World of Warships – The focus is real

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This is what happens to me much every match I play.
What’s funny about this match is how ridiculous it gets, besides the MIDDLE part ofc xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Thank you for the entertainment that I am about to receive.

  2. So early for a video for once!

  3. ROFL!!! “they’re pretty smart, going for the low health target” XD XD XD

  4. there is nothing better than eating breakfast and watching Flambass doing Speshuuuuuuul Tacticz …
    just starts the weekend off on a high 😉 Flambahugs .

  5. Nathan Hartanto

    Flambass, what did you sacrifice to get the entire enemy fleet to line up broadsided on the shooting range?

  6. Operation cerberus intensifies xD

  7. I wish you all a great day.woooooooo Flambass

  8. Two Scharnhorst-class BBs and a cruiser breaking through the middle… “Channel Dash” remake

  9. Don’t know how old this game was, but in the meantime, Crysantos made a PSA on reddit: “With the end of the latest Twitch Drops campaign (Space Drops), which ended on April 23rd, we’re going to put this entire feature on hold until further notice to analyze the data and plan future campaigns. We’ll keep you posted about the future for this feature as soon as we’re ready to announce it!”

    So, right now (May 4th) there are no Twitch drops.

  10. Some comedy going on in the top right during this video. Amagi retreats way too far, grounds on an island, then gets rushed by the Aigle who tries to brawl him and dies.

  11. One of my favorite BB’s

  12. Ze Inglish of ze new trial is outstanding 😀

  13. It doesn’t make sense since your platoon is also good players, but when you are alone it makes a little sense since you are probably the best player in the match and so, a bigger threat

  14. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Now you know why Flamu changes his name so often. Of course, he can be kind of an a-hole so people want to focus him more. Everyone loves Hans though 😉

  15. Gneisenau>schargay change my mind

  16. Ouch, so mean. I will never rush in cruisers at the beginning ever again. No radar, no hydro, no AA suport, just screw you DD 😛
    Then, perhaps, I might see some improvement in my PR from 750 to 1500….. not sure….. dunno…..

  17. Flambass. I seen your vids on two brothers alot. So i went down the middle everytime with any ship and win about 70% of the time. You make me feel brave going down the middle

  18. Wats his captain build?

  19. How anyone still supports this crap scam of a game is beyond me.

  20. How do u have the German in a British ship? While you have the scharnys

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