World of Warships- The Effect Of The Rework

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Hey guys, today I discuss the effect that the rework has had on each of the classes based upon my experiences over the past four or so days. Enjoy!

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  1. Why is dude having a panic attack in chat lol

  2. hmmmm, so your telling me we need sneaky boats, preferably ones that cant be shot by battleships, in order to sneaky into the detection range of all the battleships to cancel their dead eye. Wow wargaming that is genius. ALL HAIL OUR LORD AND SAVIOR SUBMARINES!


    • @SaiyajinOG . Not the way I understand it. An enemy has to be within base detect AND be detected to eliminate Dead Eye. If DD is in smoke and not detected, or simply not detected, Dead Eye is still in effect.

    • deadeye effect works as longs as no detected enemies within standard detection

    • @Wind Fire Correct. Finally. “No visible hostile ships within the ship’s standard detectability radius”

    • @Andrew Duan I see, thought i was on to something their for a moment.

    • @Sbels oh, figured it might work if your spotted, since ya know enemies are in your detection range, plus usually if your spotted it means theirs a dd nearby, or in this case a submarine stalking you.

  3. With all these DES (dead eye syndrome)… we need larger maps!!!

  4. The Florida has been quite entertaining with Dead Eye, especially when it it’s top tier; the grouping is crazy. Overall the rework is making the game worse, not better.

    • Agreed… I can’t play BBs anymore. The long range static gameplay is not for me. You can’t even push up in supposedly secondary BBs. One salvo from a Thunder error and half you AA and Secondary turrets are dead.
      Before the rework I ran my Republic with Legendary MOD as a fast secondary bb. With speed boost I could get into positions to wreck island camping cruisers in their broadside. 150 to 200k dmg. games were standard. Now…. One Thunderer salvo and my secondaries are at 54%… that never happened before!!! The lowest they ever got before the rework was 80 to 85%.
      I’m not spending any more money on this game.

    • @pizzafrenzyman Not really. Dead Eye is a buff. Cruisers and Destroyers did not get anything substantial. Look again. Even I play battleships now to gather XP and credits.

    • Beyond the dead eye the rework is fine.

    • @CloneD Anon Really? I guess you are a battleship or carrier player and I won’t try to explain cruisers and destroyers to you. The numbers in the queue seem to disagree with you too. Yesterday I played several games where no teams had destroyers. In a couple of games our team had a destroyer and a cruiser. The other team had two cruisers. I have never seen that type of matchmaking before. I will play battleships until Dead Eye is nerfed. I’m glad you continue to have fun in your cruisers and destroyers that got the nice skills. LOL.

  5. yesterdaty I played a match, where no team moved to cap and the match finished without capping

  6. WOWS IS BEYOND STUPID NOW. New captain skills are so stupid that i ever ask myself that one of developers must be working for opponent company and try to destroy wows from within. I Will never go back to the game with this stupid meta.

  7. I disagree. Cruisers are really crap now. A DD spots you and literally every BB on the enemy team shoots at you. And no heavy cruiser is agile enough to really dodge all those shells. At least that’s my experience. So either you hang back with the BBs or get blapped out of existence. I have never had so many times where my target counter was over 7 as since this rework.

    • @ken pumphrey what build have you got on your mino since the rework?

    • @fridgemanGB Drake is kind of a turd cruiser to begin with.

    • @CloneD Anon nah not at all. At least not before the update. I like all the British cruisers. They make you need to plan your moves and reward good decisions with no mercy for bad ones.

    • @fridgemanGB ngl, going full torpedoboat or AA minotaur crossed my mind when seeing the new skills and that virtually all main gun skills are useless on her

    • @Dani Santos Try the Henri with the legendary upgrade to get you spotted at 20.3 km (with camo as it gives dispersion nerf )and gun range 20.6km not to mention double rudder shift and speed boost just a shame I don’t have enough points for IFHE to troll the Stalingrads

  8. The effect “Its ballsed it up.”

  9. Can’t get my Massa to work now, DD’s just circle and laugh at me 🙁

    • i miss my pre rework Massa..

    • I watched maybe 5 or 6 salvos from my secondaries land all around a grounded DD. I think 2 shells hit. They were at 9/10Km. I was disgusted.

    • This, I haven’t heard much mention of it, but in the rework even the German secondaries arent effective against DDs. I moved to dead eye even for GK when I had a match where end stats demonstrated 78 secondary shells fired at a DD, 1 hit. Secondaries are now really only good for close BB on BB combat, which was already becoming rare with the ships they’re creating. And the skill rework is just another big step toward keeping everyone distant.

  10. Just rename dead-eye to dead-brain and it sums up pretty nicely what it has done to the game.

    • Francois Levasseur

      Nah, thats for fire spammer.

    • Dead eye is good for ship like Italian battleship France and all the battleship whid big dispersion but for precise ship is too op

    • @TheDreamMan it’s not a good skill at all becoz of that fucking condition which encourages sniping, rather than improving a characteristic of a ship

    • @TheDreamMan it makes very little difference to ships with good dispersion it makes more of a difference to the ships with poor dispersion in effect it’s not worth 4 points on a Yamato or Thunderer.

    • Guys dead eye is good for the accuracy history the duel in history is about 20 and more kilometrs of engage the Roma nead this skill and France BB aswell

  11. New to the game? Take my advice, turn around and walk away. Thus game us NOT worth playing anymore,. They destroyed it.

    • @Alipheese the 16th na its not

    • How can you have fun at this game when they release broken cv with ap bomb that u cant heal especially in a bb, you cant cap in a dd because cv will just spot you, and AA does nothing to protect you anymore? How can you push in and have fun playing secondary bb when thunder, conq,smolsnk, buff Hindenburg , and other he spamming sniping cruiser just going to burn you to death?Now after the commander rework the meta is this: bb prefer lower concealment for deadeye to work by sniping in the back and cruiser prefer worse concealment than bb for top grade gunner to work?The new secondary build are also less effective than the old one and you have to give up lots of survivability. This game is absolutely trash because WG fuck this game up. They ruined cv rework, ifhe rework, and commander rework, that make this game completely different than how more fun it was couples years ago.

    • @Alipheese the 16th Nice Alice

    • @Apex Predator meh

    • @The Bradford Lul. I was here when they butchered the last captain rework. Fuck those clowns.

  12. Lethargic Moonshifter

    The effect on the came: Just had 142 BBs and 3 cruisers in queue.

    • @Kajak Kajak I still play a CA and farm the BBs with a DPM build.

    • @sub ohm Interesting. With a high visibility build?

    • @Noire Lol such paranoia look at this way a CV can kill a poor DD player and get lucky on a good DD player. A game lasts 20 minutes if you spend 10 mins hunting DDs you are not doing anything else. If you look at it logically the game starts its all about time management CV sends Rocket planes to scout this is going to take anywhere from 1 to 2 mins to do. That’s going to leave 18 minutes of the game now even a good CV he sends Torp planes and does a torp run that’s another 2 mins gone same for the bombers if he sends them an average CV player will get off around 8 to 10 stikes in a match and he does not do full damage with every strike. If he gets in trouble he has to pilot his ship which means he has no planes available.

      Tip for you when there is a CV in the game At the start of the game when he’s scouting stick close to an AA CA like a Minotaur switch off your AA if you shoot at his planes he spots you if he does spot you and drops a fighter and he has rocket planes smoke up he then has 2 choices he waits till you smoke runs out or goes after something else. When your in the smoke use your AA if it’s decent. Don’t rush into the cap at the start of the game as soon as he sees it start to flip he can go and look there as he knows for sure something is in the cap. When the CV is off torping or bombing something else then go cap and leave as soon as you do it.

    • @Kajak Kajak yes high visibility build not all CA are suited to it the Tier 10 henri is very good at it the Hindenberg can do it the zoa can also do it to a certain extent but i uded to play zao with double rudder before they nerfed legendary upgrade.

    • There was nothing wrong with the old system. This is another way for them to shake some more coin out of us. Yeah you get to retrain 21 times for free right now. Before long it’s going to cost 750 dubs and you can’t use exp to get around the cost. I really don’t think any of them play their own game, and the testers they do have on pts they don’t listen to. What’s next are they going to introduce premium ammo like in WOT. After 5 years in this game I’ve watched them slowly making this more and more about milking the players. If they possibly had someone who would just actually pay attention to what the community is saying for once maybe we could get something other than crap like this. For years we’ve needed new maps. New modes. New scenarios. New experiences. Not just broken ships or some weird event. ACTUAL NEW STUFF TO DO.

  13. I have had enough of bad major changes to the game. I deleted it and had my accounts deleted. Done

  14. I’m a beta tester and 5 years playing and war game just knocked the fucking wind out of me. I can barely even open the game right now. So sad

    • I am right with you ….they destroyed their game in just one patch….

    • Beta tester here as well. I started losing faith after the 2016 commander rework. I took a break for about 2 years and only recently came back to… this. I’m out again lmfao. I now have zero desire to open the game again.

  15. From my experience?
    Battleships have no benefit in being in at the front. Sure, it is detrimental to the game… But being closer robs you of the Deadeye buff, AND on top of that, it is more expensive to build for survivability now. By being closer, you just become a target for everyone else without gaining anything in return.
    By camping, only enemy BBs can fire back at you. By being close – you come in range of BBs , cruisers, DDs on top of that CVs can cycle their planes faster back to you.

    The camping behaviour is bad for the game, but understandable… And this is the worst part about it.

    Secondary builds are dead – they are less effective, because you can’t combine them with survivability that you desperately need without having a stupidly high level commander and secondary skills no longer buff AA any more. And this is all disregarding far weaker accuracy.

    Cruises… They are dead. There is no point in playing them in my opinion.
    Stealth cruisers get nothing and can’t build for any meaningful firepower boost – but their stealth is meaningless. If you fire, you will die to anything that built for firepower, and DDs can run away from you better than ever before. You have zero meaningful survivability options. Firepower builds are optimal, but only if you can take cover, again – leading to passive gameplay – meaning that if you are there to sit and fire… Why not just take a battleship at this point?
    Deadeye on battleships makes cruisers nearly impossible to play – Cruisers are the least survivable type of ship, and now they lack concealment AND get outnumbered and outgunned. Outnumbered skill appears to be completely, and utterly useless.

    DDs… They work… fine? I guess.
    The same problem as any type – boosting survivabiltiy is more expensive, but you still need the same skills – you still need consumables, you still need last stand, you still need health.
    Torpedo boosting skills are nice, I can admit that. Gunboat builds are weaker, but stealth builds god much needed boost in their ability to relocate and escape. Not sure about, but I think you may build for gun ranges easier now. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I don’t remember my Kitakaze being able to fire at 15km before.

    Ironically… the update that was supposed to provide variety in builds… narrowed the builds down even more than ever.

    • I agree with you: Cruisers are dead. Destroyers work … fine? Hmm. Hybrid destroyers don’t work anymore – that’s all my destroyers. Build new ones? No. Just upgrade the battleships. Don’t sell the destroyers yet. Changes must be on their way. And maybe the destroyers will work against the submarines, that are arriving soon. Then the destroyers can stay home and protect the battleships. It will be fun 😉

    • @Kajak Kajak Maybe. I admit I didn’t have time to test my Lightning yet, so there is that.
      That said, given that building for anything useful now takes more points, I guess you are right about DD hybrid builds.

      Nor did I even touch my carriers – after seeing tier VIII and tier X games with dual CVs, I decided not to contribute to a problem.

      What annoys me is that there is zero information about new builds yet. EVERY single streamer and youtuber I’ve seen so far focuses exclusively on battleships now, it seems, which is… boring, just boring.

    • not all cruisers are dead, some just got converted into a citadel-equipped DD with the new torpedo skills like the Minotaur, more seriously what other cruiser would spec those skills except the Kitakami that only has torps as a viable main weapon in the first place, they said they wanted to reduce the amount of niche skills, cruisers got at least 3 new niche skills out of it

    • @Noire Yes; but the new cruiser skills are so much weaker than Dead Eye.

    • Yes .. but no map presence with all bbs hiding at the back at the edge of the map. Guaranteed to lose a lot of games. I play mainly cruisers and DDs. The game is getting packed away for me… waste of time

  16. If playing BF5 taught me anything, the only way to get changes is to hit the player count hard. I’ve already stopped playing and if a large chunk of the community does as well WG *might* change things

    • you have too much faith in WG lmao

    • My premium time elapses today. I tried to see if secondary builds would still work. I don’t grind any new lines anymore, I just play my old ships on kinda memeish builds and my secondary ships.

      With the Captain point change and secondaries no longer being viable in any way, shape, or form, I’m just done. I took a 2 year break then came back. Unless I see something has changed I won’t be returning.

    • @RX- 008 It’s not down to WG. It’s down to the consumer to put their foot down.

      If nothing changes know that those who continue to play decided they didn’t have the self respect or self control to not act like drug addicts chasing their next dopamine hit for pixel boats.

  17. Before I always thought the bbs were heavys
    Cruisers were mediums
    Dds were lights
    And Cvs were arty
    And then make up what you want depending on the situation for tds

  18. Feel your pain dude.

  19. I have an idea for WG. Why not remove whole concalment part of dead eye skill and just make it a 5% hard dispersion buff for main guns for 4 points period? It would nerf the skill and remove the wording that pushes ppl into camping, but yet it would be still a good 4 point captain skill for BB’s.

  20. whats wrong with the massa? im actually having lots of fun in a lot of secondary ships

  21. lmao BB=back to port unless you have a Thunderer

  22. @Marco Chen Maybe you have really low expectations. I’ve been keeping an eye on my damage numbers for secondaries pre-post patch and how my hit rates are. I’ve watched my secondaries just flat out miss grounded and stationary DDs at 10Km. Tirpitz/Bismarck is even worse. They just _miss_ unless you’re under 6Km, which basically sitting on top of someone.

    – 35% Dispersion is not worth 4 points and is what made T7 and below Memes and thing you did if you _really_ wanted to spice things up on things you love. – 65% was _necessary_ at the minimum for Massa and German BBs to compensate for what you give up. I used to regularly get up to 80k secondary damage if I played it right including fires it set. They were equal to Main Batteries, which it had better be given what is given up to make the secondary build work.

    Now factor in through all of this that you have one less heal for tanking with a lower DPM. As people said before, and I’ll reiterate now, a pretty light show from both sides of the ship that hit nothing is just that. A light show.

    They’ve killed secondary ships. There’s no getting around it.

  23. @Illegal Opinions Agreed. The reduction in survivability skills is huge, coupled with the increased offensive power of every other ship class/style.

  24. I see how you can have lower secondary DPM with less hits though in my mind a fire is a fire. When you are in range you can get a 10% main battery to reload buff if you can take that skill. Now my way of thinking It should be optional you can choose old style secondaries with no reload buff or new style with the 10% reload buff available that way it keeps everyone happy. I have also tried it with and without IFHE the damage was the same I did more alpha with IFHE but fewer fires and without IFHE the extra fire damage balanced it out to around the same value. Now as an experiment I took dead eye and close quarters on the GK so at max range I get dispersion buff when I get in range a get a reload buff and it’s down to 26 seconds. I do lose out on survivability or concealment But I do like the faster relaod

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