World of Warships – The Golden Lion

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  1. Can we get an audiobook read by Jingles?

  2. I guess “Bottle Sheep” is just a pun on “battle ship”…

  3. Member a few years ago, back during the golden days of WG April Fools, when Warships had the Jacuzzi battles? If I recall correctly, one of the toy boats we got was called ‘Bottlesheep’….

    • One of the boats were Pokeboat, Bathyscrap, Bottleship and

      I forgot the German one since i only remember only US, Japan, Germany and Russia have the boat.

      You can see the test boat in tech tree mods. (Bathyscrap)

    • The Bearded Warrior

      I remeber an April fools battle were it was standard domination but instead of the standard cap circles they were each an epicenter. That was a weird battle, not a blowout because only two kills for each team but battle was over by 7 minutes because of the cap circles

    • @RearAdmiralBIGCORE it was Das Boot iirc

  4. Jingles, the dutch participated in operation dynamo and there was also ship-a-day helfrich

    • Ah, Helfrich and his subs. Indeed the Dutch submarine forces sank more ships in the early stages of the war then those of the US and Britain combined.

  5. yes here in the US there is a brand of mustard called ‘Goudens’ ‘

  6. Mustard ship is probably the Richelieu, as the french are known for their Dijon Mustard. But that’s just a guess.

    • The Lightning Count

      While both the Dutch and the French have mustard references in the US, I think the Lexington was most likely referring to the French ship.🤔

      Not only is the “mustard” reference a bit stronger, it was also the easiest ship to sink.🧐

    • That was a great gun to watch

    • @Jason Swingle there’s also the scene in Wayne’s World where they roll up to the rich guy in the Rolls-Royce and Wayne ask him if he has any Grey Poupon

    • MonkeyoftheSmack419

      Could of meant anyone and anything . Shoot look at our movies and catch phrases that become iconic in America . Reservation Dogs the show is popularizing “Shit-ass”, which sounds so stupid every time I hear it ,but makes me laugh each time also because it’s ludicrously stupid sounding . The phrase “don’t blow my dope Ghandi” makes no sense ,yet at same time it does and often times shuts a person up enough to stagger them till one comes up with a better comeback . America is all about cut down comments and comebacks ,which many of them never truly make sense ,except in the sense of not being curse words that get bans or timeouts on social media . And on the North American server, curse words ,and direct put downs concerning race is gonna earn one a chat ban or something almost always .

    • This was my second guess.

  7. Based on the finishing points if the asashio or the carrier had managed to sink the Richelieu then this game would have been a loss. Sinking a battleship provides a 100 point swing and at the end of the match they were only 93 points ahead.

  8. Being a dutch native speaker, hearing these dutch announcements feel really weird. 🙂

    • well be envious of the upcoming german commander which will have the german voice actor of DIE HARD(even the picture of the commander reminds us of John Mclane.. the imposter).. which can be appropriate since many players do just that xD

  9. Why the Lexington decided to farm the Thunderer rather than sinking the 2k hp Richeleu and winning the game is beyond me!😂
    Guess CVs are fair and balanced if the captain is a potato!😊

    • Emporer Cheesius Secundus

      to be fair he could have just not known. Never assume any team is communicating properly in WO__ games. Plus after losing whole squadrons to a single cruiser’s AA, I’d assume he was getting pretty frustrated.

  10. Jingles, from a proud Dutchman like myself, the Dutch DID have a great impact on WWII, but mainly in the pacific (The Dutch “oost-Indische” colonies). We did a legendary escape on a outdated ship (Dont remeber which class) disguised as a island, and we did massivly hamper the jappanese convoys with our subs. Look it up, it is quite intresting what the Dutch did with their inginuity.

  11. “Bottlerocket kiting away”
    ahh Jingles, don’t ever change hahaha

  12. WG not listening to any feedback and producing OP ships. Dutch Cruiser: Hold my beer….

    • Players whine when ships are OP, players bitch when ships are not OP, players moan when ships are percieved weak. No matter what they do, the playerbase will always bitch, moan and whine about a new line of ships.

    • it seems they pay attention to us when they don’t need to and ignore us when they should lessen to us

  13. The chat between the Lexington and Richelieu at the end was pretty perfect.

  14. Since when did Jingles take an interest in competitive Dutch football?

  15. I have “Japanese Destroyer Captain!” It is in fact a very good book. Capt. Hara was very good example of a leader.

  16. Jingles: “a little strange, and well Dutch.” You mean like sailing straight into a British fleet and capturing the English flagship and getting away with it? XD

  17. ‘French’ mustard Jingles. 😋 There is a brand of mustard in the US called French’s and that was probably for the other carrier to take out the French BB

  18. There’s one thing about the Gouden Leeuw that might be important to point out: most Dutch ships from the 1930s usually share the equipment and often the design as well from the German cruisers. The Dutch often have weapons built by the Swedish, aka the Bofors, yet most Dutch cruisers after tier VI come with German main guns, and their German dispersion. Remember, Scharnhorst wasn’t the most accurate battleship with those guns, neither is the Gouden Leeuw.

    The armor on the ship is questionable. Like all Dutch cruisers, they can be citadelled. The lighter armor the ship has, the less chance to be citadelled, yet more vulnerable to HE spam. The Gouden Leeuw is both. The airstrike cannot be buffed or increased with perks sadly, just like the Tone and Ise, there are no plane skills on ships other than carriers. So you’re pretty focused on starting fires and hitting broadsides, while exposing your weakpoints. Damage Control Party and heals are definitely needed, when it burns, it burns forever. Planes are best used on stationary, big ships with bad AA. I’m mostly using those planes on Japanese ships because of their low AA for their tier, bad consealment and their superstructure. German BBs work as well. American BB can work if their AA has been reduced.

    As a Dutch person, I am kind of saddened that they turned out to be like this, yet I’m happy that the devs acknowledged the existance of the Dutch marine and added them to the game. The Dutch marine wasn’t as good during WW2 as they were in the VOC time. Yet they remained vital in the defense of the Dutch Indies, Phillipines and Australia. The Australians and Dutch worked closely together, even on their ships, sometimes there were both Dutch and Australian captains aboard.

  19. “It’s strange, and, well, a little Dutch.”
    Jingles, I have a feeling you and Bram Stoker would have gotten along on this topic.

  20. “He’s a big fan of tulips. I don’t know, I’m only speculating.”


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