World of Warships- The Crazy Soviet Ship That Slipped Away

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Hello guys, today we take a look at The Tier X Soviet Light Cruiser, The Nevsky. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Her shells are so good, she’s just a very decent cruiser

  2. Nevsky is a very solid A-tier cruiser

  3. One of my favorite ships in the game.

  4. To your point SLM, Nevsky had some minor changes along the way, but for the most part, Petro took most of the heat.

    Nevsky has all the tools to deal with most things on a short to mid-range basis, and the artillery and ballistics to help make use at all ranges.

    Last thing, you mentioned Nevsky as easy to play. Nevsky, like all her lower tier tech tree counterparts, inherits their same weaknesses. She is a cruiser that heavily rewards good play and severely punishes mistakes.

  5. still like that its a “light cruiser” with more health then the Gouden Leeuw, I pray for the day they finally give it heavy cruiser health pool.

  6. If I’m not wrong, she also has the highest HP pool for light cruisers

  7. I loved Nevsky. Did not know, it is so tanky. How is it usable in ranked? I found it great, as it can Brawl too with torps. Only thingis, it needs cooperation with spotting. Usually that is an issue with people.

  8. Nevsky is OP if compared with other Cruiser Because”
    -6.6KM Decent AA
    -Decent Concealment
    -Good AP with Improve Pen
    -Good HE that Match ZAO
    -HP pool that Surpass other CL even CA
    -ICE Breaker Bow
    -No Bullet Resistance
    And WG take 2 year to Improve ZAO HP

  9. Knowing, what happened to Moskva, I feel like soviet radar should work 50% of time used.

  10. Got her yesterday. Great ship, feels like your damage is a threat to pretty much every ship type. And the railguns, low reload combined with almost stealth radar makes hunting DDs so satisfying.

  11. Yeah, I love the Nevsky. One of the strongest ships in the game, all around. This became more true when Petro got nerfed (though the hull lift was minimal, the deck armor was pretty major).

  12. A. Nevsky is one of my favorite ships. Its nasty.

  13. Nevsky never clicked with me, but I play mostly randoms. I could not get used to the horrible concealment and rudder. I guess we all have a few supposedly ‘A-tier’ ships which just don’t work for our individual play-style.

    • I feel you, with USN CL’s instead. Everyone praises them a lot but they just don’t work for me. Though admittedly I’m more of a CA player.

  14. Shells r ridiculously fast for the caliber, even faster than many BBs lol.

  15. You know that Nevsky is OP when a below average player can consistently get over 100k damage in her

  16. You can get the 12km radar up to like 39 seconds too which is insane

  17. I don’t have “NerfSky” yet.
    But when I have met it anywhere in enemy team, it was big worries for me, experienced it badly.

    This stuff has decent caliber, guns hitting well at range, long range radar, torps, quite good mauneuverability and heal. While not Petro tanky it can do nasty things.

    I remember it only twice, once in Bourgogne, it appeared among enemy flank, but when I focused it, guy turned away, I failed it to citadel, with its great speed and turn it bounced all my stuff, lets blame it on RNG.
    At range guy already laughed at me, I was just the one doomed.

    I was playing DD other match and either ignored possibility of Nevsky presence or forgot its torps. Anyway I was in central cap surrounded by islands, Nevsky with other reds there, I tried to torp there but found just its good hitting torps without even being able to release mine.

    I think WG took idea of this “cruiser” from prem T8 M.Kutuzov, while it seems way different, lets pick both gun range same base, remove smoke for radar, keep torps, add heal and T10 stats. Not enough of Kutu annoyance? Give it bigger caliber, better than Stalingrad shell velocity and ok concealment.

  18. Released the same time Petro has almost 2,1 million battles fought for Nevskys 1 million battles (EU).
    Same goes for NA Petro has over 1m and Nevsky little over 484k battles.
    Nevsky is a “hidden gem” cause Petro made huge splashes when it was released.

  19. Cruisers were my first favorite ship type, but I have been working my way up the IJN destroyer lines and now am working on the US battleship line. Got the IOWA, now. Sounds like I need to finish my Soviet light cruiser line. Thanks for the review!

  20. Nice review, I’m currently working on Donskoi and looking forward to getting Nevsky. Should be able to get her for next clan battles season, I played Chapayev for my team this past season so nevsky seems like the obvious move for me of course, Moskva is always an option.

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