World of Warships- The Game’s Greediest Event Somehow Just Got Greedier

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Azur Lane event, let me know what you think below!


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  1. Worst part is that it used to be an option to only get what was added in the current wave.

    • Still is sort of. The 2 new ships with their captains can be bought individually for doubloons in the armoury. AL Prinz Heinrich (with 10 pt captain) for 11,300 dbs, and AL Cheshire for 12,800 dbs.
      The 3rd new commander Colorado is the only new content you can’t buy direct. Only available in that ludicrously expensive bundle or in the loot boxes.

    • @lunsmann it was a fixed bundle that also included the permenat camos for ships as well those are only available in the full camo bundle.

  2. Well I fell for it. Bought 5 thinking it was the same as last year. You are never too old to learn it seems.

  3. I thought that this year’s AL collab was coming back with the same -35% coupon like last year, so I just saved enough for the -35% Sovetskaya Rossiya. Turns out, I miscalculated (due to the price not being 19,300 dubs, probably because of the commander).
    Next time, hopefully.

  4. This is another Wargambling trick, they make you think new containers will be better because of the no duplicate, but they sneak in the reduced drop rate at the last minute with no previous announcement

  5. Not sure if you know this, but when Azur Lane and WoWs collab, it’s two-sided. WoWs gets the Shipgirls as Captains and Ships with special camos, while Azur Lane gets five Ships turned into Shipgirls. Like Friedrich der Große, Shimanto, Hakuryuu etc.

  6. Andy, a weeb physicist

    I had the 8% luck to just pull camos from one premium container. And my friend who does not care about them gets a commander first try. I was so salty I called it quits on spending more even though I love Azur Lane and started WoWs because of it.

  7. WeeGee felt that somehow they needed to balance the Karma Scale considering how generous and Free2Play-friendly Azur Lane is as a game.

  8. As long as there is no individual sale for these commanders, I’m pass.
    I just need 4 or 5 of those commanders because their voice are good, and I respect the VA behind those commanders.

    • Indeed, i was expecting maybe a small bundle to buy a few commanders not have to spend over 100 euros to get all of them

  9. Azur Lane is thankfully something I can completely ignore. I’ll take the Mission containers but I have far better things to spend my doubs on. I would imagine that the licensing is not cheap as the event is fairly short and I think the last time it featured was 2 years ago. (I stand to be corrected)

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      There was one last year as well

    • Steven Wiederholt

      “Azur Lane is thankfully something I can completely ignore. I’ll take the Mission containers but I have far better things to spend my doubs on.”
      VERY Well Said.

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Fair comment, there’s so many of these “events” they all blur into one after a while !

  10. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    You be better off spending 1/20th of the money on Azur Lane itself. Much more player friendly.

    • You would get a good selection of skins in Azur Lane for that money, and some of the skins are animated and come with their own special voiceovers

  11. Hyennavernhya Von Ragnarok

    The Collab with azur lane and world of warships doesn’t stop at world of warships getting azur lane stuff, in azur lane we got priority ships, ships that are unlocked by getting XP on specific ships, all those priority ships are inspired by wow’s paper ships, like Kitakaze which you’d unlock using vanguard japanese ships (DD,CL,CA)
    The game itself is just a bullet hell game where you have 3 light ships and 3 capital ships go against enemy ships and you dodge their shells while your ships shoot on their own, you can launch aircraft, torpedoes or battleship broadside

    The interesting thing about azur lane is how free to play it is (they make money with skins), how you got constant events with new ships, and how each ship have different skills and utilities, you even get repair ships, monitors, ammo convoy, a 18 century sail ship and others

  12. Has anyone else noticed that all containers are dropping mostly just free xp in them.

  13. well, it is expensive, but i would get that Heinrich commander for the future heavy cruiser Schill when it comes out.

  14. I never cared about the commanders, they´re anoying to me, but hte ships are nice and the bundles are not too bad. I already had Rossija from one of the previous events so I was able to buy the P. Heinrich bundle for 22 k compared to 23,2 k when you buy only Roma and Scharnhorst for example (not even counting in Aurora and the Commanders – would be 25 750 with Aurora and 30 250 with commanders with stock pricing)

  15. I like azur lane last time they did the event if made up about around 34,000 dabs u get the commander and the ship with it sadly I didnt have the money 😂. Not sure why they got rid of that and make u pay extra for trying to get there ships but I like how they did the old azur lane and need to bring it back wether they do or not is up to them

  16. Not that I intended buying any of these but I was shocked at how expensive they are!

  17. Yeah, I was short on cash and the only thing I wanted in the first wave was the Atago camo, and I was went to buy it and missed it by a day. Then the next time they put it into a HUGE bundle that had other camos for ships I didn’t have, so that was a non-starter. This time they have put those same camos in all those loot boxes, so I still can not get the ONE camo that I want, so this too, is a non-starter, so I’ll be passing on everything this time. Though I will admit that Cheshire was tempting but they don’t have any of the ships of commanders that I would actually want. I already have Azuma and the AL Azuma commander so I am not going to buy AL Azuma just to get the skin. It’s not worth the money.

  18. At least on console the AL commanders give you unique abilities to apply to any ship in the game either as a direct commander of a ship from the commander’s nation, or as an inspiration to a different nation’s commander on a different nation’s ship.

  19. i miss ARP collab back in the day, getting free ship with camo. for the azur stuff, i would care a little more about the commander ( and that work for ALL special commander , xmas, etc) IF we could see our commander ( and other player in the tab menu during match) or have them above your ship icone in the corner with some animation or something. i m more interested in some of the camo themself ( just for the fluffle color ) like the saint-louis . but as we ca only get them in a 200€ pack with all camo or try luck in some bundle i guess i will just pass. and yea camo in any box ( daily etc) is just a waste for player, sure give a few credit if sold, but who really care, if only wg would let player melt 100 same camo into a perma camo for one ship, that would at the very least have some use.

    side not , i m kinda impressed WG haven t used Riot and Lol tactic at selling skin/ camo. for those who don t know when you play lol in coop match the IA champion will have randome skin to try to get player intersted into buy them

  20. Sure the commanders are overpriced, but can we talk about that Azuma at 2:00? I make bad plays all the time, but that was something else.

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