World of Warships- The Future Of German Battleships

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Hey guys, today we discuss the future of German Battleship with the commander rework just around the corner.

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  1. If they manage to screw up the only reason i’m playing the game. Im done

    • @Parsee Mizuhashi I have to say i see German BBs more often then any other Nations and there going pretty well dont know why all say they are the worst well they are defently not but the mist people saying this are just noch capable of playing them

    • @xXMedalofHonorXx if they are that good then they wont be dead after nerf. since proplayers like you will make them work im sure xDDDDD

    • @Parsee Mizuhashi Sure if you can handle them

    • Keep saying this for 4 years…. Maybe keep saying this for 4 more years but all weegee does is screw up lol

    • @Parsee Mizuhashi I’d like to have your matchmaking, I usually see a lot of German BBs

  2. Wait… there’s a future for German battleships??

  3. Secondary ships need an overall BOOST, not a nerf. If you are willing to take a chance and push, there should be a potential reward in it. The selfish “safe” sniping from max range that dominates today and does not encourage objective team play should not be encouraged more than it already is. It is not as if German BB’s have ruled the seas in the game either. Once in a while you can do really well, but for each of those games you have many games where you are justout-sniped or burned down as if your ship was made of oil-soaked paper…

  4. What Wargaming should do is listen to its player base, now that would be a novelty!!!!!!!!!!

  5. final nail in germain line coffin.

  6. Well they say secondarys will be effective and buffed. They can say anything they want and have spreadsheet show it by picking the data points. Having it in writing does not change anything.

    I recall they said AA is viable. How is it feeling. Not viable

  7. I don’t think there is a future to be honest

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    If they nerf the main gimmick, then the thing that used to be the pay-off for them needs to be buffed period If i want to play with German BBs, I want them to be unique

  9. Me: *literally just finished getting the GK* (a few weeks ago tho)
    WG: “We’re gonna kill secondary builds”
    Me: “Motherf…

    • I just got my Bismarck *sad noises

    • yooo same. i just got my gk a few days ago, and i put a full secondary build on it. wg better not screw my ship up

    • watch this video is is a different perspective that may help although he even admits the GK is getting the worst of it.

    • @Robert Noonan I also put a full secondary build on it they are one of the more fun builds imo.

      But secondaries are already kinda iffy in this meta (because often you’ll already lose half your HP before you get close enough for them to be relevant), so I really hope WG will not screw that up even more…
      I hate it when I’m the only one trying to make a push and nerfs to secondary builds will only make people “snipe” more, which makes the game rather stale.

    • The biggest sad is when u love to play brawling BB’s and u have spend ur coal to get Pommern cuz u want to use that ship for brawling and then they just nerf it’s secondaries….

  10. Whats happening is like what happend in real life…they where unsupported and left to die vs overwhelming opposition (power creep)

  11. Let me take a guess. In the Future WG will bring Premium Ships with the “old” secondary Dispersion. And they will be Russian, of course…🤔😒

    • WG just found a trove of old ship blueprints for the glorious red navy. Including a BB designed in 1939 with 400 inch guns that had an armor belt of 20 feet thick. It also had a max speed of 90 Knots! No wonder the Russians beat everyone in WW2!

    • “Trove of old Russian plans” for how they intended to refit Bismark/Tirpitz etc. if they captured them…

  12. I love this game and it pains me to see it getting stomped into the ground in many ways … sad story

  13. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    i started to play the german bbs right from the get go because i got to play the game only to get bismarck and keep playing it forever. IF wargaming screwes german bbs up, i dont know what i will do.

  14. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Don’t forget to check out Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts if you want an alternate naval experience.

  15. Why did everyone ever started to play that game? To play some no-name russian cruiser/battleship or to get their hands on a ducking Iowa/Bismarck/Yamato?

    • It’s the same thing they did with world of tanks. The tanks that people wanted to play are utter trash/ not fun at this point.and not fun. But there are plenty of ugly aberrations with two guns, wheels, and of course 3 artilleries each game. So, I figured I would try ships…….No point…it’s going down the drain too.

  16. Lets be honest: Getting into a situation where both sides come to shoot, means that you overextended and screwed up. Whats the usefulness to do more damage when you are in the process of dying?

    • Not all situations. I have been in situations where I rushed multiple ships separated from the rest of their team and had the opportunity where all my secondaries could fire on one side and some or all could fire on the other. Besides, even if you are in a situation where you are nearing death, why not get the extra damage? Maybe even take one ship with you. I don’t get why SLB and other people are against being able to fire on both sides? It doesn’t make sense for the secondary guns not to be firing if they are in range just because they are already firing on a target on the other side.

    • @Crazycar 401 If i’m remember correctly in World of Warships Legends Secondary Armament can shot from both sides, i remember playing with Normandie and a Gnenaisenau was with me, soo we pushed into the cap, they were 1 CA and 1 DD soo the Gnenaisenau and me killed both with Main Battery Fire with Secondary from both sides it was beatifull

    • @AstreaHTT Another reason why secondaries on both sides are a good idea. They are just flat out cool.

  17. One solution might be to select-click once for 35% accuracy increase and firing on the other side, and select-click twice for 65% accuracy increase but the other side does not fire. Let the player decide how they want to use secondaries and this preserves WGs perceived balance.

  18. If you’re gonna nerf secondaries, the only thing keeping German bbs any kind of relevant for the pure fun of the playstyle, then at least buff their main battery spread… for God’s sake, German main batteries irl were more accurate than British ones. Why do they have to be SO bad??

    • Because the german ingame accuracy is the one closest to the actual historical accuracy of any ship, as far as I know.

    • @Lisa Ruhm was the only recorded volley deleting the British ship? no one ever talks about any other volley!

    • @Jugaloking69 Dope well Bismarck and Prinz Eugen despite firing 4 salvos/2 minutes later than Hood and Prince of Wales opened up with better accuracy and also got the first hits.

    • @Jugaloking69 Dope And also look up the accuracy of the battles between germany and britain in ww1 like jutland, where the british had a 2.13% and the germans a 3.33% hitrate on the big guns(234mm+)

  19. So what I’m hearing is that I’m going to have to rely on my guns on German bbs

  20. Me: In these dark and uncertain times, at least I can still enjoy playing with my Bismarck.
    WG: Can you, though?

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