World of Warships – The Fresh Prinz

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Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right down
I’ll tell you how I become the prinz of a town called Eugen.

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff must be turning in their grave. If there were… you know… dead.

They’re not dead yet are they?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. absent-minded goldfish

    greetings from the salt mines (lockdown)

    so he got into WoT by watching jingles’ videos,
    now into WOWS also by watching jingles’ videos
    yep, jingles is an influencer

    • Saltmines lockdown: we all have to stay in our own tunnels at the salt face, no going home to -infect other people- reduce the workforce.

  2. Last time I was this early there were only two nations in WoWs.

  3. I was going to go to bed because school tomorrow… But this is the first time I’m this early to a Jingles video.

    Jingles, if you see this, check out IL-2 Tank Crew.

  4. As the Mighty Jingles would say, “Go home WarGaming, you’re drunk.”

  5. looks like those Frenchies put some cocaine in with the fuel for its engine

  6. Jingles’ title: “The Fresh Prinz”
    Me: hmm let me complete that “The Fresh Prinz of Ber Lin”

  7. These memes about retreating french are getting out of hand.
    Even the game is making them!

  8. When you have to be up in 4 hours but jingles just posted

  9. I’d say something about being early, but I’ve been on a three day bender and I have no idea what day it is anymore.

  10. Christian Schinner

    French ship forward -> Normal speed
    French ship retreat -> Ludicrous speed!!! xD

  11. *near the end* I think he’s gonna ram the Queen Elizabeth.
    And i was right.

    • for some reason it seems like he didnt get the ramming damage, if you look at a few seconds prior to the ram he had 139k and that is the same number in the post battle results

  12. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    “The Fresh Prinz”

    What i see: Prinz Eugen in Kancolle
    What i hear: “Feuer! Feuer!”

  13. RearAdmiralBIGCORE



    EDIT: You can see also the Schcors using Warp Drive as well.

  14. The intro clip was glorious.

    Frenchy went into plaid in reverse.

  15. “He’s only got a 47% winrate so he’s not even a good player even by new player standards”
    *stares in less then 1300 games and a 47% winrate* I don’t need this kind of abuse from you old man.

    • @Blake Lonsdale-Cook It’ll be either Christmas Crates or he rented it for 250 doubloons

    • @Blake Lonsdale-Cook got a 24 hr rental for Missouri. As for sticking with USN ships I abandoned the BB line at Colorado and didn’t enjoy the DD line very much. I have my Des Moines but suck ass with it so I tend to play other ships I actually enjoy similar issue with my Harugamo. I only play them when I’m playing with friends. I’ve been going down the Soviet Cruiser and BB lines and feel like I have a general grasp of what i *should* be doing most times but don’t always do it for various reasons of lack of attentiveness ( 3 kids will do that) or I’m with one of my idiot friends and they talk me into doing something dumb.

    • Blake Lonsdale-Cook

      @Kc Nichols You abandoned the USN BBs at the last shit one. The North Caroline, Iowa and Montana are all pretty great. However, BBs are a ship class I’d leave alone until you have a minimum of 5k games.

    • Blake Lonsdale-Cook

      @Kc Nichols Furthermore, if you’re going to RUSH anything, make it Moskva before she is moved out of tech tree.

      Then you will want the Petropavlovsk, Alexander Nevsky, and probably the Shimakaze.

      I like to brawl, so I will quite enjoy the Hindenburg. If long range fire support cruisers are more your style, try the Henry IV.

      I’d avoid the Minotaur and Worcester until you get better at situational awareness and the kids have gone to bed, school or wherever. For DD’s, the Germans are horrible for beginners. The USN are pretty good for beginners, with the guns to fight their way out of trouble and practise the same island shooting playstyle you will eventually use on a Worcester or Minotaur, the torps to cause trouble, amazing long duration smoke, decent speed and manoeuvrability, decent stealth. They do pretty much everything well.

      Then you have the RN DD’s, with hydro, heals and fast charging smoke, you have a play style that is a combination of the USN gunboat and the KriegsMarine cap contesting hunter-killers.

      You are nothing like the French or Russians, who are basically allergic to being within 5km of the edge of the cap, let alone being inside the cap, unless its super late, or the entire enemy team is spotted in no position to make you pay for it.

      The French play a firing squad execution style of ambush play, using high rate of fire large calibre DD guns with pretty high alpha per salvo, and pretty good rate of fire, as well as speed that would make Schumacher blush. This let’s you get into crap positions really fast, and die to the enemy team because all your support is 12km away. It also lets you run enemy DD’s down, punish them with your higher dpm and then get away scot free if you plan it right and execute it properly. In a French DD you either die in the first 4 mi utes of the game and rage at the team because they didn’t support you (despite having followed you at full speed to try and do just that) or you have the entire enemy team raging because 1 by 1, you’ve sprinted up to them, sucker punched them, then sprinted off again.

      Russian DDs are French ships that eat full battleship salvos and have really short range torpedoes. Just play the French instead. I’m literally ONLY getting them because I’m a DD main and a DD tech tree completionist. Don’t waste your time unless you are also a completionist.

      This post was considered accurate by its poster April 7th, 2020. WOWS is a work in progress, and all stats are subject to change.

  16. That ranked battle…I was remembering how almost 4 years ago this bug happened to me in ranked.
    Except that back then, it was only one ship that got displaced rather than one ship per team. So I started in the enemy spawn, but no enemies started in my team’s spawn. Congrats to Wargaming on not only bringing the bug back but also making it worse. Or maybe they made it better, I suppose that depends on your POV.

  17. I see Jingles are making improvments in the area of swedish phonetics: The swedish destroyer has changed from “Vaste-ras” to “Vaste-ros” – close enough, I guess 😛

  18. Mouse Wheel: *exists*
    Shift-Zoomers: “REEEEE”

  19. 20:23 “You are who you choose to be…” “SU-PER-MAAAAAN!!!”

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