- The Bias Ship That Got Away With It

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the curios case of the Lenin, the TVIII Premium Soviet Battleship, that….no one really said much about, despite being God-Tier, enjoy!

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  1. Most players have little experiences fighting against this ship, she is an unknown.

  2. I have always said that Lenin was the peak of Russian Bias

  3. Luka van Genderen

    The Lenin is incredible, I love it to bits when it’s bow-in. But Vladivostok is better in most situations, because of the better armor, more flexible gun layout and bigger healthpool. Sitting bow in to the enemy team at high tiers is a good way to die fast, but when you’re allowed to do it, Lenin is fantastic

  4. Good point. When i played T8 this ship really is a pain in the a** when you face it. It’s so incredibly tanky and has hard hitting guns.
    Even with a OP Musashi when you see only her front you do more or less nothing against it.

  5. The Matrix red pill

    Matchmaking is pure cancer, virtually every game in tier 8 in tier 10 games.

  6. I liked the Lenin a lot for a bit when it first came out. Then something changed in the guns. Perhaps a slight nerf or something. I had some fun games in it, and it trained my “not overpowered at all” captain a lot.

  7. Most people probabl showed broad 1 time in this instantly blew up and then just never played it again

  8. I know I’m the odd ball here but the dispersion and reload on the guns make the ship feel closer to average than OP.

  9. I feel like it’s because she got released before WG decided to put the “if deemed necessary, balance changes will be applied to X ship” so they can’t nerf her directly, it’s a legal issue now. So best they could do i remove her.

    Also, her citadel is a torp magnet. most of the time, if you get hit by a torp where your citadel is, it’ll do max damage, torp protecting does fuck all there.

    • Its not a legal issue, and it never was. They can nerf any premium they want, it was always that way. The only thing that changed, is they didnt want to piss off people by nerfing premiums, and now they put this caveat so they presumably will get pissed less now. But it was never a legal issue. Especially since most of the ship stats are actually hidden. They can for example change sigma values , and say they never advertised the ship having any particular value here.

    • @shha22 actually it is illegal without prior knowledge. Imagine buying a car and a month later the manufacturer decided to lower the hp of it and make the gas usage higher.

      Digital good or not, you paid real money for it.

    • @NecroFlex 1st. The ship isnt yours. You are just given access to it. What you actually buy, its permission to play a WG owned ship (which they can adjust as they see fit because its theirs).

      2nd. It was always in Eula that they can change the ships as they see fit. It really HAD to be there. Nerfing ships like we talk about it is one thing. But the same argument you make, would be just as valid, if the ship was so “bugged” in a way that simply ensured your win etc. What if some bug made your ship instantly destroy every other ship on the map when you pressed repair party? It wouldnt even have to be on release – maybe it accidentally got in some patch, and you jumped on the occassion and bought it than. So every game has something like that in Eula – just in case.

      3rd. They actually reserve the right to do any adjustments to your account that they see fit – for example to ban cheaters, and to not have to deal with a lawsuit to actually prove someone cheated. Its not absolute – if they decided to alter your account “frivolously” and without merit, in some jurisdictions you could sue them. But as long as they can reasonably claim its for “health of their game” and not out of malice or personal bias against you , they are basically free to do anything they want.

      4th. In any case, you could only argue about the things that are presented to you. Things that they explicitly advertise when selling it to you. They can still alter underlying game mechanics

      Overall the whole “we wont nerf premiums” that they adopted, wasnt because they couldnt. It was simply to boost sales – sort of a *UNENFORCEABLE* contract with players – so they feel safer spending their money. But at the end of the day, it was always just their reputation on the line – not actual legal obligation.

    • @shha22 So i should be free to get all of my money back if they decide to shut the game down for good?
      I paid for the access of content in the game, if i am not allowed to access said content anymore as a result of them killing the game, then i should get my money back.
      Oh right, nvm, laws are made to protect companies, not consumers.

      SO you’re telling me that when WoT needed to change/nerf a tank and gave refund options to players, that was from their own kindness?

  10. Glad I managed to grab the Lenin two months ago. This thing can easily stall a cap against 5 other ships if you just don’t get torped

  11. She was my first premium ship that I bought, always saif how good she is, really is greatly overlooked.

  12. Christian Wilson

    Lenin and massa are by far the best t8 bbs, I own massa because secondaries are fun but Lenin is still super strong at t8. Honestly, I’d say it’s the best t8 bb, at least for competitive

  13. Outbound Flight Gaming

    Over on Legends we only speak about Lenin in hushed whispers and dark corners

  14. Why? Because while it is a good ship, it is not at the level for being in the soviet brat pack.

  15. I feel like its just like with the Cossack, its insanely powerful but nobody talks about it.

  16. WG emplyoee: “Which goodies for OUR Nelson, Comrades ?”
    WG Staff: “DA !”

  17. Soft armor for USSR BBs, slow reload on the guns, you have to expose the weakness of the ship more to get that third turret out. Also the ship feels just sluggish compared to other BBs of the tier. It is a good ship, but not stupid powerful; you have to know how to use your armor to really make it work.

  18. The reason it was overlooked was because the Vladivostok (when they were both introduced) was the best Tier 8 BB. And honestly is better

  19. King George 5 literally Lion with no superheal and no one talk about it.

  20. Faster, Stronger, Better!

    The Lenin is an awesome powerhouse of a ship! I call her “DevStrike” because that is literally what you will be doing most of the time. She is everything MB said and much more!
    She has the sigma of a Stalingrad, the Alpha strike of a Yamato, and the speed and agility of a Cruiser!
    Best tier 8 BB is the game hands down!!!

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