World of Warships- The Cracked Out Ship Everyone Seemed To Have Forgot About

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VII Premium American Battleship Florida! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Gustavo Cabrerea

    This ship is the absolute embodiment of the average Florida Man.

  2. Arizona Anime-Fan

    no one’s forgotten the florida. she has no armor. it’s a giant floating citadel. she’s just a giant floating citadel with big guns. whenever i see her i think “paper sides!” still good point about kiting with her, only strat that works with that paper citadel.

    the only florida’s i’ve seen anymore in match are being used as brawlers, which i don’t get at all. it’s sort of sureal really, that the only time i see this ship someone is pushing a cap with her. don’t know what to say about that, but i can say it’s lots of easy hps to farm when people push with her.

    • I like the Florida, except for her “Armour”, she has good guns that are extremely deadly to Low Tier Cruisers.

      If you play her like a Cruiser not thinking of a Battleship, she can bei really Fun.
      At least its my personal oppinion…

    • @Smokey Joe is she good for credit-farming – I mean how many credits could be earned for lets say 100k damage and 2 sunken ships ?

  3. This ship came out just as I started the game and after watching your somewhat over positive review of her it was my first premium ship…. Not a wise move. But if you have a little more experience than I had back then and position her well she’s not bad.

    • VERY similar experience for me… Got convinced by people shilling her on the YouTubes, regretted it immediately… 🙁

  4. I remember Florida, a long reload and craoppy armour constantly uptiered and a waste of money.

  5. You dont see her much because really she is not great health is pretty low, the guns are underwhelming when shooting other BBs, the only good thing really for her is the AA and the low concealment, I can think of a lot more better tier 7 BBs to take into battle.

  6. You can slice it however you want, but no, the gun armament of the Florida is not good and you could consider it “bad”. 12 14 inch guns is something you usually encounter at T6. At T7, Florida has decent accuracy, unlike NM or Fuso, but that’s to be expected at T7, where 14 inch is basically garbage caliber guns. There’s a reason why small caliber guns at T7 are either Lyon with 16 guns or improved reload guns with 20-25s reload (Scharnhorst and KGV). 30s reload is only in a league of California (which is hot garbage and should not serve as standard of what a T7 BB is) and DoY (which has improved ricochet angles and a hydro).

    Combined with the fact this ship has 4 repairs and trash armour against overmatch, it’s basically a premium that just suffers from uptiers and so no wonder people avoid it. Sure, it has speed, the guns can work (also considering it can sling HE with decent accuracy) and it has good concealment, but these still don’t make it an endearing purchase over either just forking over a bit more for a T8 premium or get a T6 premium like Arizona.

  7. I got the Florida in a box,and I learnt to play her. Good matchmaking and she is fun to play.she is one of my T7 bb to go from EU,and I hardly never see Florida in game.

  8. fluffysnowgryph

    I would also point out that when this ship was released, it was balanced with Deadeye in mind and Florida was nasty (in my experience) when you played her correctly (which is hard to do with her horrid armor, terrible MM and meta) but when Deadeye was removed she lost alot of her power and gained no buffs to compensate for the loss of power, and I feel that is the issue with most deadeye era premiums BB’s that was released. So now she just sits in my port collecting rust as there are better and more impactful ships I can take.

    • Like many of the us bbs. The loss of deadly and nerf to secondary and no fix to the horrid long flight time.

    • @TheRhadamanthus indeed, the secondary nerf was huge hit to US BB’s yet its considered “fun and engaging” but in all honesty I think it was to remove the AA buffs you got from a full secondary and to sell more secondary focus ships that has better base secondary stats than all the pre-rework ships because plenty of players have the tirpitz, Massachusetts, and other secondary focus premiums, I see it as a quick and dirty money grab. And its really unfun with the floaty shells because it was made to play somewhat close to the enemy and not sit in spawn and snipe all game…. honestly the reason the Vermont is balanced the way it is, meta is sniping so they release more sniping ships while adding more things that hard counters brawlers and mid range ships.

  9. Marcus Jones Stinks

    This is my favorite ship. Mostly because it represents the sheer memeness that state holds.

  10. They should do the Washington BB56. Give it radar, and reload boost.

  11. I keep seeing this ship and completely forget about its strength and weakness. Next time I see I’ll be looking to punish it!

  12. Gregory Choubana

    Very very very fragile but I still enjoy playing her, especially in ranked mode.

  13. Since you mention rarely seen BBs at tier 7, why not take a crack at the Ashitaka?
    Bonus points if you have the Kobayashi Camo.

  14. I’ve tried hitting this with a T6 cv, was wondering why I got wiped out so easy the def AA explains it all.

  15. Manik Samaraweera

    5:40 actually she gets battlecruiser dispersion like Alaska and Georgia. I’ve forgotton about the florida largely because hyuuga exists and kinda does a similar job, but better.

  16. Florida is one of my fav T7 BBs. Just got to be a little careful thats all

  17. The main problem is 12 guns with French AP not Murica SHAP = low DMG per shell and 1 less Heal.

  18. hmm, i killed florida woith more than half HP with Z31. I was in smoke, shooting AP, he was broadsided (thinking its just a dd) on some 7km, his HP evaporated (guns only). That ship has actually very very weak armor for BB, I had some insane citadel hits number.

  19. @Catguy Florida is way more accurate. BUT Arizona is WAYYY better armoured. I would always choose armour over gun accuracy (RNG has huge influence on acuracy).

  20. The thing with the Arizona is that it suffer from the same abysmal speed, turret traverse and reload issues that the older American BB do. I love her because of the historical aspect, since no way am I getting to Hawaii in my lifetime with the salaries here to see the real thing, but her speed is kind of painful to try and play around.
    With the Florida, at least you have enough to be able to turn out or flee from someone, not to mention move around to reposition if a flank advances or collapses.

    The frustrating part is, you could have had these guns be just as good one Tier earlier, and for basically free. The Arizona is decently accurate, but doesn’t actually carry these guns, they’re the 45 calibre 356s, like you get on the Oklahoma.
    What DOES carry these exact guns, and also has 12 of them with the exact same Initial Velocity on the AP, is the New Mexico. But for the life of it, that thing can’t hit anything, and I have serious doubts it’s just because its AP shells are 100 kilos heavier than the Florida’s. They probably gave it crappy dispersion to make you buy an Arizona back in the day, otherwise I can’t explain it….

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