World of Warships- The Forgotten Credit Printing Ship

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium Japanese Battleship Kii. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. amagi: battlecruiser
    kii: battleship
    amagi: heavily armored with torp bulge
    kii: lighter armor and no torp bulge

    • That is what happens when one tries to put Amagi-class & Kii-class in the same tier when Kii was clearly designed IRL to be a slightly slower but overall better Amagi.

      Rather then put Kii a tier higher then Amagi where it belongs, WG decided to nerf the ship’s armor, torpedo bulge & sigma so Kii could fit in tier 8 with Amagi.

    • Amagi isn’t heavily armoured. Kii actually has a better belt. All Amagi has is better turtleback and a better torpedo protection.

    • @Evangeline did you watch this video

    • Because the tech tree ships usually have fictional modernizations added on top of them, like in the case of amagi it got added armor( to turtle back, horizontal protection and turrets) and bulge (As Nagato historically got in her modernization), without having the realistic negative effects of slowing the speed down.

    • Amagi: Existed

  2. roma up tiers better for me because she doesn’t overpenn as much vs t10, kii down tiers better for me because alpha, secondaries, torps and aa

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Roma definitely uptiers better than down but I always end up having to play a more risky game with her. Pushing up a flank, usually alone to get crossfires and pump those high velocity shells into broadside T10’s. The Kii is a much more meta tolerant ship. Hang back at the beginning and then move in once everyone starts to separate.

    • @Prisoner of the Highway I just point Roma’s bow to the threat use the front 6 guns and laugh at everything bounce off her front armor, as for Kii I use her as a team player aa to cover the team, torps for beating back pursuers and decent guns for kiting.

  3. Can you do a Roma video too? I got it with the camo but I honestly struggle to grind credits with it, even if I have decent games.

  4. My lord I forgot about this ship. Saw the title and genuinely thought you were about to do a Roma video

  5. Roma is still better than this ship with the concealment advantage. Even though her dispersion and overpen can troll you very hard at times. For ijn commanders trainer just pick the Kaga if you’re a CV player or Atago, much better choice.

  6. I actually received the Kobayashi Camo for Kii from one of those Distant Voyages containers. The only problem is that I don’t have her. I’m currently saving my doubloons to get her.

  7. 6:23 is that just camo or you slapping every economic and special flag on it?

  8. This is a very good review. Much better than what is on wiki. You did abetter job explaining the armor difference between Amagi and KII. This review actual explains why KII could be a good choice. Thanks. It can be a real challenge as you explained being bottom tier in a tier X game. I have done okay to looking for my self destruct button. Please keep these videos coming. I get more useful information than other streamers.

  9. Nice to see SLM getting more trolling in his video comments. That makes it obvious he’s getting to be more popular.

  10. Kii is my favorite ship, and I think it deserves more love as one of Japans only good brawling BBs. Some notes:

    -She has slightly more health than Amagi.
    -rear torp angles are very nice, great for kiting
    -torps are contained inside the hull, and aren’t destroyed as often as german BB torps
    -torps won’t be used in most games, but when they DO get used they are often match-deciding
    -While her armor is somewhat thinner, you can mitigate that disadvantage by maintaining autobounce angles (unlike german BCs). Though, I do still get cheek citadeled sometimes if the opponent gets lucky (only 60mm of armor on the front).
    -Like Amagi, her gun angles are good enough for brawling (looking at you, pommern, brandenburg)
    -The 140mm casemates have improved accuracy (as do all IJN 140s). Great for destroyers and some light cruisers at least.
    -She has the highest secondary DPM at her tier by far, which makes up for her lack of secondary range and accuracy, and 30mm pen on the majority means you absolutely slaughter downtier BBs if you run secondary build. Combined with her AA being very capable against tier 6 CVs and her massive broadside (as opposed to, say, tirpitz) and its one of the most fun ships to play when top tier.

    Overall, I think she’s underrated, her good traits are worth the moderate armor and slight accuracy loss to me. Shes fun to play, makes good credits, and is an excellent pusher when the conditions are right.

    • or the ‘flut-zu’ @ tier 6 🙂

    • Been meming with the Amagi with a secondary build and it’s been fun, may have to grab Kii one day

    • @Matthew Zhang True, I forgot about Flandre. Though, 17mm of pen on the 100mm which make up most of your dpm isn’t even enough to pen destroyers or BB superstructures tier 8 and over, and taking ifhe won’t help you much while neutering your FPM. Still, sheer dpm through lower tier superstructure hits and fires is nice.

    • @Harvin87 Noticeably worse than standard build Amagi if running secondaries (and I think you should)… but its still 10 410mm guns with good velocity, pen, and excellent dpm. Getting 10-15k salvoes without citadels is common, its really tier 10s where you usually have to play conservatively (over ~14km) that your accuracy really starts hurting.

    • @OcedarMopzar You’re not giving much up taking IFHE as your 2 pointer, especially if you’re used to playing PT-less since really the only other good 2 pointer is EM, but Flandre turrets have a respectable 36s turn time anyways.

  11. I love the Kii, most players dont know she has torps

  12. Finally a look back at this ship, I love my Kii, thanks Sea Lord Mountbatten

  13. The Japanese tripitz is how to sum up the Kii

  14. Im totaly free to play , but from All dublons which i got from events, super containers and other ,i bought Kii And her kobajashi camo. I absolutly love her, same sekondary build on her like Shikishima And Mutcu, i recomend her. Amazing ship.

  15. This is gonna sound weird, but I have a secondary build on the kii and I love it

  16. Could you look at the Kronstadts credit earning? That’s my go to ship for credit mining. Even in very lackluster matches I rarely drop below 900k credits. With all flags and signals attached. Your 120k damage game likely would have netted me over 1.5 mil credits in the kron. With all flags and signals of course.

  17. I’ve just started the vid and I like the Kii it’s one of my favs and I like how your mentioning of her relationship with Amagi but the Kii was the combination of the Amagi and the Tosa classes and the apex of Japanese battleship designs and experience. But none of them were successful though, Tosa cancelled during construction (Washington navel treaty) and use for target practice, Amagi yeeted buy the earth and Kii never existed but their legacy (not so much for Kii tho) lives on as the Akagi and Kaga the sister ships of Amagi and Tosa which were carrier conversions and took part in pearl harbour and midway! Kii>Tirpitz lol.

    • Just finished and I found the part where you talk about Roma funny because you’re bullying a Roma, Kii>Roma. I used Kii to train my Mikasa captain and her being premium means I can swap Mikasa captain out for another captain when ever I need to lol. Have you played Ashitaka she’s a T7 Amagi with no amour and no AA but she was my most played ship for a long while. Ashitaka also has the Kobayasi camo.

  18. Ah yes, construction. Lived in it for years, hope your neighbour isn’t gonna be doing something that ends up being that long 🤣

  19. I rather take my chances with Atago. But hey, if Kii works for you, that’s fine.

  20. Your title of Sea Lord makes me long for the old days of Naval Action with SLRN.

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