World of Warships- The Death of German Battleships?

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Hey guys, today we discuss more about the commander rework and what it could mean for the German Battleships, a line very close to my heart, enjoy!

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  1. And here I am just got the Pommern from the Armory last week.. xD
    I honestly find them really enjoyable to play!

  2. As a cruiser main I still feel the pain of the German BB alpha at some of the most unexpected times. They demand the same attention and respect, from my perspective, as they always did.

  3. As one wise german once said:

    And no, german BB’s aren’t dead

  4. i wish we could have aimed secondaries so we could deal with them pesky dd’s

    if a dd can rush you from behind an island the bb should be able to defend itself with accurate secondaries at point blank

    • Leonardus Raka Pradayan

      Like in WoWs blitz?

    • @Leonardus Raka Pradayan yeah, I was about to say that. it’ll definitely endorse aggressive play, which I honestly don’t mind. I play on all platforms, and blitz feels a easier, but it’s also heavy on RNG and kinda unbalanced.

      At least that’s how I feel.

    • 2ndary accuracy should be maxed out at under 6k. Dd’s have a no citadel, bb nerfed rudder shift and everything overpens them. They should pay a heavy price when the charge a bb.

  5. The majority of changes seem to be pushing BB play further and further to the rear. Your not going to push too hard if your secondaries can’t hit a DD reliably

    • seems like their goal is to have nothing but ships at the rear lol
      they keep putting in ships that kite away and HE spam or they get guns that shoot like railguns with absolute velocity (russians)

  6. If the Geman BBs are dead, the new USN BB line is DoA.

  7. A 19-point Captain on a T3 ships is the definition of seal-clubbing you sicko hahaha.
    The thing I like most about German BBs is the overall package encourages and rewards aggression. All the things you point out make for ships that HAVE to be focused if they decide to push in, which means the enemy are not paying attention to the rest of your team. I’ve had plenty of games where I’ve died with a relatively small damage count, but it has allowed my team to break a flank because I’ve been a big, scary shell magnet that cannot be ignored.
    Plus it’s hilarious when you’re charging another BB or a cruiser in a torp-equipped German BBs and you can see the other player virtually crapping themselves.

    • Then it must sicken you that I have an 18 point commander in my Tier 2 V25.

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      yeah F good feeling this is

    • Everyone said the Odin was bad when it was released, yet it’s one of the most fun things I play in. Because of the Odin I paused grinding the US BBs and started the German ones. For how absolutely horrible and painful it was with the US ones T5 and up, I’ve done nothing but click from battle to battle in the Konig…
      The dispersion is still terrible, but when I can get that close to something, it ends up balancing out. And you’re right, your role ends up being a giant distraction that allows the rest of the Team to cap or farm the other guys. Or it should.. but it still feels fun.

    • Tirpitz and Odin much? I missed out on the Odin because I’m an idiot, and the tirpitz is a grind fest. Add the Bismarck and thats my holy trinity of German BBs.

  8. German Battleship ? Even Kansas is able to land half of salvo on it.

  9. yeah german fantastic armor lol, theres no points if being 3hit by another bb on deck and still get 20k dmg smh, and close range ? fire or bomber plane gonna rip u quick, not to mention the upcoming italian bb has stupid 4×4 380m and yolo smoke lol, hope wg add sec range to 13km and prob it willl be more usefull

  10. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    5:20 *casually side eyes 8.2K games in indomitable*

  11. I was a maritime history buff – well, fan – since I was 13 years old. It all started when I learned about Operation Rheinubung. That was a long long time ago, and the history of the Bismarck is still epic to me. And it was what drew me to this game. The German ships, with exception of the Bayern, have been a major disappointment to me (not their fault), and I am now at Bismarck. I am very close to getting Pommern with coal and looking forward to that, but Odin is another major disappointment. I too build exclusively for secondaries, and when you do that, you accept a lot of frustration from your main guns. If WG are now effectively nerfing German secondaries, there is no point left to playing them. Which would be a crying shame.
    It would be a simple thing for WG to give them American accuracy, there is after all no reason why they should be this inaccurate in the first place. But we all know the chances of that are slim to none.
    I’m not sure if I should spend 228K coal on Pommern now.

    • Honestly,, just keep saving Coal for the Thunderer. I too enjoy (mostly) German BB ‘s but I’m in no rush to get the Pommern.

    • @Ryan Brochu I’ve got the Thunderer, love the ship. But I’m a brawler at heart.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby Thanks man, appreciate the response! My intention was to get up to the FDG, I don’t know about the GK, seems like the second they spawn in everyone tries to immediately kill them.
      But if I could get teh Bismarck and FDG researched I’d be happy.

    • @vtr0104 I think once you get that far you’ll go for the T10. I know I will. I’m just not as much in a hurry as I was with the IJN line.

    • Honestly, the KMBB line was great to me up to the Bismarck. I don’t know what it was about the FdG but both the FdG and Pommern have been major duds. GK is lackluster. But the Bismarck, Tirpitz, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Konig, PEF? All secondary build and have >55% WR. PEF and Bismarck are at or above 60%. KMBBs are 6 of my top 10 ships played by number of rounds, with 9 of the 10 being BBs and the 10th being my Yoshino. Don’t just me. 😛

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    That is not death what can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die

  13. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    as much i liked the german BB…. the problems is when no one joins your charge…
    at a hoard of enemy ships….

    it’s a death sentence once you committed the push…

    • @I Gusti Praba and be ussles beacuse your Main guns cant hit broad side of the Barn from the inside

    • this is true for all of us though

    • @RTW Iceorb your main guns can. git gud at aiming. You have US dispersion now there’s no excuse.

    • @I Gusti Praba US dispersion? yes ofc. That is why my Bismarck had a 1 pen and 1 over pen from full broad side to another broadside ship at 6 Km. Git gut doesnt apply in 6 Km when you aim under the turrets and you get this. This was me agains another bismarck ok maybe I did suck but he got 1 pen and 1 bounce so yes GIt Gud with aiming. Now unless both players here are retarded this should not happen. Another instance 11km away 8 shoots full broadside Hindenburg 2 overpens. I mean yes 8Km away SS USSR crap 8 shoots 1 citadell again broadside this is what just happened in my game. I have more then 1 instance of shoots landing allover the place in mid ship but just do not hit.

    • @RTW Iceorb dude, you can’t punish broadside ships with 100% reliability. That’s just how the game is, you can’t do that even with cruiser dispersion. Deal with it and move on. What is your hit rate? If it’s less than 30% the problem is on you.

  14. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    dude…….. you do realise that these german bb’s will become more accurate at closer ranges? because they will pen the deck rather than the citadel as they have less accuracy. So if you’re like 6km away, you’ll get much more pen damage. Also isn’t there a skill that increases your main gun reload by 10% if you’re within secondary range? Surely thats bid advantage with brawling bb’s
    Also ifhe (threshing) is only 2 points, so on a fdg or pommern, that could be a nice buff…..

  15. Little known fact Bismarck and tirpiz had radar guided guns an were accurate over 30 km but wargsming won’t spec them right

    • Justanotheralexhere

      They won’t allow German ships to be better than ussr ships


    • The problem about Bismarck class is that they built them. If they had been kept as secret documents (discovered and then used by russia) we might have better ships.

    • @Brotato 76 wouldve been nice if iowa and montana as well as the majority of us bbs that also had radar guided guns would’ve been implemented but no yamato for some reason is the most accurate which is far from true

    • @SthrnCrss Haha yup ! “When Found in Archive, Comrade, all things are Possible !”

    • Not just Bismarck and Tirpitz, Graf Spee as well had radar-guided guns as well as search radar… can you imagine how broken that would make the Spee at T6? (not that I wouldn’t make me love her more…)

  16. German BB Player watching the Ten-Go operation

    German BB Player: B E S T STARTEGI

  17. Something I ask myself these days in general:”are USN CL dead?”
    I don’t see the reason why any1 would play them over a Nevsky, which has better range, far better shell velocity, radar range, Torpedos and armor (icebreaker).
    The nerf of IFHE hit them hard, and the perma spotting by CV basically turns them into open water gunboats.
    Idk about about the other servers, but on the EU server, cruiser population decreased noticable.
    4 dds avg per game with maybe 1 CV and 2-3 cruisers and the rest BBs was the common setup I saw this week.

  18. Note: wg said MOST battleships are getting a secondary range buff. What are the odds that MOST doesn’t include the German battleships?

  19. NegotiatorGladiarius

    Uh, no. They’re not just affected by 30%. Let’s do the maths.

    A GK with the flag and all captain skills and without manual secondaries, has a max spread of 528m and a sigma of 1.0 at 11.6 km. With a 60% reduction, that means you’re only getting 100%-60%=40% of the max disperson, i.e., 211m. (Which incidentally is about as much as American BBs WITHOUT manual secondaries.) And we can use the fitting tool to confirm that yep, that’s exactly what that says too about how that maths works out.

    With only 30% reduction, that means you’re getting 100%-30%=70% of the max dispersion, or about 370m dispersion. That’s an extra 160m or so on top of those 211m, or an increase of 30/40=75% in dispersion radius.

    But wait, the real advantage or penalty is actually squared. Because with a sigma of 1.0, they land pretty much in a circle of that radius around the target, and the surface of that circle is πr². The percentage of hits is pretty much the surface of your target vessel, divided by that surface, times 100 (percent.)

    Now if we square those values, with 60% manual secondaries, the surface of that circle is 0.4*0.4 of your normal spread, or 16% of the normal circle area. That means you’re getting more than SIX TIMES (in fact, about 6.25x) more hits at max range than without them. With only 30% reduction, that means 0.7*0.7, i.e., 49% of the normal circle area, pretty much just doubling your chance to hit.

    What I’m saying is that the difference in how much you’ll hit is actually a factor of more than THREE. You’re not getting shafted by 30%, but by a factor of MORE THAN THREE. As in, you’ll only hit about a third as many secondary shots at the current range, even less at the increased range.

    THAT is how much the new skills affect you.

    EDIT: to put things into perspective, in the game you just showed, you had 208 secondary hits. With the changes, you wouldn’t even have got enough to proc Lütjens’ secondary buff. By a wide margin. THAT is how much it would affect you.

    • Hoping they decrease or remove the penalty, and tweak somewhere else

    • OK, do the math with the fact that secondaries are getting a range increase of ~2km and presume the dispersion remains constant. IE, if dispersion is still 528m at the new max of 13.5, then what is the dispersion at 11.6 and how does *that* compare to what we have now? Because that is the apples to apples comparison.

      My math-fu is weak, but presuming dispersion is linear just to make the math easier at 11.6km we would be hitting ~86% max dispersion as it is ~86% of max range. So that 528m is 453m. With the 30% reduction, that brings it down to ~317m. So, not as good as the 211m, but not as bad as the 370m. From there my brain goes all squishy.

      Why do I bring this up? Because anything from 11.7km-13.6km we get 0% chance of hitting now. So any chance to hit at those increased ranges is a buff. Full stop. No arguing it. We want to compare how the chances are up to what we have currently and not out to max range because max range is all gravy.

      Of course, if they don’t adjust the formula to the new maximums, then, yeah, we’re fooked.

    • NegotiatorGladiarius

      @Greyed In the absence of any information for the positive claim (i.e., that there IS a change the dispersion), the default assumption would be the negative (i.e., that they don’t.) I.e., that at 13.6km you’re probably going to carpet-bomb a square kilometre or so, with a radius of 528*13.6/11.6 meaning approximately 620m. Seriously, you square that and multiply by pi, you get approximately one square kilometre.

      One reason being that (except for Russian main guns and sniper ships), that max dispersion isn’t a set value per se. It’s a cone. I.e., you have the range, times a factor. You can see that for example if you only take the secondaries range skill in the fitting tool. The spread of the secondaries increases by the same factor as the range when you do that. You equip a Mike Yankee Soxisix flag on top of that, you can see that if you do the maths of *1.05 (the range increase on the flag) and then *0.95 (the accuracy increase on the flag), yep, that’s what you get. The same base factor is applied to the range, once you factor in everything else.

      So unless they explicitly say that they will change that factor, then the safe assumption is that they won’t. So the maths stays as it is, and any increase in range comes bundled with exactly the same percentual increase in max spread.

  20. “Most of you guys are BB mains”

    *Sad DD main noises* this is the second time I commented about me being a DD main, I watch all of your vids!

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