World of Warships – The Dance of The Raging Arseholes

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Todays video is an exploration of the shallow end of the gene pool in .

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. So how in the utter fucknugget does Wargaming not manage to permaban cunts like this?

  2. When I hear its about the less gifted members of the community I always check for my name! Not that I grief or team kill but I do occasionally suck and make stupid decisions.

  3. Sometimes I wish I had superpower to teleport behind these assholes and bash their heads against their keyboard.

  4. Fucking assholes.
    I hate those fuckers.
    I’ve done my share of friendly damage, like everyone of us.
    These fuckers should be given a permaban. No questions asked.

  5. How is this cock holster not getting banned for weeks on end..???

  6. due to the competition of this game and when other flags and consumables are at worth which the said person may have bought with his own money, it was most likely that the consumables were wasted on these two “arseholes”. Surely wg that deserves a ban, at least show some respect for other players that want to play warships and not get grouped randomly with these two arseholes.

  7. Does WG ever punish these people? It seems like they don’t. They’re too busy creating PR blunders to purge toxicity.

  8. Hey Jingles, you might not see this comment but, your videos are very good, they have kept me entertained for years, thanks for the great content! also, don’t forget to Om Nom the T-150s in the way of the Tog

  9. Jingles is much more provocative after handing in the WG community contributor badge.

  10. I don’t think the title does justice to the behaviour shown
    After the video “versputek”, is likely to be never seen again, unfortunately you can change your handle (for a price) and this AH will do just that, if he’s got any brains (which I’m not so sure about).

    The DD, “removekabab01”, he was just simple getting a team kill on purpose awarded to the CA. Why ? … Either that or it was ship sex. !!!!

    I’ve been a victim of pot mouth text before, (I even given some back) and I’ve been intentionally torped.

    But these guys were beyond the pale.

    I call on everyone, to….just report the AH’s if seen, whether he behaves or not.

    Is there a fare usage T&C for WofW. Hopefully wargaming will see this and kick him.

  11. Every once in a while you get some idiot who thinks he can do what ever they want to do.Team killing sucks ruins the game for everybody.

  12. I recall a game where i was top tier in my Iowa. I’m shooting enemy’s on my port side and there is a friendly Destroyer about 5 or 6 kilometers on my starboard side. He had no clue what he was doing with his Torpedoes and i ate about 3 of them and it caused flooding. I had Full HP before i took those torps, I was mad but I had patience and waited. I PURPOSELY did not use my damage repair and let the flooding damage sink in. The destroyer eventually turned pink, once he did, all the damage that was getting done to me by flooding was being mirrored back to him. I had more HP than they did so he sunk THEN i repaired the flooding. Sad part was it was a T9 game and he had no idea why he had just sunk all of a sudden…

  13. 4:10, Okay That was gold, ‘stop you stupid fuck’

  14. WG should make the dmg from intentionally ramming with allies ship stop at 1 hp no matter how many time you ram them

  15. That retarded tried to get him reported and TK’ed himself , I think they are both equally douchebags. I don’t know which one drives me more mad and triggers me

  16. I just noticed that twannieboy is in the last clip of this video. Small world XD.

  17. You can turn off the voice notifications so you really only see the spam in the chat – still annoying, but less. And I thought pink douchebags weren’t allowed to inflict damage on teammates- is it not 100% damage reflection?

  18. Does anyone know what the music in the video intro is called?

  19. That last clip… I hate to say this, since I personally like playing DD, but I find a lot DD players out there are too ignorant to realize cruisers and BB are too slow to get out of your way.

  20. My most hysterical teamkill were in World of Tanks, with me in the mighty ISU-152 while it still got the BL10. I was finding a position in a grove behind a bush, driving and turning back and forth to get the best possible cover. Now, my keyboard at the time were slightly sloped inwards at the underside, and the mouse could get in under there and the left mouse button got pressed down… just when a light something drove right past my big boomstick… Have a guess what happened next…

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