World of Warships – The Charge of the Light Cruiser Gigachad Brigade

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Yeah, that title really is a bit of a mouthful. Caught your attention, though. Gotta love that clickbait!

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  1. Don’t worry Jingles, the Smolensk is no less disgusting than this video’s title lol

    Edit: I learn so much from your videos, I would have never found out about the whole “AP flying through narrow ship without exploding” if you wouldn’t mention this stuff in your videos. Thank you 🙂

    • Smolensk was awesome when came out , I had saved steel to get Burgugone , and i had only coal to get one ship Smolensk or Thunderer , I have combine steel & coal and got them both and i did not regret that decision , before commander rework my Smolenk had 19.2 km range , I remember battle where I have burned 6 ships to death , I was called cancer … best time of my life 😋

    • Jingles ripping on their teams Shima, who – while being a 17900 and the 20km torpedoes still managed to beat a nearly full hp Halland, in a gunfight that started when Shima was on low hp from the radars in the early part of the battle. And the Shima got the kill with those “useless” torpedoes nonetheless.
      Something tells me there’s something toxic in Jingles’s life that’s making him so bitter and prone to looking for excuses

  2. AP overpenetrates Smolensk, unless it comes from a Russian battleship because Stalinium shells have the ability to change their toughness in regards to the target, especially if the target is a Russian ship on the enemy team, Stalin doesn’t like traitors.

    • Im pretty sure Kremlin will overpen the Smolensk reguardless.

    • ​@Jay Werneryes yes it will… the only BBs that can somewhat reliably obliterate smolensk with AP are the british with their ridiculously short fuses.

    • @enjoyingend193 and the Italians with SAP

    • @Hollow Husk is there anyone that plays the italian BBs still? I completely forgot about their existence even as i am grinding down that line. I guess if you aim very well, sacrifice your first born to RNGesus for good accuracy you may even dev strike one with the italian hardened penne.

    • @Hollow Husksap isn’t ap, it’s sap. Sap for all intents and purposes is just he with no fire chance.

  3. There should be an achievement for solo capping in a Yamato.😅

  4. ah yes, he nailed the very clearly british “Worcester” while the actual one completely ignored him….. never change jingles

  5. One of my finest WoWS moments was one-shotting a Smolensk with an HE salvo from a Nelson.
    Doog tiems.

  6. Imagine putting an 18″ hole through a citadel (remember: the most important part with a lot of machines) of a ship. Surely that does near to no damage 😀

    • Taffy 3 would like to comment…

    • @Jpdt19 Yup, even though a DD or an escort-DD doesn’t have a ‘citadel’, it contains the same and maybe even more cramped equipment. And Taffy 3 took those 18.1″ though any hit to the massive brass balls of that crew would surely triggered the fuse’s.

    • Yeah …
      A tad unrealistic.

      But remember that AP shells do explode as well.

      Very simplified:
      HE explodes the moment it hits something.
      AP explodes a few milliseconds after it hits something.
      And in the case of the smolensk those few milliseconds are too long.
      That 18″ hole is *FAR* less dangerous than a 200″ explosion near said machinery.

      And btw. one can see the arcade nature of the game very well because the citadel is essentially as empty as the rest of the ship. In the game that is.
      The 18″ shell would put new ventilation holes above the machinery, but if it’d hit the machinery itself if would be sufficiently slowed down to explode.

    • @ArschvomDienst yeah, and since the citadel is supposedly filled with stuff that slows an AP shell down, my personal recommendation would be that a shell _never_ over pens a citadel.

    • Even of it doesn’t. That’s a pretty big hole to patch before the seawater gets in. But if the game modelled angle of penetration with flooding we would see a lot of flooding and BBs camping base

  7. Matheus Rondel Leite

    10:00 Jingles lost a wonderful opportunity to say: “And then just a couple a seconds later, they also lose a Brest” (gonna love the Frenchies)

  8. Ha, yes, the famous T10 British light cruiser “Worcester”, even if the game dared name it “Minotaur”. 😀

  9. I think russian bias kept him alive at the end, the Musashi’s secondaries hit him at least six times

  10. The title is very reminiscent of “The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse” I appreciate the reference!

    • The Charge of the Light Brigade is a closer reference

      ” Half a league, half a league,
      Half a league onward,
      All in the valley of Death
      Rode the six hundred.
      “Forward, the Light Brigade!
      Charge for the guns!” he said.
      Into the valley of Death
      Rode the six hundred.”

    • The last charge of the calcutta light horse? I had to google that one and I’m sad to see no donkeys (light horses?) were used to sink a German spy ship.

    • @Máté Balázs
      Cannon to right of them,
      Cannon to left of them,
      Cannon in front of them
      Volleyed and thundered;
      Stormed at with shot and shell,
      Boldly they rode and well,
      Into the jaws of Death,
      Into the mouth of hell
      Rode the six hundred.

  11. How did Jingles not mention the fact there was a pair of Brests on Gigachads team.
    Most unlike him.

  12. The lesson I took from this video was

    “Skill doesn’t matter if you just sail the Smolensk, make all the mistakes you want because the ship is made for it”

    • And let’s not forget the obligatory “Russian Get Out of Jail Free Commander that destroys the hopes and dreams of the ship that finally put you in the red”

  13. It wouldn’t be a Jingles video without misidentified ships. Never change old man 🙂
    I do love the names people choose in this game. Potato Casserole (perfect PUG description), a_tiny_kitten and Tactical Teddy Bear stood out to me 😀

  14. Drinking game:
    – Take a shot each time Jingles says “Worcester” in this video.
    – Two when he’s actually referring to the Minotaur.

  15. Kudos for that Shimanto coming in at #3 n the team list

  16. That light cruiser showdown in the middle with the Worcester and the Minotaur was great. Really reminded me of the best parts of playing the game

  17. Love the WOWS vids. My goto after work whenever they’re posted. Thanks, Jingles 😊

  18. Actually Jingles, the Shima was at 1700 health before the interaction with the Halland. He had been at that health since the Schlieffen was sunk.

  19. It’s a load of dingo’s kidneys that Kusnetsov is guaranteed to activate every single game a soviet ship is in. His emergency heal always activates with no input from the player required. All others demand the player to actually do well in battle to earn their heal.

  20. Here’s a fact, for those BB’s that have trouble citadeling a broadside Smolensk with AP, you can shoot slightly below the waterline to citadel the ship, what happens is the water will arm the shell but because of the velocity it can still pen the weak armor of the smolensk, however it is still heavily reliant on RNG, but it will work, obliterated one with my Yamato.
    This is an old mechanic and yes this mechanic is still in game people just seem to have forgotten it, since not a lot talks about them.
    Also do not do with short fuse AP

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