World of Warships- “The Game Is Dying”

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the favorite saying of the doomers “the game is dying”. Enjoy!

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  1. Gustavo Cabrerea

    For the Whales, there will always seems to be plenty of krill left in the sea…

  2. They arent killing it just making it less interactive

  3. It’s not dead it’s just changed, and that can be good or bad.

  4. Problem is actually that there are heaps of tools to stop pushes and very very few to support them. Results in super boring and unforgiving gameplay. Pushes out old and new players alike.

  5. I personally do not claim the game is dying. For me the game is a hell of a lot less fun. There are so many ways to sink you happening at the same time impossible to keep track of the enemies treatening you.

    • Buddy I play since 2018 and yes there is something wrong with wows player base , many old players are leaving game because choices WG made in past 3 years and entering step for new players is very high , I have biffy account that I want to sell I went with 3500$ , I sliced price over few months now I was at 1600$ and no bite , I have removed my offer , I gave price 3500$ because I compared to other accounts out there and that number seems , right and in that past few months I have observe also othere accounts and everyone who I watched did not sold account ! , I have conntacted few people who wanted to sell it , and one guy have said he play and try to sell account 2 years ! , there is no customers for accounts ! , and why is that ? , because game have become shitshow , since June I have played on my second account that had no T10 but one T8 premium BB that I won some some ago , and is hard to start playing wows 2023 , and to be honnest I cant immagine anyone who start play that game stay beyond T5 .

    • ​@HuzarionI startet the game a month ago and I reached tier 10. I never play alone, only with 1 or 2 two friends (that are also new) and it’s pretty fun. But let’s see how long the fun will last. I played World of tanks for 8 years till it got to boring for me.

    • @byGFX Yeah immagine you would know enerything you know playing WOT and soon WOWS will feel same , WG is a scammy company , honeymoon period is over , now they are very greedy :/

    • Geoffrey Stevens

      Especially if you are an old fart like me with poor reflexes and distinct lack of ability to multi-task!

    • Papaver Somniferum

      Play WoT then. WoT is simple, you dont have to focus on anything else, than guns pointed at you.

  6. I’d like to see a buff to some of the older ships. Since some new crazier ones have come out

  7. As far as the game as dying and the people always talking about it. WG is doing things to drive the older players away so they have to devote energy to getting new players. So while the server numbers may stay close to the same it is not sustainable because you’ll run out of people who are interested in this type of game. They need to increase the fun Factor smidge and try to retain long-term more.

    • I can imagine very well that some of the new players who compensate for older ones leaving dont stay for very long. both because jounger peoples attanetion span and because it really only takes a couple really frustrating games for you to wanna stop playing the game.

  8. I have the sneaking suspicion that about a year from now, Wargaming will introduce a whole new tech tree of minesweepers.

    My own wish is that they’d spend some effort on putting some missions, events, and rewards for the low tiers ships, to encourage new players to stick around, or maybe even get the experienced players to try out that new low tier ship they got as part of an event.

    • Oh boy, I am really waiting for PT Boats, and even more torpedo soup. Imagine a premium PT-109!

    • I doubt it, but a tech tree line that specializes in it

    • I have a suspicion that wargaming will introduce DDs designed to hunt subs. It would be a genius idea because so many players are paranoid about subs.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! Lower tiers can be a lot of fun. o7

    • @gamkem1405 I got a little annoyed whenever they release a new tech tree (like Pan-American cruisers), and every reward is geared toward tier 5 and above, so you don’t have a lot of incentive to play the lower tiers they gave you

  9. Stuff and whatnot

    The smoke CV should be able to deploy chaff also since every other ship has radar now.

  10. The Iranian Putin

    All they need to do is 2 things:
    Remove Super Ships from Tier 9 Games.
    Balance the matchmaking (Stop the steamroll games because it happens too often now).

  11. Subs are a far worse deal than the mines, but the problem I see is that WG is compounding the problem. I came in after CV rework, but it became less fun for everyone (I’ve heard). Commander rework (especially effects on secondaries, CA in particular), subs, and now mines, make the game more campy, more blow-outs, etc., People still like the game, but they are playing less.

    • What made CV’s perceivably worse than berfore were two major things, the gutting of AA and the ability for planes to respawn. In every other instance though, CV’s were so much more deadly than they are now. A good CV player (depending on the CV) could alpha-strike a full-health BB with no issues, and could do it multiple times if the enemy team was full of brainlets who didn’t group up. What mitigated this was that AA was far more effective, and if a CV ran out of planes, it was permanent for the rest of the match. As a CV, you had to choose your targets carefully. At late tier, US ships were generally avoided, but Japanese ships had terrible AA no matter the tier, so you could go after them.

      It is such a shame that they have normalized so many things in the game. RIP USS Texas.

  12. I disagree with you on the CV Rework. I still hate playing against CV’s. I have found that the game is a lot less fun over the last couple of years, but I think that is more because of the power creep with new premiums and new techlines. the gimics that they’re coming up with are getting ridiculous. Its getting to the point where WoWs is going to have to clear out the ship lists similar to what they did with WoT a couple of years ago.

  13. I totally understand where you are coming from and that many people blow some of these changes that WG introduces out of proportion, but the game is losing more and more of its playerbase. WG also seems to be allergic to player feedback and it seems like they are making it increasingly difficult for people to have consistent fun. I admit I still enjoy and play the game fairly casually, but I feel like those really good and enjoyable games are few and far between. As a DD main, I just shake my head whenever I see a CV. I don’t like subs, but I think they are less of an issue compared to CVs. I don’t really care if they leave CVs in the game, I just wish they would listen to the community and tweak them so that DDs don’t have to constantly be playing hide and seek and wasting valuable smokes to hide or wasting time zig zagging into no man’s land. Also, the fact that in the first minute or so of the game, CVs can spot pretty much the entire enemy team is ridiculous.

  14. I believe people who say the game is dying have simply lost interest in it but can’t get over it. I say this because it happened to me. At some point in the last few months, I realized that I hadn’t been having fun in a while and had lost all excitement over announcements of future updates or new ships and nothing else really excited or bothered me. Nowadays you are the only youtuber I still watch, just to keep an eye on things. Maybe something interesting will come up again eventually. Anyway, I think few can stand playing the same game almost every day for years. Eventually another more attractive game appears. In my case it was Enlisted. The devs update the game every week and are very generous with event rewards and, as incredible and absurd as it sounds, they listen to community feedback.

  15. Dead to me for a couple of years. I don’t think the game scaled well past BBs/CAs/DDs cooperating to spot and kill, which had a nice balance to it

  16. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Definitely agree with attention spans, I retired last year from teaching middle schoolers and they have the attention span of hamsters. Speaking of that (though I have been playing since Alpha Trials) I wonder how many of the new cadre are people that have retired so they now have the time to spend. I really wish they would do the cross-server games.

  17. Your timing is always hilarious. This videos comes out, and WG announces the migration from forum to discord….another hated change by veteran players. Lol

    • Thinking the exact same thing pretty inconvenient timing for SLM.
      As slm says world of war planes is still on life support and apparently there’s no living will for the thing since WG won’t pull the plug on it. I assume WOWS will be the same way, but there’s no denying that the game is bleeding players in the last year. I have posted factual hard numbers that support this and others have posted similar statistics as well.

    • I thought the same thing. And dicsord, ugh, that’s a hot mess. Used it for other games, and I’m not seeing how its a superior platform for the forum.

  18. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    the problem with the concealed maneuver’s mode,at least from what I’ve experienced so far, is that ppl don’t play the CV’s that are being tested but random tier 8 CV’s.

  19. Community: “The game is not dying. It’s alive and well.” WG: “We’re shutting down our forums effective in three days.”

  20. Regarding to queues, I play here in Brazil sometime in the middle of the night, around 4-8 AM here and even at this time it don’t take that long on T5-T10. The game may be losing some of its playerbase but I agree with you, it’s not DYING

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