World of Warships- The Biggest Losers Of The Commander Rework

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Hey guys, today I share some more thoughts about the commander rework, enjoy!

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  1. Well, welcome to war thunderer

  2. the couple of premium ships i got via “lootbox” didn’t really impress so haven’t been tempted to spend actual cash

    • Don’t do it

    • There were definitely ships that were worth spending money on, but now I’m not so sure you should buy anything until the patches start to die down. Don’t wanna buy something, then have wg nerf it a few times with the hot fixes. Maybe by the end of 2021 it might be safe to straight up use cash for a ship. You can choose what you do with your resources, but cash is a no go for me at least.

  3. Something that I haven’t seen in discussion yet; Long Range Secondary no longer boosts AA range. That was a big additional reason for a secondary build.

  4. German BB: “life is pain”

  5. in my case… grind the Siegfried in nov, buy the Shikishima in dec, both sec build captain, both
    very funny… and like Shout Park “And… it’s gone”

    • 😀 Love that comparison, really fitting as well. “Aaaaaaaaaand it’s gone”

    • My case is with flint, worked hard to get it, and now 11km range, imagine in a tier 9 match, even destroyer has longer range than flint

    • Same for me… Have Shiki and Sigfried too and i dont like them anymore.
      It’s so frustrating.

      Even if the secondaries are buffed – the other BBs got better snipers due to deadeye and the Bismarck more or less stayed the same and you don’t have the points to spec for secondaries AND deadeye. So relatively the secondaries BBs just got nerfed

  6. Time is marching on and I’ve heard nothing official from WG in response to any of this feedback. I have zero hope they’ll sort it out

  7. I’ve decided to put some of my ships in suspended animation for the time being as I’m not happy using them anymore.

  8. Leonardo Arie wibowo

    German ship losing again?
    Every 60 second in africa, a minute pass

  9. Very true statement Mountbatten. Wargaming has changed/nerfed lots of premium ships with the new commander rework. They are on thin ice with this as it might have legal implications. They should have done the same as with the last commander rework years ago. Than the M.Kutuzov was hit hard by the change in skills. Everybody used a skill on it to increase it’s range. After the change that skill was gone and the ship’s range got buffed to the same number it was before the change with the captain perk. Later that ship got hit again by the stealth firing nerf. They offered a refund if you were not happy. WG should do the same again with all the secondary focused premiums (buff their accuracy or buff the captain perk) and range affected ships like Atlanta and Flint. Atlanta already received the same repair buff as the M.Kutuzov years ago. It is a matter of time some legal attorny who happens to play this game, writes WG a letter pointing out with laws they have violated with this new commander rework. As you already stated: people have spend big money on products that are no longer the same. That is very bad for customer satisfaction and doubtfully if legal.

    • “As you already stated: people have spend big money on products that are no longer the same”
      The “ship” is the same. The game isn’t. I mean I get people are frustrated, but the reality is you bought a ship. They never promised the skills would stay the same, they never promised global gameplay mechanics would stay the same. That is the reality. The only thing WG is every likely to get heat for is loot boxes. In fact, book mark this post. I will straight up guarantee nothing will come of any case brought against WG over game mechanic changes affecting premium performance. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand this. You bought the ship, you didn’t buy the game, you didn’t pay anything for the game and thus if they change the game they are not changing a product you bought.

    • I could see WG withdrawing its game from that region before giving in to such a claim.

    • @Me here I doubt it, a couple thousand vs the imposed fine, the banning of trade and having to refund every other Australian player as well.

  10. In my opinion, the biggest loser are the short range CLs like US CL lines that have range below 16km because it’s now very hard to do damage in those ships when most BBs are at the back camping and no one is close enough for you to shoot and since you don’t have armor you also can’t do much of open sea gun boating.

    • I definitely agree. I have given up on Seattle and Buffalo for the time being, which sucks because I really wanted Des Moines. But cruisers have to open water gunboat more than they ever did before, and those American cruisers are bad at it.

    • @Michael Akomah Darn, and here I am grinding the Pensacola.

    • @straswa yeah lmao. I’m grinding on my New Orleans for my Baltimore (on the hopes of getting the DM). I’m also regrinding on the Omaha to get the Worcester at the end of the US CL line.

    • @Joseph St Rock fs. US CAs and CLs hug islands, and WG is threatening that playstyle.

    • @Kwolfx Roon is kind of meh, just take heart knowing that the grind is worth it. Hindy is a beut.

  11. all i know is,.. that 5 of my friends quitted wows and so did i in the process…. not fun when everyone quittes the game you normaly play with,.. especially when the update ruined a lot of fun for you additional.

  12. all the large cruisers got screwed by the loss of any firefighting skills, they are just floating bonfires now.

    • Alaska and stalingrad are still good since they have the armor, hp and firepower to stand up to the deadeye nonsense

    • @Trent Riley bbs have had and still have access to basic of survivability, and fire prevention, cruisers have neither now

    • @Jared Evans Stalingrad hates BB HE so that is a pretty big problem for her in the current meta. One other thing people usually forget is deadeye made it trivial to snipe specific parts of large crusers. Yes, your deck is thick enough, but your bow can be sniped for massive damage.

    • @Jared Evans No, they are not. Because u now get deleted by thunderers he from the opposite corner of the map.

  13. I’ve just kinda accepted eventually every fun build I use is gonna die, and this is the snowball rolling down the hill getting bigger

    • I’m still trying to have some fun in my light cruisers; but I certainly play BBs a lot more to get the credits and coal.

  14. Christopher Gibson

    Tirpitz was such fun before, now it feels like it just eats shit by literally everything.

  15. I feel like I lost money on the Massa and the Alaska, well done WG.

    • And i actually feel that the Alaska is more powerfull than ever. I guess its also about your playing style

    • Alaska loves the rework.

    • Never pay REAL MONEY for a in game weapon, that the game company can Nerf to death for no reason. Whenever they feel like it. Leaving you poorer, mad, and with no recourse but to bend over and take it up the ass.

    • @Michael Petersen I think the main complaint for Alaska and other supercruisers is since deadeye keeps your team’s BBs further back, pushing up in Alaska for radar support, etc makes you a bigger target than ever before. Otherwise, Alaska feels stronger now

  16. Funny if WG does this. WG should remember that the ones who are keeping the game alive are the paying players–those who buy premium accounts and premium ships. Treating your paying customers poorly is one way of driving them off and killing the game. As I said in the WoWs SEA forum, premium means the best there is. That is why it should be so, because people who buy expect a good return for their investment, or else they will simply take their money elsewhere, and no business would want that to happen.

  17. Siegfried, Georgia and Massa, all these Ships were nerfed.
    I invested Time and Money in these Ships.
    I will take a long break from this shit game and i will invest no more Money into WOWS

  18. I had enough resources to get any of the premiums in the armory but didn’t pull the trigger with 10.0 looming. Now there aren’t any I want. It just seems that every major patch is a step backwards in this game and I really don’t understand it. What’s the point WG?

  19. I took my payment method off of my account. They just lost a paying customer.

  20. Yup, I definitely quit at the right time.

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