World of Warships: The Fresh Prinz [WiP, Twitch excerpt]

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Carriers might be advised to avert their gaze.
So might German cruisers.


  1. Interesting when I looked them up, as designed, these Mackensen class schlachtkreuzeren had 5 below water line torpedo tubes. One on the nose of the bow and two on port and starboard. 8km range, and slow as molasses 35knot speed. The bow on nose torpedo might have been a nifty differentiator for the PE Friedrich.

    • Wargaming omit those from pretty much all their battleships. Nelson and Rodney had them as well – and I believe it’s Rodney that has the only claim for such tubes ever being used successfully when she launched on the flaming wreckage that had been the Bismarck.

  2. I see you were talking about a Premium T9 Vanguard? I do think it would be a big problem since it is a T9 hull With T6 guns…

  3. Re-Class Battleship

    Broadside to a Battlecruiser: Das gibt Haue.

  4. wargaming may have timed the event a bit poorly since it started at the same time as shark week on discovery channel.

  5. mynameiswritinwater

    Schlacht-kreuzer…Yuz.. Nice to see the first games from that particular stream .

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