World of Warships- The Day The Servers Died

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Hey guys, today we’re talking about the events of last Friday where all of WG died in NA, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Take the title with a *MASSIVE* grain of salt

    He meant that servers died in NA
    edit: title is fixed, nice

  2. Let me tell you. 1 day to go from brownout to full server power is some top notch work. Not so long ago our computational servers went down due to electrical outage. It took 4 days to get them back online and some of the servers did not recover at all. (HDD/RAM/PSUs died.)
    As the brownout was… well.. unexpected and the backups have not been tested for a long while… well…

    • The real question is why are you operating with a single point of failure? Servers are cheap, data storage is cheap. You should have all data mirrored to several geographic regions and you should hot sites for your main servers in several regions. It amazes me the infrastructure that some people still use in 2021. There is no reason people should be experiencing service outages due to power outages anymore.

    • @Nick Let me tell you that GPGPU/Supercomputers are anything BUT cheap. Rofl.
      I do quantum chemistry calcs.
      There is your answer.

    • @Alexandr Zaykov I guess he was more referencing to Wargaming using your example though.

  3. “…and dozens of WoWP players…” ooo, burn. For myself, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 6+ decades, it’s that shit happens. I just found something else to play for a while.

  4. Unfortunate for the 5 people playing world of warplanes

    • “…thousands of World of Warships players, tens of thousands of World of Tanks players and DOZENS of World of Warplanes players” ahahah

    • A year ago it was 6 but I got bored

    • Whoa where did the other four come from?

    • @john Morris It’s all Bots fighting Bots. I was so excited when I heard they were making an MMO flight game that was supposed to he superior to Aces high. It’s what I’ve been waiting for decades to come around. I joined World of Tanks to bide my time till the game launch. I attended all the World of Tanks events in my area in hopes of getting info in the game and hopefully beta. I enjoyed it until it got so dead I remembered sitting there for 30/45 minutes for a match to start and figured shit I guess it’s dead.

      Years later I see it’s still around but significantly different. I don’t know if anyone has tried the “New” game but omg what a horrible sterile flight model.

  5. The data did get corrupted. For some reason my profile now says I’m a 47% wr…

    • I still don’t get why people think the WR% has anything to do with an individual persons capabilities. Your WR% comes from the combination of your contributions in game AND the rest of the team so it is in no way imaginably a comment on your own skills. You need to look at things like accuracy and efficiency as per hits/damage per X amount of shells/torpedos etc as they are specfic to you as a player and nothing to do with the rest of the team. Just my thought on it. Maybe LMB can tell me how and why I would be incorrect :~)

    • @Ted Cameron Woah! Slow down professor! I was just having a joke

    • Hahahaha love it lol

  6. ToughAncientSpark

    Jingles says don’t try and claim you lost that Missouri you never had.

  7. Well, Weegee did a “great” job alienating its player base, not listening to it, denying the game’s problems and actively creating problems. What they expected, creating this rift will not hurt them and the game? And they are solely responsible for that.

  8. ToughAncientSpark

    Maybe the data center is located in Texas and it got cold again.

  9. Some people say clickbait, I see this as near future thing.

  10. “dozens of world of warplane players”
    I LOL-d

  11. That title could have also been the cover for yesterday’s video with the CV damage record xD

  12. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    I apologize for, and have changed the title, I assumed most would understand the reference since this happened four days ago.

    • @Luigi22 idk what the previous title was

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @Уильям previous title was “The Day The Game Died” in reference to the NA servers dying for almost all of Friday

    • and as a typical American you say “the day the servers died” now, while it’s merely been NA servers which suffered. ASIA, RUSSIA, EU … non of ’em were affected. NA is not the world, but I know it’s hard for Americans to accept that.

      _yea…mean. mean mean mean. I already regret I typed it but not abusing this stereotype would have been criminal. I am sorry_
      Now make some fun about Germans.

    • The federal Government is fining company’s for using generators during outages . We can thank the Paris climate agreement for the outages.

    • Love the jab at warplanes with the “dozens of player data” part. Sadly wowp have been integrated into wows.

  13. Just another day a drunk staff spills vodka on the server, nothing to worry about

  14. Steven Wiederholt

    I Suspect some sort of giant insidious Plot!

  15. The real explination to this situation was Ivan tripped a wire in the server room from paying too much attention to his precious spreadsheet.

  16. Marcus Jones Stinks

    “What are you doing up at 2am?”
    Me: They prolly on unemployment so what else they gonna do? XP

  17. SkyRaider Eclipse

    I just realized that legends didn’t seem effected

  18. This happened because the community isn’t buying enough premium time and premium ships 😔

  19. Since I have a job and at work (i.e I have a life) the server crash has caused me to play i don’t care on my extremely small violin.

  20. One thing we know about WG’s playerbases: regardless of what happens, they find a way to blame WG.

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