World of Warships – The Emergency Video

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It turns out that today’s not Saturday and I need something other than the hour long WH40K video I’d prepared. Time for an emergency WOWS video!

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If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Oh look! That video that you totally had prepared because you definitely didn’t forget what day it is and prepared Saturdays video instead of Fridays like an absolute gammon!

  2. Having an emergency Jingles video is about as close as it gets to a live stream I guess.

  3. Emergency Case !!!

    I find it hard to believe there isn’t many fans
    of the WH40K video series
    I think it’s terrific

  4. Actually Jingles I don’t care what video type you are putting up. Your channel is a great and entertaining one so as the saying goes “don’t panic”!

  5. The best thing about christmas this year for Jingles will be buying his own presents and forgetting what they are by November

    • Good ol’ Rear Admiral Jingies!

    • working not only for Jingles. I work like this for quite a few years and am only in my 30s. Just pick what I want, help to pick things and on the Christmas Eve a genuine suprise with “Hey, good gift, forget I wished it few months ago!” 🙂

  6. TheTarnishedMandalorian

    Jingles woke up saying “Oh shit.. It’s Friday!? General Quarters!!!”

  7. Jingles panic on the realization of missing a video, matched only by the Kamchatka.

    Preemptive ducking of the binoculars.

  8. Concorde Makes Videos

    Not gonna turn down a Jingles video! Thank you .

    I do believe it is pronounced: “Ark-i-pel-ah-go” but that’s not going to stop you from continuing to say it wrong. Because that’s why we like you Jingles.

  9. I’m a simple gamer. I see a Jingles’ vid, I like.

  10. Jingles you forgot to look at the letter for the day on your pill case again didn’t you. No worries, an hour long 40k video suits me (one of your avid and apparently 8, 40k video fans) quite nicely

  11. I’d watch a hour long Warhammer video every day until your finish the series quite frankly.
    I love it.

  12. Good news !! We must be getting a 1 hour 40K video tomorrow. Good news !! Todays is an Agincourt video, a secondary spec Agincourt is a ship that every game puts a smile on my face.

  13. Yeah, it’s that lovely game mechanic where ‘Bobble-Head Gun Mounts’ are installed, seeing salvos from ‘Rifled’ cannons flying from their respective, side-by-side/parallel-mounted cannons, *SPLAY* outward (at the muzzle!), like the spread legs of any bar room floozy when the fleet’s laid anchor. (Jingles will know of what I am talking about, if-only from reputation of crew’s on leave!). Good going, WG’ing. AMAZING modern mechanics! (said no one that’s ever played this game)

  14. If I sat broadside to all those BBs like antispiral does, I’d get instantly citadelled to death. He must be leading a charmed life.

  15. The best thing to do on a friday home sick with the man flu is watching a jingles video with cupa tea cheers

  16. Actually, Jingles! I whole-heartedly look forward to every, single, WH40K video.
    Furthermore… Feeling absolutely gut wrenched when they are anything less than 30 minutes…
    No doubt this hour long one will sooth my anti-heresy fix.

    Sincerely, a long time follower, Love your content and all the stories.
    Keep up the quality gnome work!

  17. The sheer volume of achievements in the chat is both hilarious and amazing

  18. Yoooo is anti spiral’s name Gurren lagann reference

  19. It’s not bad, eh?

  20. This appears to be a coop battle in which many amazing scores can be had while you sit broadside on like the Agincourt did in the beginning of the video

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