World of Warships – The Blind Leading The Blind

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The next time you’re infuriated with your World of Warships teammates and tempted to accuse them of being blind, just remember todays’ video.

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  1. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Ok, 1:40 in. The title is hilarious. And accurate.

    Edit: Jingles in the Ops room? Give him a pencil and a sheet of paper, and make him sit in the corner, that’s a good lad….

  2. I love how jingles assumes all my senses are working right when I’m drunk….. I mean playing world of warships

  3. Henrik Hansborg

    With that disability – Rebecca is a true Captain. She received the info, not seeing what’s there and relaying orders to what’s to be done ✅✅✅

  4. This player has my utmost respect and admiration.

  5. This young lady needs one of the bigger clans to take her under their wing ,or WoW needs to big her up?

    • It would probably be too big a commitment to have her and her helper(s) have to stick to the intensive play schedule of the more active clans.

  6. “Information Overload”. How I wish people would know this concept. I’ve lost count on just how many “unicums” have tried to cram 2 years experience into a new players head in 10 mins.

    • Remember, WarGaming thinks that the average CV player cannot handle “Information Overload” so they dumbed it down. XD

    • That’s why I turn down every offer to enter a clan bad clans trying to raise their piss poor average rating with my average results, I’m no unicum, the only explanation as to why my stats are still getting up is that the general level had dropped significantly)

  7. Torpedoes beat while blind:
    Yuro: *aggressive noise*

  8. Hell.. A blind player stronger than I’d say 75% of the playerbase, including me !

    She has my respect, support and I hope one day medicine will help her see all the citadels she made with her crewmates !

  9. I’d actually be interested to see an online tourney match of WoWs that requires two players to control one ship like Rebecca and her helper. Unlike a fast-paced FPS that requires twitch reflexes and has a faster ttk, the slower pace of WoWs combat seems well suited for this sort.

    • This would actually be a really good Idea!

    • Too bad that I believe this whole thing would be way harder with DD’s, CV’s and cruisers, so everyone would just play BB’s. But maybe that could be a part of the uniqueness of the tournament, only BB’s.

    • Andrew Schneider

      Having a team of twenty or so people with 4 per ship and then doing a 5v5 would be amazing. One to steer, one to shoot one on the AA guns (manual control) and the captain calling the shots for everything.

      That would be so fun

    • @Andrew Schneider Search Artemis: Space Bridge Simulator. It’s basically a Star Trek game where each person has their own display and controls different parts of the ship.

    • Andrew Schneider

      @Samuel Cacnio I think that may have been it. Played it once while completely wasted. Was really fun.

  10. I’d love to hear a voice recording of a match to go with the replay.

    Well played, Rebecca!

  11. the helper: *totally f’s up the aim, missing by a mile
    also the helper: oh unlucky that was a bad spread.

  12. Jingles – I AM a PWO and have been for 35 years. I would go to war with her and I have already been to war 3 times 🙂

    • @Paul Wood Paul – I am in the RAN not RN. Did PWO 6 in 1987. Highlights for me were East Timor 1999 and Gulf deployments in 2002 and 2003 as Task Group OPSO, including GW2. I worked closely with Cardiff, Portland and the NGS ships Richmond, Marlborough and Chatham

    • @Peter Arnold Still kinda surprised I don’t recognise the name, did 2 years exchange at Watson (RANSWARS) 93-95 on the PWO Staff there….. Great memories and great friends from that time, Dickie Singleton whom I knew previously from the RN and Steve Thompson were particularly good friends.

    • @Paul Wood I did a CO/XO desig course with Dick Singleton and know Steve as well. I was in Tassie driving Ardent in 93-95

    • @Peter Arnold That would explain it…. anyway, good to talk to you mate. Look after yourself.

    • @Paul Wood The world is such a small place ! Take care yourself 🙂

  13. People with disabilities who have the devotion and dedication to play, even with the extra things holding them back, always deserve the respect.

    • When you have to work that hard even to play, you take every match seriously. No casual player in that chair! =^[.]^=

  14. “I’ve actually seen a blind girl play better than you” has now turned into a 3rd degree burn. 😂

    • @The French Bastard
      It doesn’t imply she played badly at all. Fact is that its true, we really have just seen a blind girl out perform the vast majority of the playerbase.

    • The Bearded Warrior

      @PhoenixSc she outperformed me on all battles in tier 8. I’m amazed that she can do that, I would love to see her stream and here her helpers and all. It would be most fascinating to be honest

    • @Tony I think we all did. I can’t even remember the last time I played a kraken game. 😂

    • “we’ve sunk an allied battleship” after detonating a Harugumo

    • hehe….’ fry, sizzle, crackle, roast’ .. there’s gotta be a meme in the video someplace.

  15. Banana Warfare Productions

    She’s lucky she doesn’t have Jingles as her helper. “Enemy destroyer spotted! Wait no it’s a cruiser, or possibly a battleship I’m not certain”

    • Can we get a sound pack made with that as one of the lines?

    • @Laird Cummings Mistook cruisers for battleships, destroyers for cruisers, and escort carriers for fleet carriers.

    • @Peter Keran ah! Everyone gets promoted!

      On the other hand, the American spotters at Savo Island managed to misidentify an AMERICAN cruiser *in formation* with the rest of the fleet as Japanese.

    • @Laird Cummings but that didn’t become the most underdog victory of naval history- Yamato itself outweighed the whole of Taffy 3 and it’s turrets outweighed any individual ship

    • “Torpedos Aft!” …….. gets hit by skipbombs from starboard.

  16. Gustav Chambert

    She’s only self-conscious about underperforming because she cant actually see her teammates are all busy fitting their pants on their heads, licking the windows and looking for the pot of glue…….

    Mad respect, for both her and her gunnery officer

  17. I’d love to hear a recording of their communications, I think that just hearing how they manage to transfer this much information back and forth could be illuminating for anybody trying to organize divisions or even entire teams.

  18. Rebecca Claridge

    Thank you once again for showing this replay Jingles. It was hard work and a lot of fun. I can fermly say the sweat was dripping off my face with this battle in concentration. Afterwards I was exhausted. But gosh was it fun

  19. Rebecca Claridge

    Also it is me doing a lot of bombarding of questions to my helpers. and expecting an anwser back with in the next second

    • Kurgis Empyrion

      Leadership 😀

    • Massive respect must also go to your helpers. o7

    • I’ve worked in a similar position, albeit in land based artillery rather than on a ship, and trying to keep up with everything was enough to drive me to drink. And chainsmoke. And 90% of my vocabulary consisted of some variation of the F-word. I’d have given my left nut for a team that worked that well together, so hats off to all of you.

    • Heya, if it’s not too personal: Were you always blind or did you lose eyesight after becoming a World of Warships player?

  20. so let me get this straight: Jingles – the man whose top 3 claim to fame is getting things wrong – was the guy who manually recorded the events of any given naval action?

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