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So how do you deal with Aircraft Carriers other than stay quiet and hope they go for someone else? Having a lot of AA firepower doesn’t help, plane kills and AA defence medals are just a placebo to make you feel less bad about getting roflstomped from the air. One person at least seems to have an answer. Of course he’s as mad as a box of frogs.

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  1. Jingles: “Now they are both gone”

  2. they should add the HMS Tog II as a premium, semi-submersible. It’ll be difficult for the fun police to stop that monster of the seas

  3. The old RTS CV gameplay doesn’t seem so bad anymore now these days.

    • @Illyrocks Thats 100% correct not gonna lie. I would mutch rather have the old RTS cvs back and balance them rather than have this horrible fucking mess.

      But AFAIK the old cvs had a metric asstonn of UI issues.

    • it was awesome…just needed some tweaks like stronger AA over time, longer torp arming distance, limit spotting data to 1-2 squads at a time

    • @Erik Anybody CVs fought each other…so the good one could win and then s**t on the other team without worrying about fighters and such. How was that better?
      I remember those Jingles videos from 2016: the cross-drops were filthy, the BBs looked completely helpless.

    • @GameLeader Except they can: Musashi+GZ divs, or indeed the Fuso against any T6, not to mention that HE on the deck still works, albeit more slowly.
      And as long as you pre-drop you can still go sink the enemy CV with your planes, some 10k at a time. People don’t do it because it’s often a waste of time (harassing DDs is more important, and there’s often some emergency somewhere), but it’s not hard if anything, especially since most CVs stay stationary.

    • @TraMaChi It sure sounds like the Atlanta was perfect for “sea potatoes”…

      The fact of the matter is, good CV captains now deal about the same damage as good BB captains at the same tier. Yes, CVs spot, but BBs have a much higher alpha and can outright delete enemies.
      Besides, there are plenty of terrible CV captains, so it’s not as though it were a much easier class to play.

  4. The carrier rework is the reason I don’t play anymore. Wargaming know it’s utter rubbish but don’t care

    • Hey, they more than enough money from Premiums, why would they care? Players are gonna have an even worse time when Subs come out, and I don’t doubt that aircraft are going to be able to spot subs since none of the fights in WOWS happen in deep enough water to hide them, so even subs will suffer the wrath of CV’s.

    • They don’t seem to understand the fundamentals of business. Keep your players happy. It’s a bad business model that prioritises the enjoyment for 2 to 4 players over the that of the 20 or 22 other players.

    • Antisocial Engineering

      @Rick Fortier Wrong. They can make a heap of money (and are) by getting new players to buy premium accounts, premium ships and in game money. They play a few games, possibly even top tier, and then most likely get pissed off and leave.
      Doesn’t matter as the money used to buy the premiums etc stays with the company, the revenue is safe.
      Using that model (same one Gaijin uses) they don’t have to do the difficult dev work of ensuring the core gamer mechanics are sound, they just need to keep providing more bling and shiny new models to entice new players to keep the revenue coming.

  5. EXTRA! EXTRA! Jingles is promoting teamkilling, ya heard it here first folks!

  6. I for one have found a flawless counter for CVs. I have never lost a game, nor died to a CV since I adopted this strategy. Funnily enough, I have also not played a game since adopting said strategy.

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      @mpetersen6 I bought the odd ship and annual premium when it was on sale for a number of years. I did have a lot of fun playing the game with and without clan mates. When the mission lines became more like a job than a game, when the Alaska was available for both Free xp and cash… It was the beginning of the end for me. Sure, they have a right to a living just like anyone else. However, there is a snowball’s chance in hell that I’ll pay what they think a lot of their boats are worth. I played for free for a bunch of months after my premium ran out. There are a number of points about the game that have grown old on me that it doesn’t seem that wargaming has any interest in fixing… CVs are but one of them.

    • I play only co-ops….

    • @The_Victorious_1 My team shot down a combined 170 planes in a single game and the enemy CV was still sending full squadrons at the end of the game. I shot down 42 planes that battle and was still getting pounded by HE bombs and dodged torpedoes.

    • Scott Drone-Silvers

      Genius. Simply genius.

    • 15k games, can confirm I’ve been playing less and less, with every CV game making me want to press that battle button next time less.
      Sad thing is, there’s an army of 45% WR and unicum CV WR players on Reddit and the forums, waiting to defend this BS, you have to defend your easy mode class!

  7. Tried worscester The other Day. Got murdered by t10 CV.

  8. After this match Hacko treated himself to some big santa crates in which he received a Makarov. Thank you WG.

  9. The only fun I get out of world of warships now is watching jingles.

    • exactly, uninstalled and smiled while I did.

    • haven’t been playing since february 2019…
      and yeah, watching jingles is the only joy i get out of that game.

    • @Foxi! I played from the first day of beta till the carrier BS, that was the last straw, just like WOT the wheeled vehicles and the OP fantasy tanks ended that game also.

    • I had a battle as a midway against a halland two or three days ago; i had 9 torp planes flying around, i spotted a halland and i was within AA range, so i instantly recalled my torp planes, hoping to save at least half of them. my camera jumped back to my cv and i saw all 9 torp planes die to flack shot at them as they flew up to a safe distance. Since then, i dont play an awful lot of world of warships and i agree with what youve said

    • Ditto. WoWs did the loathsome grind Xmas thing. Uninstalled and just watch Jingles now. Don’t miss the game at all.

  10. Carrier’s aren’t too bad. Sometimes I enjoy playing a survival horror game.

  11. Meanwhile War Thunder ships: My SMS Westfalen shoots down jets in Custom battles.

    • Yeah because WT planes aren’t made from concrete

    • @EpicFunnyCat uuuhhhh, have you flown the JU 87? Flys like a brick lol

    • Antisocial Engineering

      Yeah, WT is just as bad, in Ground and Air they are much worse IMHO.
      Air in “ground forces” is way OP and the SPAA provided, while decent at times, is more often than not used for anti tank ops,(where they are often more efficient than actual tanks at tank killing). If you open up against air targets the stream of tracers just tells every enemy on the map where you are and you’re dead.
      Co-operation with other SPAA is near impossible, as just like WoWS, every player is out for themselves and will only activate the brain when some research or grinding profit is available for them.

      With the little ship battles I’ve played in WT ( I just don’t like it) the AI provided AA on the ships is the polar opposite of WoWS, almost impenetrable.

      Both publishers are entirely focused on the wallet, and use the same tactics to get people to open it. The majority of teh player base must be obliging, or they wouldn’t be profitable.
      Sure, they need premiums and in game money to pay the devs, but both publishers are guilty of focusing much much more on revenue and ignoring the player base.

      But heh, it’s a market economy, the bean counters and shareholders rule.

    • @Antisocial Engineering I’m talking about the durability, the reason they don’t die very fast in WT is lack of good AA vehicles and the difficulty of shooting something down if it isn’t flying in straight lines. Most planes in WT will shatter from just a few 40mm bofors hits, whereas in WoWs it takes three million.

  12. WG: Just dodge
    Me: Just uninstalled

  13. They need to make it possible to opt out of cv games when you see them in the load screen, or make it to where you can choose to never play against carriers.

  14. Halland:
    Its anti-aircraft defenses are extremely strong, especially so when Defensive AA Fire is used, making it very safe to play away from the team with aircraft carriers in the match.
    FdR be like:
    Are you sure about that?

    • Well the FDR is broken, the loitering ability is just unfair.

      But as an Oland aficionado (I put my 19 point captain on her), I have to say: you can’t really complain about CVs if you sail to the middle cap in a double CV game.
      The AA did its job (40+ planes shot down in a few minutes), but the first strike will always make it through.

    • Tom 'James' Pilcher

      @landochabod7 Exactly. Charging straight in was stupid. He also gave full broadside to the rocket planes. Another rookie mistake.

    • @Tom ‘James’ Pilcher That can happen with lots of islands around.
      But in general, if there’s a CV at least wait to figure out how good he/she is before trying to cap the middle in a smokeless DD.
      Let alone if there are 2 of them…

      As I said, I love the Oland (probably the easiest ship to get AA Expert in), but this is like going broadside in a German BB because “muh turtleback”.

    • It IS an AA DD.
      It’s just that AA in general does absolutely nothing to a CV player who can count past 3 (which is roughly 30-50% of them).

  15. Leonardo Arie wibowo

    2019 : just dodge
    2020 : just angle
    2021 : just DIE!!!!!!!

  16. At this point I suspect there must be some sort of mental defect that makes players actually defend having CVs in their current state in the game. There can be no other logical explanation.

    • @Avi “Planes can’t be shot down either”. Say what?

      And terrain is great against planes: it screws up the reticle when you fly over a mountain, and torps might not have enough space to be dropped.

    • @Stavros Stamelos I’m not delusional, I’m just a decent DD captain.
      Smoke, AA traps and staying close to the team in CV games are perfectly viable.
      Asking the friendly CV for help is helpful as well.

    • @Stavros Stamelos So far my games in the Shima have gone just fine. Small sample, but then again I had horrible desync in 75% of them…

  17. “Devastating Anti-Aircraft Firepower” is an incredibly funny phrase all on it’s own

    • To be honest, in real life some of those WWII AA cruisers were absolutely devastating against enemy planes. I just wish they managed to carry over that ability to the game, but who am I to argue with WG’s Ass-Fuckery.

    • “Devastating AA” and Other Fun Jokes You Can Tell Yourself

  18. @Danish Rahim 1 it only works VS potatoes 2 it isnt nearly as effective on armored carriers since you rely on the overmatch to actually damage them and 3 the reason why 8/9/9 works is because its paring one of the dumbest tier 9 BBs X2 with a CV, AKA the whole comp is built on raw power in which case you could apply that to anything broken or OP and get similar results by being able to roll the enemy team before the CV does. there is a long time of flight on those shells if a CV is half paying attention to his map he wont get hit.

  19. I feel like Hacko is WoWs version of Steve Irwin

    “You see that almost completely healthy Goliath over there?…. let’s poke it.”

  20. They have to cater to the lowest common DUH-nominator

  21. @Clovis Ursa Lmfao. Russian battleships is a dead meme, flamu said they were OP but in reality they’re average, I guess he wanted to create some drama around some ships for views I dunno, milk on the “russian bias” meme?. Heavy cruisers? you mean the Petro with Tier VIII DPM? Stalingrad? With the overabundance of 457mm guns it’s no longer “king” lol, Smolensk.. I could give you that one, but where is it now? Where is the spam of smolensks?

    Soviet CVs? Yes, of course, there were plans to build CVs by the USSR back in the day so get ready for it. Don’t like it? Well you can always uninstall, maybe you’ll stop crying that way.

  22. @torenico WG needs you to get back to work and stop posting on your troll account

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