World of Warships – The Conqueror Problem

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Now that the Conqueror has been out for a while, I think she’s still just a bit too strong. Perhaps a few small tweaks to her will make her a more balanced ship. Hmmmm….


  1. give it radar,smoke and 10km torps!

  2. It’s the HE that should be nerfed. Conqueror and a few recent others (and some oldies) proved without the shadow of a doubt that the fire part of HE is stupidly broken.
    Setting fires is far too good in this game, combine this with good chance of sparking them up (either by RoF or pure % chance) and there’s really a problem.
    But WG still thinks HE + Fires is okay, so it’s never getting addressed. They really should split HE in two, 1st type are fires but abysmal damage. the 2nd type is NO fire chance, but decent HE damage.

  3. Skill in a game where there is massive rng and inviso ships.

    lol nice meme

  4. Oh please stop calling it a conqueror problem. More than 50% of the british line are just as op.

  5. I dont know why you are crying about the Conquerer, saw a lot of People playing and sucking in it and atleast 1 conquerer cant kill 12 enemy ships. Instead of flaming and hating that ship . You could focus on other game mechanics like the new Smoke Meta, where are Yamato in Smoke get punished by being spotted of half of the map and a Gearing still spamming He and torps out of it with no real threat.

  6. remove the German HE penetration from their shells and it should be much better

  7. How to un-Montana the Conqueror? Remove the 419mm.
    4×457 is unique, tones down the ridiculous fire potential and rewards switching between AP and HE more.

  8. Here’s a thought – what if the Conqueror’s ability to obliterate everything is the karmic counterbalance to what the Tier 3 to 5 British cruisers have to go through?

  9. You can fix Conqueror simply by removing the 419mm option entirely. I’m an above average player and I’ve landed above average results using just the 457s. It is perfectly workable from the gameplay perspective. Remember how many people lauded the Warspite’s lack of hitting power when she first released among the other 12 gun BBs? Now she’s considered one of the best tier 6 battleships in the game for her guns and I think Conks would enjoy the same, if the 419s were removed

  10. i dont think nerfing the HE pen would be noticable at all

    the Yamato and Montana all have that all or nothing armour that means either its +400mm armour that you wont penetrate with any type of HE, or it’s 32-60mm of plating that all BB HE pens anyway

    And even kurfurst would be uneffected as it’s 120-150mm casemate is currently immune

    only difference is the tier 8 cruisers that you can currently citadel with conq HE

  11. So what do you give the conqueror in return? or do you just want to nerf it . One thing for sure the Conqueror has got the bow campers moving. Any game i go into people focus fire certain ships the Conqueror regardless of stealth ability if its constantly spotted by CV or a DD does not last long. Personally I hate fires and for me you will get set on fire every game I dont always see a CV in every game so i adjusted my builds I have ditched the secondary build on Kurfurst for fire prevention to improve its survival and I am considering doing the same on Montana
    As soon as Deepwater torps come on the go people will forget about the Conqueror and start moaning about how op they are but most wont consider running vigilance.

  12. When playing british battleships in general, i never switch to AP, because there is no need to do so. It already starts with the Bellerophjon. I simply score some hits and then just watch the enemys burn down like hell fire.

  13. Preach it Chase, WG please listen to yo audience

  14. Celeb von Celebrus

    I can see another issue with CONQ and that is the weird immunity against AP penetrations. Not citadels (no way), just plain, basic penetrations, from another BBs or CAs. My observation is that CONQ, for some crazy reasons takes MUCH less AP dmg from broadside than any other tier10 BB. Try it with Hindenburg or Montana or GK (or that ridiculous fight vs 2 Yamatos on Reddit). This is the thing that bothers me the most. I cannot make significant AP dmg to this goddamn ship no matter how bad it’s handled by her captain.

  15. IMO they should just take off the 16″ guns

  16. remove those 419 already

  17. Fire damage over time is the counter to BB’s and Conqueror is the best at it.

  18. I’ll let everyone know when I’m about to get Conqueror. That will be when they nerf it.

  19. You are talking an absolute load of shit the stats prove that this Conquer is not overpowered in fact since people have started putting Fire Prevention on is surprising how often you don’t get fires and the only way you are really getting damages from the h e damage the AP is terrible on this shit other than the most perfect circumstances and even then you don’t always get any decent damage I actually do far better in my Montana that I do in my Conqueror the only reason you’re crying is your having to set up your ships up differently to deal with the Conqueror and you don’t like doing that so stop whining like a little bitch the NERF is had already is enough

  20. Not op the stats prove it stop complaining just because it forces you to change your play style

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