World of Warships The Furious Guns of Atlanta

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My name is , author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

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  1. ummmmmmmmm isn’t his next video #1337 ???? if so. please face reveal!!! :v

  2. i have been debating on playing this but watching you makes me want to play
    as i am a naval history lover

  3. Hey Vechs. I wanna play World of Warships and I want your code/link so that
    you get bonus/extra stuff for indicating me to it 🙂 Where is it?

  4. Fair seas my friend fair seas o7

  5. Haha Vechs, they just wanted to make sure you weren’t playing possum, so
    they pounded you a bit after killing you :P

  6. Really enjoying this vexybits!

  7. Hey Vechs. So I was browsing Steam for good games. And I came across Block
    n’ Load, a sandbox Multiplayer FPS game. It’s mixes Minecraft and TF2. I
    personally think you’d love it, and a lot of the big YouTubers are into it
    too. I’d love for you to do a Let’s Play of it. So, I hope you have a great
    day, and I’ll see you in the next video.

  8. You should try live commentary for this game. Anderz did it for most of his
    World of Warships videos, and imo they turned out nicer than the
    post-commentary ones.

  9. my favorite part of this game is the boat drifting

  10. legolas from star wars

    so why is it that most people i talk to about these types of game
    (warthunder and world of tanks) they know every part of every ship and im
    sitting here like i think i have 5+ guns and i dont know to go he or ap

  11. Loving this series so far.

  12. FloodianSquirrelDude

    The Atlanta looks like a very fun ship to play, and ideal battleship or
    aircraft carrier escort. Able to blast enemy aircraft out of the sky,
    unleash a torrent of fire on destroyers.

  13. hey vechs when is the next season of mindcrack?

  14. Really enjoy the commentary of this game!

  15. The thing that always take me the longest is getting enough experience to
    get the next ship

  16. I love this game, I just got the St Louis today. Cruisers are my favorite
    but I haven’t gotten a Battleship yet

  17. LughSamildanachXVIII

    These are awesome. Would love to see more.

  18. I dunno, I still like my Colorado. It is slow as shit but if you can get a
    good close range broadside it Fuckin’ Reks.

  19. Question, did Wargaming incorporate the duel purpose of some of the guns?
    i.e. the Atlanta was an anti-air ship.

  20. You should really use ap for cruisers when they are broadsided on to you as
    you will do more damage with citadel penetrations 

  21. Vech you really did work on that Colorado

  22. Vechs, torps are for last resort on American ships, and guns are primary.
    The IJN ships are meant to use torps and guns as secondary.

    Now the Atlanta is great for wrecking DD’s as the HE spam will make them
    regret their lives. However if you have AP loaded and know where to aim,
    well you are firing 5in guns so odds are they won’t over-penetrate, and do
    full damage.

  23. Also Vechs don’t waste repair on turrets they repair really quickly
    compared to fires, flooding, or engine and rudder damage.

  24. The Atlanta doesn’t have enough range for me. It is just a big destroyer
    with a lot of guns. I can’t wait for German cruisers with their battleship
    range guns.

  25. This series is cool. And I support it, but please keep up return to
    minecraft. Don’t make this game the majority

  26. So how exactly does shooting work in this game? How do you know where to
    lead your shots? Do they arc automatically, do they auto aim or aim assist
    at all? Or do you just point at the water/at the ship and that’s where they
    will arc to? Would be awesome if you could explain the mechanics a little
    more @Vechs would be appreciated! 😀

    Also talk a bit more about torpedoes/how you use them, aswell as Aircraft
    and etc etc….. Heck, would love a “Starters Guide” like you did World of
    Tanks! ^^

  27. Is it bad I hope to run into Admiral Vechs one day

  28. Interesting match. Only one kill, but a ton of damage dealt, and you kept
    their attention pretty well, which probably helped the others.

  29. Holy moly I’m early o.o

  30. Marry me vechs!

  31. Hi Vechs <3

  32. 😀 1rd!!! Mehhhh!!!!

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