World of Warships – The Fuhrer Discovers Stealth Firing is Eliminated

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I’m back from some lovely Army duty, and that means I am back to producing videos. It seems that I missed the latest patch update, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on lampooning it.

That being said, I give you a select scene from Downfall. The fuhrer has just had the news broken to him that stealth firing has been removed, much to his displeasure.

At any rate, it’s good to be back!



  1. Great work Zoup, this is really funny. Also, who’s first!

  2. Whimsical Pacifist

    Hmm, Khab didn’t have stealth fire last patch, did it? More pissed that the Gremy I spent way too much money on this Christmas got boned. And the Blys and the Anshan… Even Sims got an increase in detection range which bones her for 20s after knifefighting. Come to think of it, Premiums without the ability to downgrade their fire control systems take a hit.

    FYI most RU DD’s got buffed with HE and the overall stealthfire mechanic elimination. Now all DD’s are highly visible after firing guns.

  3. DUDE…..friggin awesome. one of the best post 6.3 vids I have seen

  4. Bahahahahahaha… Excellent vid.   And yes, to be honest, I’ve taken a bit of a break from the game after that last patch.

  5. do you even know what he really says?

  6. Hey Zoup, does this mean you disagree with WGs actions as well?

  7. Stalin and the Shima probably have the same kill count at this point. Also I really don’t think wargaming was catering to battleship noobs when the game launched. You could stroll up to one in a cruiser and either burn it down or torp it with how crap their accuracy was. Have they gone a bit far? Yup.

  8. That doesn’t get tiring at all it is soo funny.

  9. This never gets old.

  10. manuelthegreatman

    this video was great video, Zoup. it was hilarious because it’s true. Japanese DDs have been hit so hard and are pretty much useless at this point once you miss your torps and have to wait to reload. that being said, after switching from Japanese DDs to Soviet DDs, this “nerf” does not affect me at the moment. All of my Soviet DDs were detectable out to about 15km after firing before the patch. And let’s not forget my only tier X cruiser, the Moskva has detection range as large as a BB. but nothing of this changes the fact that this video was super fun and funny. great job.

  11. They proudly created a game bragging about how accurate to history they was going to be. Now they are catering to the whiny little snowflakes of today and changing history because it hurts some little pricks feelings.

  12. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    How ironic that stealth-firing was never a thing for German destroyers.

  13. TheGuardianofAzarath

    This was a hilarious video, very nicely done, though i’m not sure where the base video comes from, i know i’ve seen it before (a parody for the AC3 trailer) however. Though technically, Hitler was wrong, this didn’t start when they nerfed the Shima, it started when they started nerfing the carriers. The perfect counter to stealth firing was aircraft, which meant carriers were needed, but WG went and nerfed them ages ago, and that set the ball rolling.

    And about the Alabama, they really should have left it’s citadel alone, now it’s about 6ft below the waterline, and almost unreachable, which means it’s now about as easy to cit as a german BB, but without the extra armour. They really need to introduce AP bombs and give torps the ability to hit citadels.

  14. I am a DD main. Since 0.6.3 I have literally cut my playing time by 90%. Not being able to do damage with stealth firing isn’t the problem. The problem is trying to disengage when half of the enemy team is within the gun bloom range.

  15. Flamu bitches about something, everyone goes mad. An honest man says a t truth, nobody bets an eye

  16. Uh… The Khabarovsk can’t shoot things from stealth to begin with. Even before the 0.6.3 patch.

  17. Love that. Hilarious

  18. I thought for sure this would convince all DD players to stop playing the game since it’s literally all they did… Grind USN/Russian DDs, build stealth fire, rape BBs.

    Weird to see so many DD players on, so many DD players doing well, and DD win rates are actually going UP since this patch. Weird guys. Weird. It’s almost like it’s a team game and you speccing for lone-wolf BB harassment, as cathartic as it was, was actually terrible for the meta.

    I mean when you think about it, if you’re busy trying to hunt down and harass BBs, that leaves enemy cruisers free to wolf-pack down your own allies, secure caps, and move on. All while you waste minutes and minutes meat-grinding a BB slowly. You finally kill that BB and look around and see you’re down 5 ships and 2 caps and then sit there and probably bitch at your team for being noobs or idiots.

    Lately, been seeing a ton more team play from DDs. I see DDs actually escorting or hanging near me in my cruisers and BBs, not because they are weak, but because lone wolf tactics can actually see you facing actual consequences. I see DDs playing more for caps, supporting BB pushes, etc. It’s actually really super nice.

    Just a few minutes ago I was in my FDG and me and a random Kagero killed 5 ships that went D cap on the Northern Lights map. 2v5, and we utterly destroyed them. Izumo, Fiji, Bismark, Nagato, and Blys… All dead because we coordinated and used the skills that complimented each other. My HP and secondary build shredded their lightly armored ships, his torps countered their smoke screen spam, etc.

    2 v 5 and his skill and timing and my positioning and consumable timing won the flank, and ultimately the game. We proceeded to flank past C (didn’t cap) and get the sides of the enemies pushing across B. It was a massacre. Hell even my secondary build gave him AA protection. Yup, shot me down 28 planes. I was his giant meatshield there to punish anyone running or flanking, he was there to torp their ass or their face if they pushed or retreated. Why didn’t they just overwhelm us?

    I shit you not, all 5 of those ships tried climbing into chain-smoke from the two smoke screen ships to become immune.

    Stealth-fire lost to positioning and consumable timing. I got the majority of the kills, but when someoen observed in chat I was free to admit that the Kagero’s torps did the heavy punching. He fired back with ‘well you distracted them and dodged all their torps, so we both played that perfectly.’ BOOM! Teamwork? Good sportsmanship? WTF IS THIS SHIT? That’s a DD player satisfied with huge numbers and sharing the glory? Giving compliments? WTF is that shit guys?

    Learn to play as a team and I guarantee you will not miss stealth fire. It was only good against ONE class of ship. BBs. So now you will enhance skills that counter teams, or assist your own team.

  19. omg I needed that!!
    and yes very true

  20. I love those “The Fuhrer discovers” vids.

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