World of warships – The DOOM of all BBs

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This is a perfect anti-BB weapon, the doom itself and it doesn’t care if you’re pushing, running away or camping.


  1. I am buying this ship and making battleships regret their life choices. I went offensive with Shima knowing that 5 cruisers are supporting their dd but that he’s going to smoke and bail if I do it. 30 seconds of 203mm HE rainbows made 7k dmg on me. 1 kurfurst AP shell to the ass, 6.6k. Now it’s payback time, I don’t care if they’re not camping, this lazy ass I’m just going to casually rek dd with AP needs to end. FWIW idiots on subreddit and forum claim it’s ok cause he can’t be arsed to switch ammo when DD just “suddenly pops up” 5 km away. Asking what chain of errors you did to make it so will get you downvoted. So this is the meta, if he’s actually arsed to push ahead he expects one-shoting people.

    Looking forward to Asashio.

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      and than will come I, with my Z52 and I’ll fuck your ass :D:D:D

    • just another youtube account

      So what your saying is that your one of those DD players that thinks DD’s shouldn’t be punished for trying to be cheeky and either lingering near a BB for too long or got too cocky and rushed a BB and got blapped, got it, everyone hate BB’s no matter what they do or how much they support their teams, I’ll be bringing my loyang and personally fuck with every asashio I see, this DD is an abomination and has zero reason to exist

    • That’s exactly what I am not saying. Read my penultimate sentence. I’ll explain it to you in the form of the most common example – allied BB who has enemy DD in front of him without allied DD between them is mispositioned. If he can rush, means he’s closest to the allied BB. That’s error on the BBs part, even if the flank failed he should get out before it is too late. BBs should be between CAs and DDs while the objectives are still being contested and full game is on, and not in front or camping back.

      Looking forward to seeing you two, like numerous Lo Yangs I’ve annihilated in the last ranked session with IJN DD guns.

  2. If only they where only armed after 10k so that you can only punish campers

    • Wouldn’t work, then asashio players would just play 10km away from caps spamming torps from their spawn… Even if I weren’t around back then but I know and have heard that thats how old Shima was played when she had good 20km torps, no one scouting or contesting caps, just spamming torps across the whole map.

    • jordan lewis it can only hit bbs on the 1-2 line but insta kill and have more speed. Ez

  3. No Superintendent?? 🙂

  4. I tell you how this prevents camping: the same way artillery prevents camping in WoT since 2011. Same sense and logic that brought us detonation. Next year your ship will just blow up while in queue. Because reasons.

  5. good taste of music you have tho

  6. Th3HuntingShadow

    It’s fascinating how they merged Shiratsuyu’s smoke and TRB, but they saw no problem with the setup when designing this ship…

    • Th3HuntingShadow Because this ship’s torps can only hurt BBs and CVs.

    • Th3HuntingShadow

      I fail to see how the ability to easily gib any BB thanks to low detection range torps, wih the emergency option of deploying a smoke screen in a sticky situation, is any better for the game/enemy than a Shira in her initial setup.

    • well the difference is/was that old shira could wreck anything and asashio can only hurt the “overpopulated” group so for WG logic is good nuff 😉

    • Th3HuntingShadow WG didn’t like how Jap DDs could just blip 1 shot other DDs with mega torps when DDs sort of just get nuked by well anything. So I assume the logic goes strap deep water toros on a Jap DD and see how it affects gameplay now that it can’t wall of skill a DD in cap.

  7. A game breaking ship. This is not how you encourage battleship players to play differently. The players in BBs that try to push and support are going to get punished even more than now. It’s going to have the exact opposite effect.

    • People that try to push get punished because people never support them. They see you start getting focused on and they pull a French.

    • Good, I’m also doing the same with troll 3xShima platoons. Let those cvntz suffer :V

    • Yeah, with Ass-ashio’s deep water torps BBs have plenty of time to dodge those torps. Change your dealer mate…

    • Muahahaaaaa!!! Open waters, many angles from which a fire can come from, etc. it’s obvious from where those deep water torps will come. Plus you have approx 2-3 sec to react once those are spotted, so yeah… any smart BB player can get away

    • you can play in div

  8. Hey Flambu, how u doing? 😀

  9. This ship is disgusting.

    I need it.

  10. RIGHT HYDRO AND RADAR EQUIPPED… This ship is fun but not when its making you grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye .

  11. Give the torps a 8km activation range and from there 10km activated. Job done.

  12. I’m curious how a normal potato or casual player will perform in this ship. I’d expect ANY CC or supertester to pile up 100K+ damage in any DD with usable torps.

    • John Martin exactly right. All CC reviews of ships are inherently biased because you have the most skilled people using them. Every ship that is not totally shit is OP/broken/disgusting in their skilled hands.

    • Thats why you have shit players to give you super advice for example notser this absolute garbage player that has still so many guides on how to play ships.

  13. Its gonna hit the wrong players the hardest, more borderline-hugging BBs incoming soon…

  14. If they really wanted to punish campers in the back they would have given the Asashio anti-ship missiles that auto target the next enemy BB that is closest to its cap or the border on their side of the map.

  15. Easy way to balance this ship. Give it the same detection as the khaba.

  16. There is no way to punish campers ever. The entire combat mechanism of this game is built on cowardice;; stealth firing, smoke firing, stealth torping. lobbing shells over islands. bow tanking, inclusion of carriers…..every mechanism in this game is based on cowardice……oh wait i almost forgot to mention radar!!!
    But WG does pretend it wants toe to toe combat smetimes; they got rid of stealth firing [still does actually happen on occasion, but i’m sure that’s just a glitch], they extended smoke firing detection, they are pretending to be putting out an anti-camper DD premium………..

  17. I’m a BB player in general
    I think that this ship will punish guys like me, i play very much germans BB but i’ll cannot push with this ship….. i’ll be 1 shot too easily now …. it’s useless to put this ship in the game, BB camper will NEVER be punish. That’s so bad…..

  18. This ship is absolutely retarded , its just the old shima but now on t 8 except its totally useless , it just isnt usefull for the team , it just exists to farm battleships and is completely garbage against cruisers. So its not good for the team , it just anoyes the enemy bbs , the only person in the game which has fun with this ship will be the asashio player . I also cant wait for divisions with 3 asashios which Spamming their walls of skill across the map. As i said its like old shima, just more useless, and no one liked that either

  19. I’m not great at this game. Only have 800 games. Trying to get better. I hear a lot of complaints of BB’s camping. So I try to never camp… but all that seems to accomplish is my early death. I go forward to use my armor and health, and that just gets me focused down as the rest of my team sits behind me. BBs can push, but they still need support to do so. So it seems that if you sit in the back, people complain that you are camping and not helping the team. Go forward, and everyone sits back and lets you die. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • Welcome to team game 😉
      A perfect balance of “yes or no and when” is difference between failure and success

    • I hear you. I need to get better. Mostly what gets me is focus HE fire. I am (I feel) getting pretty decent at anticipating Torps.

      I think I have some bad habits from World of Tanks. I usually play at Super Unicum levels there, but the skillset hasn’t really translated. Trying to watch your videos more recently to get some tips.

  20. Hey you know what would solve the camping BB problem?



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