World of Warships – The Current State of Battleships

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It’s time to talk ship. Bottom line, I have issues with the current state of Battleships. Primarily, there is no reason at all to play the USN BB line. There almost isn’t a reason to play IJN BBs either, save for the fact the Yamato is the best T10 BB in the game.

Using four separate NA stats, W/L, Damage, Survivability and XP, I set out to see where the strengths of each line was, and where the weaknesses were.

The USN gets blown away in everything. There is not a BB at any tier that leads in anything other than Iowa’s survivability at T9. In fact, not a single BB is above a 50% win ratio on the NA servers. That is a huge issue. The stats don’t line. The USN line is hurting, and that hurts me.



  1. How far back do your stats go? Remember US and Japanese BB’s have been in
    game since the start – most players who played them at tier 3-5 were still
    learning how to play the game, they didn’t know armor angling and when to
    use AP vs HE. The German BB’s are the most recently added and there’s going
    to be a lot of expert players playing those low tier ships to grind
    through, unless they free-xp’d them. Players who know what they’re doing
    and are seal clubbing their way up the tiers. So stats are going to be
    slightly skewed in favor of the newer ships.

  2. yes ofc.. give radar to evryfking one .. then remove dds bc it’s pointless
    even as it is with as many cancerous prem ships for retards to rush into
    the cap with the radar activated

  3. one of the things i’ve noticed playing German BB’s is that the chances of
    Citadeling other BB’s is pretty much slim to none.

  4. US battleships up through t7 are absolutely awful. Slow, short-ranged
    inaccurate guns, poor maneuverability when compared to German and IJN
    battleships. Then at t8, they get speed and still have questionable
    maneuverability. However, their armor becomes soft, but the most egregious
    thing Wargaming did was make the US battleships (North Carolina, Iowa,
    Missouri, and Montana) the least accurate ships in the game. These t8+
    battleships had the most advanced radar directed gun fire control in the
    game and they end up with the absolute worse dispersion in the game.
    Meanwhile, the IJN t8+ battleships get near cruiser level dispersion with
    access to both lower dispersion and faster reloads using Mk 1 Mod 0

    WG, in my opinion, is completely bias towards the US naval ships. Why?
    Because the US navy utterly destroyed the Japanese during WW2 and have
    fielded the most power and best naval assets ever seen. They cannot have
    that in their game where cruisers use MG like main guns with laser accuracy
    spamming out HE. Battleships, all of them, in this game are nothing more
    than credit/XP farm cows for players.

    No one fears battleships because they are easily burned down to the
    waterline, easily defeated by submarine detection like DDs that can close
    within 3.13 nautical miles without being seen and fire torpedoes. Tell me,
    in what world did this actually happen? When can a ship get closer than 10
    nautical miles without being spotted? WG states that DDs are the counter to
    battleships. What fantasy world do they live in? The only counter to a
    battleship is a battleship unless a carrier is in action. It’s getting to
    the point that playing a battleship is a novelty and not needed because
    cruisers and DDs in this game do more damage faster spamming HE, torpedoes,
    and their ability to fire from magical stealth clouds or imaginary stealth
    firing from range. WG did all this because no one questions their motives
    or their credibility.

    WoT suffered from this for the longest time until Armored Warfare came into
    being. Then they ‘made changes’ to make the game fun again. WG developers
    never learn and never will. NA players should just say, ‘screw you WG,
    we’re not playing your game anymore until you do what is right and
    necessary to make US battleships equally competitive to the rest of the
    battleships in the game. Then…wait for it, Russian’s imaginary paper
    battleships show up! You have a idea what they are going to be like based
    on the Nikolai.

  5. (long post)
    Interesting video. However, I only partially agree with you Zoup.

    1) Be careful when using those stats. First of all; you need to make sure
    that you are looking only at the latest statistics (Warships Today lets you
    sort by last week; though perhaps you did?) – over the time since the game
    went live, several ships have had their attributes tampered with for
    balance. Second; on NA server especially, I’d expect new players to start
    off with USN (it’s their home team after all, right?), and many players,
    myself included, started out with battleships (they’re just sooo much
    cooler, right?). For that reason, I’d expect somewhat lower skill base
    battleships in general and USN battleships in particular.

    Also; rating by XP is unfortunately something you can forget about right
    away. Not only does the quoted number include premium account bonus (so a
    higher portion of casual/non-premium players will mean less xp quoted), but
    each ship in the game has its own personal “base XP modifier” that has not
    been disclosed (though changes to it has been disclosed if you look at old
    patch notes). You won’t be comparing like with like.

    2) As for German supremacy? Maybe. Possibly. I’m at the Bismarck right now,
    and it’s certainly strong. My take is:

    T3: Yes Nassau.
    T4: Closer. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kaiser, but the issue is that WG
    purposely made T3 and T4 mediocre-to-bad when they made the game because
    they were worried that everyone would just go straight for the battleships
    by default and no other lines would be played. That lesson was somehow
    forgotten in the Nassau and partially in Kaiser. They didn’t need to give
    them such a good reload imho.

    But…. who cares. It’s low tier, right?

    T5: Love the König. Super ship. Power is from good reload, good sigma and
    best armor until T10. Perhaps a slight reload nerf in accordance with T4
    and T3. Then again, Kongo is a very good battleship too. Close call. NY
    falls a bit behind because of its speed. Texas is better, but again with
    speed issues.
    T6: Bayern-class was the best battleship of WWI according to the RN
    officers who tested Baden, but in the game I think it was a letdown after
    König. NM and Fuso are considerably better. Arizona is the best one. I
    would actually say Bayern needs a gun buff (seriously, a 15″ gun that can’t
    pen a stationary, broadside NC from 11km?!?)
    T7: I hated the Gneis. You are a basically a glorified Myogi for much of
    the game. Then again, Colorado sucks too and has had a much deserved rep
    for suckage since the start. 21kts is crippling at T7. Nagato takes that
    one, albeit it’s not a favorite either. Bad tier for battleships. (hmm…
    bad tier for a lot of things tbh.)

    So… middle tiers are back-and-forth. USN are competitive.

    T8: Is the best tier for battleships imho. NC is my favorite ship in the
    game, and even Bismarck is not going to change that. The issue here is that
    they apparently wanted to break the stale, bow-in meta and they wanted to
    use the German BBs for that. So, they needed something to make players
    actually want to move in and brawl; and gave them hydro. Those ships
    shouldn’t have hydro imo. Take that away and they’ll be fine…. but is
    that back to the less brawly meta they want to avoid? Perhaps.
    T9: Only tried FdG in PT, but I liked that more than Iowa and Izumo – which
    isn’t saying a whole lot since I found both to be a letdown after T8. In
    fact, even FdG is a bit of a “sidegrade” compared to Bismarck.
    T10: Monty has always been a bit behind. It’s more a matter of Monty
    needing a buff than the other two needing nerfs.

    Notice how they are trying to make the “iconic” ships strong? It’s just
    simple business sense; you want ppl to get involved to get said ships, and
    you don’t want experienced players saying “don’t bother” – they might get
    dissappointed and leave the game before they get properly invested. For
    IJN, it would be Yama, so she’s strong. For KM it’s Bismarck, so she’s
    strong for her tier. For USN it should be Iowa, but it doesn’t really stand
    out of the pack. I think they’d do well to give Iowa some better

  6. I think that is something wrong with this stats, i m a average player from
    EU server and my stats with the American BBs is i think all right example
    New York 78%win
    New Mexico 75%
    Wyoming 65%
    Colorado 50%
    Iowa 56%
    North Carolina 65%
    South Carolina 40%
    and remember that at tier 3 i was a noob and Colorado was not my style but
    great ship, and the ship’s stats from tier 3to tier 7 is before the German
    BBs and tier 8-9 after but i think I’m going all right, sure i watch all
    videos from YouTubers EU,NA, and trying to learn the game, sorry for my
    English, keep up the good work

  7. US is bottom at the moment but won’t be when wg implement royal navy i
    guarantee they will be worse wg doesn’t care they showed it with rn
    cruisers and i feel sick thinking what they will do to royal navy bbs. but
    i guarantee US will be stronger .

  8. Best BB in game hands down is Moskva, no argument allowed.

  9. you have to remember Germany and Great Britain had the best ships. So war
    games have it pretty good when they show that. It’s going to hurt Americans
    I know but thier ships were poor. The US navy is miles behind. I hope they
    don’t “balance” I like the realism.

  10. Sir Orrin Productions

    The Reason German Battleships are better……

    all the cool kids play German battleships!

  11. the german BB stats are because when they were released, a LOT of
    experienced players played them, way more than inexperienced played them
    compared to US or IJN BBs.

  12. Zoup I agree. I am at the NC and I’m am keeping her she is a great ship.
    But the moment you go broadside to ANYTHING you get melted.Your HP melts.
    Same with Iowa and Monty (from what I have seen) The only good The US has
    is the DDs And only some of those are strong( benson Fletcher….) Thank
    you for the middle finger WG to from all the USN tech tree players…

  13. As a veteran for the U.S. BB line. This is just shocking. I’m devastated
    that the U.S. BBs can’t compete.

  14. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    USN-AA and firepower
    German-Secondaries and citadel (speed?)
    Japanese: Range

    In my opinion once you get to tier 7, you start to feel undergunned until
    you reach tier 10

  15. On paper, the Konig shouldn’t win against the Kongo… and I think I would
    rather have my Kongo. That said, I like my Konig anyway. Brawling fun! But
    my Kongo will just out run , out maneuver, and out-range the Konig all day
    long. The stats don’t tell the whole story…

  16. Give US BB radar and make them great again.

  17. I can’t fathom how the US late-tier battleships have a reputation for
    squishiness and bad armor; in reality, they were the best armored
    battleships in the world (except for the Yamato-class, which wins out by
    virtue of having so much mass in its armor), with the best armor
    configuration (proven by South Dakota, which, unlike every other battleship
    that took battleship fire in WW2, actually defeated the shells without any
    significant damage). The US battleship design (among battleships completed
    in WW2) was to concentrate all armor in the turrets and citadels, while
    keeping the rest of the ship largely lightly armored. As a result, they
    were really fucking hard to sink or even disable.

    So, not only does Wargaming ignore all of this with the US battleships,
    they also strip away one of the other key strengths of US
    battleships–accuracy, especially while firing while maneuvering. US radar
    fire control was phenomenal. But in the game, the player aims manually…so
    the natural ways to represent it in the game would be to make shell
    dispersion much better (or at least have it automatically disperse at
    favorable angles), or to increase the shell velocity. Neither seems to have
    been done.

    Speed, the Iowas most famous aspect, is not nearly as relevant in WoWS,
    because escorting carriers is basically not done, and the difference of a
    few knots in speed when your side armor is crap isn’t really relevant.
    Being able to truly keep up with fast carriers in maneuvers is irrelevant
    in WoWS.

    AA is…well, US AA in WoWS is hideously underpowered if it wants to be
    even remotely accurate to history. Proximity fuses, plus the best AA guns
    in the world (and lots more of them than just about anyone), plus the best
    radar and fire control in the world, meant that US AA completely outclassed
    everyone else out there by 1943 (and especially 1944 onwards). But in WoWS,
    Japanese AA is qualitatively equal (relatively speaking), despite this
    being completely inaccurate to real life to an egregious degree.

    Radar? Given how bizarrely radar is represented in the game (and how very
    tall islands are basically all over the fucking place in virtually every
    map, despite naval battles taking place at sea), it’s no surprise that this
    advantage is also negated.

  18. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    I think that the Japanese survivability is helped by the fact that german
    bbs and players tend to charge in and get tons of damage before dying.

  19. There is no more CVs cuz all the BBs cried about being torpedo’d…
    But yeah I hopped over to ze Reich as my US…well suck lol.

  20. Of course the USN is in last and the Germans are in first. Both the USN and
    KMS specialize in close-up fights relying on their angled armor. But the
    KMS is impossible to Citadel, has absolutely disgusting secondaries, has
    faster reloading and firing guns, and has flatter gun arcs. They all have a
    massive no-sailing zone around them, and in a metagame where nobody wants
    to play CVs anymore, the USN’s sole reliance of being no-fly zone ships
    don’t matter, like you said. Hell, German long-range AA is pretty stupid
    right now anyways.

    But the answer is NOT RADAR. As a few comments have said, that’d turn them
    into both no-fly AND no-sail zones, especially for the Destroyers that were
    designed to counter them. What I think needs to happen is that we make
    Carriers viable again. As it stands, CV play is damn-near impossible
    because of the ungodly amounts of AA that’s littered absolutely EVERYWHERE
    these days. Battleships kill Cruisers. Without Carriers running around,
    Cruisers lose their importance, and people would rather use the long-range
    powerhouses that take an eternity to kill rather than getting Citadel-Nuked
    from across the map. So which lines do you think people would find most

    A: The line with long range and a lot of guns (Japan)

    B: The line with disgustingly good armor, fast main weapons, and
    secondaries with more firepower than most Cruisers (Germany)

    Or C: The line that can defend itself from a threat that’s not even
    relevant anymore because of all the damn AA (America)

    Well whichever one you chose, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t C. The AA from BBs
    that are near each other is generally enough to make a CV captain want to
    shoot themselves, so the USN has no real reason to be played besides
    novelty. Revitalizing CV play would entice more people to not only play
    cruisers again, but also bringing the USN back into relevance in both the
    CA/L and BB lines. With more planes running about, suddenly top-tier AA
    doesn’t seem like a bad investment.

    What I suggest is *nerfing the AA of all Battleships besides the USN*. They
    defend themselves too well. But leaving AA open on Battleships would not
    only give the USN a reason to exist, but it’d restore all Cruisers back to
    their point of relevance, which would likely lower the Destroyer
    population. And having fewer counters and more juicy targets each round
    would ensure a better game for the BBs themselves, while the Carriers can
    comfortably approach and attack any BB that isn’t American, letting us CV
    players have a more enjoyable time as well.

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