World of Warships- The Game Just Isn’t Fun Anymore

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Hey Guys! Today we discuss a sentiment that is going around more and more with some….recent chagnes shall we say

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  1. @kodyfulkerson2600

    I’m really enjoying grinding the OG Japanese BB line after being away for years

  2. The problem is there is no longer a “healthy” balance of ship types, abilities, accuracy, etc. The grinds are harder, economics are abysmal… as a player from launch day, I never play random anymore. Operations and whatever the special mode is for the particular update is. The game needs a heavy rebalance and NEW MAPS for the love of god. Not redone with 4k textures. 100% all new maps. Feels like we have been playing the same 6 maps for 8 years.

    • I only joined about 2 years ago, but I also really don’t like the Randoms….so economy is a challenge yeah, I have multiple lines with ships maxed out XP wise, but simply not enough credits to buy the upgrade

    • Grinds are harder? The opposite is true. It’s too easy to get to T10 these days.

    • I’m not an og player, but played the game from 2017-2021. I got the Black, Musashi, Georgia and Nelson before they were removed. Came back this autumn and t8-10 is unplayable and therefore I stick to low tier ranked, operations and special gamemodes as they still have the same feeling as they did in 2017. Sure, subs are a pain and cvs can be too. But the eccence of the game is still there.

    • @@Flomotion8000 exp wise yes, no doubt, but credits is another story. I’m a unicum player but 100% f2p, not a penny spent on the game and it is tough at times. Not too long ago got myself Forrest Sherman and averaging over 100k in it, around 70% WR IIRC. With 160% credit booster on solid (100-150k dmg, couple of kills, caps) random game I can get like 400-500k after tax. And it is safe to say, that 99% of players aren’t capable of being that consistent, so can’t imagine how they do it. You just get stuck with what you have, as you can’t afford to buy anything new. WG overlooked the economy big time.

    • took them near a century to release ONE new map (Seychellen) and then they make it a mid tier map so most players wont play it most of the time or at all

  3. I agree today’s meta is not good. CVs, Subs, Hybrid ships are getting out of the hands. I think many old players already stopped playing because in Asian servers I can see lots of new players and yes matching making is also a problem I’m losing battles because my teammates doesn’t know what to do with their ships. It would be good if WG will try to sit with community and listen what players wants. They also add modes such as brawls (but it would be good if players can choose which tier they want to play brawls) and same goes with ranked.

  4. Me who waits for Asym Battles and T9-10 ops just to have a semblance of fun.

  5. Last few years I have seen more and more CC, YouTubers and others (streamers) say they do not play on Fridays and weekends now due to MM and the level of gameplay

    • @ashleighelizabeth5916

      Weekends are the worst And poor teammates are the number one most frustrating thing in the game IMO followed closely by completely busted MM that doesn’t pair up equal skill level players EVEN in Ranked matches. There are too many people in the game that don’t know the most absolutely basic shit like how hydro works, not sailing broadside to the enemy, not sailing in a straight line and other really really basic stuff. It’s so bad that I can tell about 75% of the time whether a match will be a win or a loss based on how my team positions itself in the first two minutes of a match because so many of them don’t understand the really really simple things like how decide which ships contest which caps in ranked battles. Over the holiday season it got SO bad that I even started having random operations go sour and THAT should never (or at least very rarely) happen.

    • @@ashleighelizabeth5916 I 110% agree with you

    • What is used to be only on weekends, we have all the time now. I’ve been around early 2016 and could see all changes myself.

    • Sunday night isn’t the worst. I refuse to play at that time.

    • I admit I avoid random weekends , and I do what I need in ranked or operations , but my DMG record I have done in Sunday , so yeah weekends is best time for hunting tho.

  6. I have been playing this game since the closed Beta and I have never seen games so one-sided as it is now

    • I’m agree. I launch a game and see all my team red (wows-monitor) and the enemy team green, blue and purple, then I know it’s gonna be a hard time. And it happens so often I though WG were angry at me 😀

  7. I started back when the Italians BBs were in early access. Skip to today, I can’t even have fun in Colombo after unlocking it and mostly played ships that were “meta”.

  8. I’m an older player I have every ship in game. I used to play every night after work and every weekend when I could. Lately I play maybe 1 time on the weekend after some Tarkov. It’s sad I still love the game but cv subs and all the over pens on broadside ships is just frustrating. All the artillery bugs drive me insane lately lol

  9. @TruckingShooter

    It really isn’t. It’s feeling more like a second job anymore. I log in on work days and play enough to get a container and get 20 battle pass points and on the weekend, I usually go head and get the second container and logout. I’ll be doing the next dock yard though because Wisconsin. Closed beta player.

  10. It’s not even about subs or CVs only for me now, it’s about horribly one-sided matches, huge amount of camping, being punished for pushing, old ships getting absolutely no attention and ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING MM system especially for higher ranks. WG just masking everything up by adding more and more BS events and lootboxes. Please, don’t blame the players for not having fun anymore. This is not about saying haha you suck l2p noob, this is about WG making terrible decisions and purposefully frustrating players so they will buy something that would give them the edge. There are some things you just cannot influence, no matter how good you are.

  11. I uninstalled the game last night. It’s NOT fun anymore. And no, I’m NOT going to play classes I personally think have ruined the game to try to find something resembling fun in the game again. And that’s without even getting started on seemingly deliberately broken mechanics. Or the blatant cash grab aspect that just gets worse and worse.

  12. I’ve been having a blast playing Kagero lately. I recently finished a victorious game where I score 0 damage, but 90k spotting, I was ranked #2 in the team score.

  13. @andrewliles7913

    Im so glad to hear this is a trend. I have been playing less and less. Often I play one game and log off because the one game was such a miserable experience. There are so many other great games out there. The economy has been squeezed more and more and I really pity new players grinding through the ship lines.

    • Same here. Sometimes i play one game and leave right after, because it was a complete steamroll. Had it today with arms race. Enemy team got all buffs maxed, reload, dmg, hp and we got 2 buffs for regen. It was so frustrating to play. We got crushed 0/10 and that is enough for the entire weekend for me. And its like 95% of all games are exactly that. Can’t even bring myself to play at some days.

      Switched to 40k Darktide and have a good time. I would love another serious, FPS like BF 4 or maybe SWBF 2, but that’s unfortunately not there.

    • Same here. I don’t buy premium time because I don’t want to be locked by this game. Normally, if i get free premium time, I usually play till i hit 2 daily coal crates before logging out. Right now I have 2 weeks of premium time, free from crates, i can’t be bothered to play for the 2 daily crates like before. I much rather spend my time in Cyberpunk 2077 which i recently started playing.

  14. Ever since Helldivers came out, I don’t even log in to get the daily rewards.

    • I am proud of you … but buddy you still comment wows video , that mean you will be back , because wows is like cocainum …

    • Nah I still comment and I haven’t touched it in many years 😉

      I still watch for the salt, and sometimes you catch a replay where there are just a few babyboats, lots of cruisers and destroyers and not much else to interfere with ‘fun’. @@MightyHuzarion

    • @@MightyHuzarion I still watch and support the youtubers. I still watch some of the old Warframe youtubers from time to time, but I haven’t touched that game in 5 years or more

    • I been playing deep rock galactic, and soon, helldivers from the sound of the things.

  15. WG could solve it tomorrow if they wanted to. But they don’t.
    Classic battle mode: Just surface ships, reduced XP and rewards
    Enhanced battle mode: Surface ships + Subs OR Surface ships + CVs, normal XP and rewards
    Full battle mode: Surface ships + Subs + CVs, bonus XP and rewards

  16. I played this game in Beta and am recently getting back into it. Ultra light cruisers are my forte. Atlanta is my #1 ship played, followed by Minotaur, Worcester, and Des Moines. Grinding research points for Colbert by going through the Harugumo line is a bit of a pain but at least they’re close to my preferred playstyle. Actively avoiding any competitive playlist so I can just pick targets and hold LMB without really caring about subs or CVs. One new-to-me feature I like is being able to just “battle on” with the same ship from the death screen without having to wait for the battle to end.

  17. At its core, this game is a rock, paper, scissor type of naval game, and that is what makes it fun. But then Wargaming started to mingle with this design by adding sniper rifles, bazookas, and other ridiculous ideas and classes, so of course the more ridiculous the game is becoming, the less fun it is.

    • Tell me the game is to complicated for you without saying the game is to complicated for you.

    • mong.

      OP is right, and ‘complexicity’ has nothing to do with it. Cry harder, to complex.. that’s why WeGreedy made all radars same length and range right? That’s why WeGreedy wants to make all airspotting the same for destroyers right? ‘To complex’ lmao

      It’s total bs that a class which is supposed to be a counter to something, be worse at doing exactly that as a class which historically was the most vulnerable to them ( re: sso aka submarine shaped objects being countered by BabyBoats most efficiently ).

      You know what was ‘complex’? Alpha with stealth fire requiring you to work as a ffin team, with RTS cv’s which actually had a choice to use fighters to stop enemy attacks ( even if it was more effective if you’re good enough to use your fighters to make sure your own strikes get through ).

      Arcade BS like gamemodes with ‘power ups’ and BS like ‘combat directives’ in your views makes stuff ‘complex’, in normal people’s mind it makes the game lose any and all possibility of immersion.


    • @TanNguyen-js7uv

      @@MarvinWestmaas i’m sorry, but you considering the rts CV as the superior version negates everything you said. you’re an absolute idiot if you think the rts cv was in any way balanced or even reasonable.

  18. As a player since the beginning, I agree with previous comment about the need for more maps — and I wonder if it would be possible to have a random map generator — basic graphics on randomly-generated islands, with some kind of algorithm that balanced the two sides either with pure symmetry or a system of equivalences (so that one side doesn’t have an obvious initial advantage).
    Meanwhile, I don’t have fun in the upper tiers anymore… but I do enjoy tiers 5-7, or otherwise I play ranked.

  19. It is because of the subs and CVs.

  20. @josephsmith2183

    They need to buff the North Carolina’s AA fire. During WWII, she was well known for her AA fire. The first time she opened up, the other American ships thought she was on fire.

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