World of Warships- The Devs Are On Crack With These New Ships

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Hey guys! Today we have some more news with some crazy new ships from the DevBlog, enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. The devs have always been on crack…just not to this extreme of the spectrum

  2. I will be very surprised if that German BB doesnt get nerfed during its testing phase before its release to the live server…

  3. Wow, Mecklenburg is going to be one hell of a good firestarter (16 accurate guns with 27% fire chance and 76mm penetration) which is odd for a German battleship. Now we’ll have 4×2 high caliber, 4×3 medium caliber and 4×4 small caliber battleships at tier 10. And finally a German battleship with defensive AA fire (coupled with the slot 6 secondary module, it’s deadly… but none of the secondary battleships have it).

  4. Gimme a Super Druid with a two additional turrets at the rear! Once the tick issue is fixed of course…

  5. Mecklenburg is essentially a tier 8 brandernburg in a t10 hull, plus more guns and more advanced secondaries, sad that she doesn’t have hydro but oh well

  6. its time to give BB’s less cooldown time on the repair party and more healt party consumables to counter all those fires

    • It would still be broken though.
      Even with ful fire prevention builds we all still get melted.
      They need to re-work fires in the game somehow. Maybe if you have been set on fire 3 times in a row in under 30 seconds then you can’t be set on fire for x amount of time.

  7. We all know already that Mecklenburg will be “too effective” in testing, needs to be nerfed

  8. I dunno if I really said the DFAA gonna be a good choice for the thing. GK AA isnt actually that bad and without Hydro, you’re gonna have a bad time dealing with Torps. Now what we need to figure is the gameplay this ship provide, should we use as HE spammer or AP ships. The HE is good, and with damn DPM + Accuracy for BB, this is essentially Thunderer. HP pool is meh, armor maybe same as GK the secondary is blazing. A very weird combination for brawling but sure dose im interested to see her journey.

  9. SLM! For Germany words that start with “St” it’s not pronounced as it is in English. It makes a “Sh-t” sound. A good example of this is Stug is “Sh-tug”. Good video, hope all is well, and have a good weekend!

  10. Mecklenburg sounds more like a super, super cruiser than a BB – low(er) HP, and the gun caliber is same as some of the current super cruisers at 305?

  11. That German BB is like a tier 10 Lyon. It’ll be a cruiser and DD killer.

  12. Not gonna lie, I really don’t the Iwami design, I think she looks a bit derpy, but, I Really want to try her, a Japanese brawler with Shimakaze torps sounds Very fun.

  13. The thing about the Iwami that concerns me is that it is supposed to be a brawler, but it doesn’t seem to have the amour for it.

  14. It’s weird that I think that with jet coming into the game, that we gonna get a Iowa class with phalanx ciws for AA and maybe missile

  15. Can’t wait for the Super ship Petro…. altnative firing mode will probably be 220s that pen what 406mm can with USN CA pen angles…..and of course breaker nose, stern, deck. I would say sides too but those will be below the water line.

  16. sadly WG is in a rush to get as many designs out of RU before communications are cut do to the fall of Ukraine

  17. The best part of the Meklenburg is that it’s a special ship, meaning it will be obtainable with coal or steel.

  18. The German BB also has BC dispersion

  19. soo many dev blogs are happening. so wargaming is keeping their word. I almost don’t believe it

  20. The only thing I look forward to is Tier 11.
    Then Tier 7 and 8 will have better match making. Not really interested in theoretical paper ships tbh, so that will be welcome.

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