World of Warships – The Broad Side of a Barn

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Barn. Broad side of. A large, immobile target. Something that the Großer Kurfürst would struggle to hit at any range. Even from the inside.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Actually Jingles, both the 406s and the 420s have 12 barrels…

  2. HawkUSMC - Legion Gaming

    Leave it to Jingles to mess up on his own intro. That’s why we love you, don’t ever change ^_^
    You get 12 barrels regardless. I have played with both sets and I prefer the bigger guns in randoms, and the smaller in clan battles and ranked, for the faster reload and better chance of an actual pen and not the vast amount of overpens we are subject to.

    • HawkUSMC - Legion Gaming

      Someone asked me why use the GK in ranked (sorry can’t see it except in my notifications) – Welp, I can 1v4 easily in it, with my secondaries and adrenaline rush, and 305k dmg record (247k with mains alone, bigger guns) begs to differ on how much dmg you can do with the main guns. I don’t drive Frenchies so I to have the Pubbie, nor would I if I could.

  3. Wargaming even put a “research booster” for the japanese BBs on sale to make people play a line that has notoriously bad AA because everyone is either playing strong AA ships or carriers.
    Poor souls who have to grind through low AA lines atm.

    • Anonymous on the internet

      Not even an AA-specced DM can stop a Midway strike. The CV rework made AA power far less relevant

    • +Turbo-Fan I agree CVs need fixed, I thikn there should be a substantial time increase to regenerate aircraft, maybe even after so many squadren losses, the CV itself takes damage with each new launch, until it kills itself losing aircraft.

      My problem with CVs is they have no aircraft limit, this is not even remotely fair compared to the total damage they can do and how often. Especially against DDs, which they can wipe out in 3 strikes at tier 7

    • +doc mike Wait for it – Izumo’s awesome post buffs, very tanky when angled, hard to set on fire and great guns, and as for AA with some use of the sector control the right hull and some captain skills it can be very effective – had a cv put in chat that he was giving up due to the aa being too strong after trying to sink me repeatedly the other day….loving it!

    • +Tom Riley when does it become hard to set on fire? I have all the upgrades and the reduced fire level 4 captain skill and the thing still burns like a Guy Faux effigy.

    • +doc mike hmmm… I’ve got the C hull and don’t run FP just BOS, burning doesn’t seem to be a major problem for me and shooting at them they seem fire resistant to me – perhaps yours is covered in petrol? 🙂

  4. Good to see it’s too early for you to be awake too. I’m going back to sleep. As much as I’d love to see the…?

  5. shadow wolf2115

    Wargaming: let’s make a close range brawling Battleship with hydro but a turning circle the size of Rhode island and rudder shift that it doesn’t matter if the torps are spotted. Oh let’s make the guns accurate base on rng at all ranges.

    Russian battleships comes out: Let’s give them crap dispersion but not too crap but give them a bonus to dispersion the closer the target is.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +schlichtnsbuh The Khaba still in n1 amongst all tier 10 dds in average damage and 3rd in win rate. The Grozo is the 2nd worse in average damage just ahead of the Z 52, 5th in win rate and average xp per battle. You are right about the Makarov though. I meant the Molotov but it’s kinda irrelevant since the Makarov it’s rarer than a white tiger. It still has the highest average damage than all tier 6 cruisers though but i guess it has to do more with the people that have this ship. Can’t really say a lot with only 30k battles.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +mynameiswritinwater I said there are 46 soviet ships in the game and you chose as examples almost exclusively battleships that have not been released in the game officially. So even the soviet battleships that are already in the game are not sure to remain so in their final form. Yes, their bow and deck armor seems to be extremely strong. I am worried about their IFHE immunity. But strong armor is not enough to label a ship as OP. Their guns seem to be unreliable except at close ranges (we will see if the abomination that is called Slava/ Pobeda will be changed or not) and most important it’s too early to draw conclusions with so few battles fought in those ships.
      But how about the existing soviet ships in the game, for which we have a pretty clear picture since people have played hundrends of thousands, if not millions of battles in them? They are as i said mediocre to bad. The Moskva is worse in average damage than the Zao, the Hinde and the Henry. Worse in w/r than the worchester the Henry and the Des Moines. The Kronshtadt can not be compared with the other tier 9 cruisers since it’s a battlecruiser. If you compare it with the Azuma and the Alasca it already has less average damage than both of the them and comparable (0,8% difference is negligable) win rate. The Donskoi is worse than the Saint Louis, the Chapa is worse than the Martel, the Irian and the Atago B, lets not speak about the Shchors, the Budyonny as i said is good (but not OP, it’s just a few points ahead of the Leander) etc. The situation in dds is even worse…There isn’t a single tier except tier 10 with the khaba that a soviet dd is the best or even close to the top in average damage or win rate! And i really hope you don’t mention the Neustrashimy with only 1400 battles…!

    • +Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας How old are those stats? The Khabarovsk *was* OP, but is no longer, so that may be where that win rate comes from. It’s also hard to state anything without knowing the absolute difference between Grozovoi and Khabarovsk, third and fifth place doesn’t sound that far apart.

      Another thing to consider is how the Khabarovsk plays: If you want to farm damage in it you just go ahead and burn down battleships, which is a lot of absolute damage but has hardly any impact on a match as it can be repaired nearly as quickly as it happens.

      Average damage also doesn’t take into account what the usual opponent of a certain ship is. Khabarovsk excels in annoying battleships so it does a lot of damage, Grozovoi is every DD’s nightmare at mid to long range so the damage it does is far less than Khabarovsk although it probably has a lot more impact.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +schlichtnsbuh First off those are today’s stats.Secondly i am not arguing if Khabas playstyle is usefull to the team or not. ALL i am saying is that there is no such thing as a russian bias. Based on game statistics the Khaba is strong. The vast majority of the russian ships in the game right now are not. If that changes with the new battleships it remains to be seen. Over and out.

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      +Philip CogginsOnly in relation to the others. The dispersion is still better at close ranges even on Slava/Pobeda. If you look at the dispersion chart, the accuracy starts off merely okay at close ranges, but suffers way less penalty even at longer ranges. You could say that the magic behind Slava’s dispersion is that the dispersion stays the same across the ranges, rather than “turns inaccurate at close ranges and turns accurate at long ranges”.

  6. JIngles Moment! The Kurryworst has the same number of barrels regardless of size. i think he was thinking of the HMS Conquerer

  7. british car from the 60’s or 70’s…..oh jingles you do make me laugh

    • They’re mighty fine with bodywork. Just don’t trust them with electrical systems. Or rust protection. Or, you know, anything mechanical. But they do make nice bodies, that they do. Until they rust away. I’m repeating myself here aren’t I?

    • I bought share in BL as recommended by Tony Benn

    • All British cars from all years of production is more correct…

  8. Criticizing the accuracy when the pilot fired too early and half of the shells went into an island… yeah… The Missouri would have taken a serious paddling if the guy fired one second later.
    That being said, I already have missed a beached broadside Yamato at 5 km with those guns… TWICE !

    • ShadowOfMachines

      I’ve seen the shells from all my German BBs leave the barrel at 45° angles in order to still miss the target at those ranges. 😛

  9. It’s a very different feel to the 420’s if you have the legendary upgrade on hand. Also you don’t lose barrels for upgrading.

  10. Me: lets put on some music, and lets play a game of Wows!. –> sees Jingles video. –> Music gets paused. Lets watch Jingles

    • ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

      Points my axe towards internet- ”you have ruined my life by the power of Thor I shall destr…. nvm Jingles has uploaded!”’

  11. Solo Wing Borders

    LOL at the end, Bismarck escorted by a Hipper on the Atlantic map.

  12. The Grosser Kurfurst: armour by Krupp, engines by Blohm und Voss, guns by British Leyland…

  13. So You say this ship is like a box of chocolates?

  14. The Swamp Cleaner

    The GK still has 12 guns at 420mm. It doesn’t lose any. You’re thinking of the conqueror

  15. When you made that car joke I actually thought you were gonna say it would explode cause IRA

  16. Lumpi Lumpinski

    0:55 “..all the great battles… have something in common… no aircraftcarriers….” so true

  17. Actually, shouldn’t it be Rear Admiral Jingles for WoW? Not the Mighty Jingles as stated at the beginning of the video.

  18. Bravo Company General Nelson

    I elected to go secondary build with German BBs from tier 4 lol

  19. Missouri: “Get under cover, NOW!” Tashkent: “Dangit, I’m not done yet!”

  20. DrRocketman 779

    I want to see MOUNTAINS again. Mountains, Gandalf!

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