World of Warships – The Godfather

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In which DDMafiaAssociateMember takes the new Italian Destroyers out for a spin and finds that what sucks on paper doesn’t necessarily suck in practice. And makes a few offers you can’t refuse.

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  1. Morning Jingles congratulations on the new home. We all hope you have many great years in it.

  2. Them: “Who would watch a Jingles video at 3am?”

    Me: “OH BOY 3AM”

  3. 15:43 Ah yes. Gran Turismo, The Real Badass Simulator. (J/k, bit fun considering the Gran Turismo fiasco going on. I know you were thinking of Gran Torino. Also, thanks for the video, Jingles. You’re a legend!) Edit: Spelling.

  4. “6.9km” *looks closer at the mini-map and sees 8.9km* Never change Jingles.

  5. Man, these Italian destroyers are almost enough to make me reinstall the game.

    Well, making me consider it. A little.

    Maybe a flicker of a thought.

    Okay no, but still fun ships.

    • Nope, won’t do it. More important things to do… suggest the same Aard 🙂

      Jingles: “I realize that many of you watching this video don’t play the game…” more correctly, “don’t play the game anymore.”

      I come here for the historical commentary. I just got done playing for a few months. Tier 7 is about my limit. Get to tier 8 and the tier 10s and CVs just murder you. No thanks

    • @Crazee Lazee Same, whenever I feel some urge to play I remember that cancer fly and my little ships can’t do anything about it

    • Don’t do it. Take the win.

    • Just think about the inevitable “successful” trials and follow intorduction of the new and “exciting” stun mechanic. You’ll come to your senses.

    • Can’t wait for the day where they’re forced to allow carriers to make up 3/4 of the team, because no one wants to play actual ships

  6. Really hoping they don’t follow through with the stun mechanic on the new support carriers. I could get behind a squadron that drops fire retardant on friendly ships to put out fires and decrease fire start chances on that ship for x amount of time.

  7. 14:35 He Tried, Jingles! While you were goin on about whodunnit, a salvo of AP shells from the Nagato’s direction pulled the classic “everywhere BUT on target” act and made a very noticeable splash around the Fuso!

    • I get that with every salvo from every battleship I sail, in every single game. It’s enough to make me want to stop bothering with battleships entirely. Even my carrier’s bombers do that, dropping their bombs in a big ring around the target, even if I have the drop reticle ENTIRELY on the target ship (it will drop the bombs outside the reticle). Meanwhile, the AI bombs will actually curve in the air so they ALL hit, every time. But, that’s coop.

    • @STNeish Yeah, the “half the shells landing short, half overshooting” thing was infuriating.

    • There were at least two salvos while Jingles was going on about the Nagato not finishing him off. So the Nagato got one really good salvo and then two whiffs so he couldn’t finish him off. Classic BB gameplay.

    • @Crap Tacular The other thing lately is that when you DO get a hit, 99% of them are overpenetrations. I even hit a battleship BOW ON with a salvo and overpenned. Guess it ran the entire length of the ship and somehow missed EVERYTHING.

  8. You really need to give his team more credit for the damage they inflected vs their kill count.

  9. Ετεrηαι Dαrkηεss.

    Regarding the Depth Charge aircraft, Jingles. Some people actually use them on surface ships expecting them to do damage… I’ve had a couple of people complain in chat when they dropped them on my ships and got no damage… Oh well, can’t stop people from sniffing glue XD

  10. We really need to pour out a few glasses of Grog for the German DDs. If their ever was a ship that that has been power crept to shit its them. Last i checked they had 2 unique traits, First dd line to have Hydro and FAST reloading torpedos, both of which have been given to other DD lines that have followed them, and those DDs are also BETTER then they are, ether by having better guns or better torp range. Then WG was like “hay ya know those 150mm guns, lets make a whole DD line out of them”, and no one likes them ether.

    MEANWHILE i too can not believe WG thought it would be a good idea to add STUN mechanics into WOWS as well, but hay i guess they had to make the game even worse SOMEHOW. Goes without saying but no one likes being stunned in PVP games, their is enough BS in this game already we do not need STUN mechanics. Why you ask? cus the game already punishes you from pushing hard enough as is, we don’t need to be stunned on top of it so we can DC or Smoke up or whatever else.

    OH LOOK they added a counter to Radar cruisers, Planes that can drop CHAFF which INSTANTLY cancels the radar if it is ON at the time (seems wargaming just LOVES making CVs a royal pain in the ass), and if your in chaff when you turn it on it takes longer to acquire targets (fair enough that makes sense).

  11. Definitely a harmless MC-kun

    Hey Jingles, i finally started playing wows and i’m thinking of recording my journey as a newbie(played WoT so not exactly newbie), how do you record your games? I can use obs to record as i play but recording my replays is also one i want to consider. Congrats on your moving to a new house and thank you for the videos~♥

    • It has been a while since I have played WOWS, but I believe that the game creates a replay file, mostly text I think, that can be sent to others to play on their machines or you can replay on your own machine.
      People send them to him and he loads up the replay file and then screen records them. If you are wondering what screen recording software he uses or what to use to live record games, I can’t help ya there.

  12. Jingles :”6 charges of smoke at 50 seconds”
    Me: 👀 🔎 are we watching the same thing?

  13. 17:26 In my case, battleship guns reload slowly, so they need to spend 30 seconds while doing literally nothing. I need to do something so that I can stay awake until the gun reloads. Besides, if sending the depth charge bombers can make DD captains scared by the tiniest bit thinking if that’s from swamp german cruisers, that’s more than I could wish for.

  14. Classic Jingles moments this video, doesn’t notice the range changes to 8.9, misses the Nagato shooting at the Fuso, calls Gran Torino Grand Turismo. 10/10 video

  15. As stupid as it may sound, I always drop my depthcharge planes during engagements with DDs in the hopes that I scare the captain into thinking that these are actually planes that will do damage to him and force him to turn. Works maybe 1 out of 10 times but that’s enough for me to keep doing it.

  16. Dropping depth charge planes on a DD has one reason; it’s a diversion. Works better if there is a CV in play, but it might buy you a few seconds.

    same with launching deep water torps against DDs.

  17. Jingleisms this game (and what they really are):
    The Aviere only has a 6.9km firing range (Its base range is 8.3 extented to 8.9 if you get a kill with Sansonetti as your captain)
    The Nagato was oblivious to the low health Fuso he bitchslapped a minute before (He was not, both his following salvos were aimed at the Fuso, but both missed. The tracers and shell splashes were quite obvious)

    Sidenote: Ita DD SAP is fine against BB, just not against something like a Pyotr Velikiy whose superstructure is nigh nonexistent. Its upper belt also includes the first level of the “superstructure” and is as such impenetrable by SAP. Only its funnel and the bridge are places SAP can pen. Most other BB have plenty of superstructure and less armoured bows to farm for SAP dmg, like you could see with the Fuso, whose entire pagoda is free real estate for SAP.

  18. Another thing: this DDs could be upgraded with captain skills and modules to favorite some traits of these ships. I tried to boost my torps in the Maestrale, Tier V, and speed and reloading time became amazing. Dropping torps of 8 km every 30 seconds at 55 knots.

  19. the depth charge aircraft are useful in that most of the time it gets DDs who haven’t turned off their AA to reveal themselves via their AA fire. It has helped me to avoid DDs hiding in smoke around corners many times!

  20. Smoke timer counts down from 25s (and 10s linger)…Jingles: “This smoke lasts 50s” …..never change oh overlord. sadly not Paolo smoke.

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