World of Warships- The Biggest Mistake New AND Old Players Make

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Variety is the spice of life, and the savior of your sanity in this game. Sample it.

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  1. Unfortunate experiences…like 3 subs,2 cvs,and 4 hybrids, Super ships in lineup 😂
    Sounds familiar to me

    • I like fighting against Super ships, as they are tier 11, thus reward more credits per damage. Subs and CVs are ruining the game and Hybrid ships, depends who plays them as they have huge vulnerable/ farmable decks.

  2. i still stand by the phrase, lean to do unto others, before they do unto you. This makes you a harder target to damage and anticipate the actions of other players. years ago I was going through as many lines at the same time, so when I started to get tier 10 ships, it was a flood of tier 10’s at once. even now my lowest ship is one tier 7, but the problem is 12 tier 9’s waiting for credits.

  3. Omg, thx for this video. It’ just nice to hear a voice of reason from time to time. Especialy around online games.
    I for example do enjoy platiny CVs … and while it’s true they mix things up a lot, you very much can make their lifes miserable. You just need to understand how to play them and what you can do against them.
    …my thought train is going of the rails…
    Well I guess I just wanted to say that this video has a good point. 😉

  4. Thx Sealord these vids on helping newer players provide good advice for those people like me stuck in the lower tiers (my random win rate is 41% so I’m trash)

    • Two quick tips:
      1. Just becase you have multiple guns doesnt mean you have to always use them all. Showing your side to the enemy is the quickest way to go back to port.
      2. Always be in full control of your speed and direction. Sounds easy, right? Why do you keep overextending then? Or end up in the corner of the map million miles away from the battle? Zoom out between shots, look around you, figure out where you’ll need to be in a minute or two from now and figure out how to get there.
      3. Enlarge your minimap and keep looking at it.

      Gl 😉

  5. Can safely say this is not a mistake I’ve been making lol. Anytime I get a free port slot I use it to start grinding through another tech tree. Most of my fleet is around tier 7/8 at this point. Usually make a point of trying out ships I haven’t unlocked yet when I’m playing on the test server too. Did actually learn a trick from messing around in subs that came in handy one time in a ranked match. Noticed an enemy sub’s silhouette moving on the mini-map and recalling how the hydrophone worked from playing them I realized our sub had it on hydro so I was able to drop some depth charges on it. Didn’t kill it but put some hurt on it at least.

  6. after playing this game since CBT period with some significant off time and again on time in game i couldn’t agree more. you need to spend time with each ship to get it’s perks and cons and make it work for you. btw love the content you are making here and keep up my man 🙂

  7. Most of this refrain for me early on was caused by certain YouTubers who would say CVs and Subs are the downfall of the game, etc! Brother, you haven’t lived until you’ve put over 24 fish into enemy ships with your U-4501 or have sent multiple ships to the afterlife with your Max Immelmann. I’ve only been playing for a few months, and it seems a lot of the player base is pushed to play only Cruisers, BBs, and DDs!

  8. I suppose I’m something of a dd main but I really enjoy bbs and cruisers as well. I refuse to play subs as they are ruining the game and only play cvs in coop so as not to ruin other players games. I think you’re point is valid for newer players regardless.

  9. As my older cousin once told me, always have a side hustle to your main hustle. You credit print with good premium ships, then we spend all the credits we just made on good main line ships to actually main. My Iowa slaps the shit outta red’s because I can afford to throw it out 20x a day and practice trial by error. Not a perfect strategy but it somewhat matches your energy in this video. Thanks for the tips and tricks you do good services to the player base as always

  10. The problems of CV spotting solved easy: Whatever the planes see, only gets put on the mini map. The spotted ships are now known but not accurate enough to lay down devastating fire on.

  11. I like to jump around to different types in different tech lines, so I’m not quite making that mistake. What I have found is that going back down the line to tiers 1 through 4 reminds me of how much fun the game can be, when you just race around the map shooting at other ships.

  12. I have 588 ships so I can speak to this one. You are absolutely correct- play everything so you can kill everything. It helps to know how things accelerate, how they stop (or just coast forever like a UK cruiser), and every other spec on a ship. If you are having a slow grind- play the Public Test Server and grind the lines for 1XP per tier to see what you have to look forward too (but DO NOT free XP past the pain in the actual game- it teaches you a lot).

  13. One thing that can help, when you see players in randoms with a new ship for the first time or first few games don’t go off on them or say go back to CO op you need the randoms experience to improve

  14. I never went w one particular nation I basically tried everything and gradually moved up tiers equally, so at anyone time each nation was at tier 6 etc unless there was a new nation added

  15. Well, some classes kinda suck – Subs and CVs come to mind. BUT, getting a feel for them helps you to know their capability and what can counter. All classes are worth trying.

  16. Cruisers, BBs and DDs are the classes I play. CVs and subs are always gonna be around, like it or not. But I take pride in saying I have never played one of them.

  17. Thanks Sea lord, more of this! I am a on and off casual player and like hearing the in’s and out’s of different strategies and techniques. I don’t know how many times I’ve been complimented several games in a row only to get dm’ed the next game with somebody telling me never to play DD’s again. lol (We all have our bad rounds…)=) Keep the ‘tips and tricks’ coming!

  18. I really enjoy this kind of content. I’m always up for learning more about how to play the game

  19. 100% agree with this video but
    I’d add consumables to that list as well.
    I was just a DD main for about 2 years and time and time again I asked my team mates does XYZ have radar hydro superheal etc.
    Once I branded out and actually sailed the ships remembering armor layouts detections secondary ranges consumables etc. Became really easy.
    And definitely made me a better player.

  20. Just as a practical matter, it is inefficient to grind one line at a time because you aren’t benefiting from the daily bonus. When I started, I ground all lines simultaneously (of course, there were a lot fewer of them then). I at least played every ship once for the daily bonus. It took longer to get to my first tier 10 ship that way, but when I did, all my other lines were already at tiers 8-9. It also meant I had a lot more experience before I had to start playing at tier 10 (there wasn’t the plethora of special and premium ships at higher tiers back then, either). Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend grinding all the lines like I did, because there are just to many, but I would recommend selecting 6 or 7 of them, across different nations and ship types, and grinding those.

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