World of Warships – The Good Ship Edinburgh

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In which Umbray takes the British tier 8 Town-class light out for s spin and almost gets into more trouble than he can handle. Almost.

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If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. HighGeneral Blitz


  2. All hands on deck! Notification Squad, what’s our status?

  3. Its that bloody boat game again isn’t it?

  4. HighGeneral Blitz

    The British: throw enough shells at the enemy ship, some of it will stick
    Germans: oh we put the torpedo tubes at the wrong spot. Nah nvm
    American: throw enough planes at the enemy ship and it will sink
    Italian: pizza floating on the ocean

  5. Good I’m early, time to make a joke.

    The price of premium tanks is completely right and should not be lowered.

  6. Hi Jingles   ,
    Why don`t you start a new series about historical facts about ship you want us to know about or certain battles that are interesting ??
    Love your content and can`t wait for to your video to come up every day !
    You can make a bad day suddenly seem not so bad !
    thanks for that !!!

    greetings from Holland,



  8. Jochem Sturkenboom

    “I’m not gonna be giving you the life story of this ship, because the replay has way too much action”
    *proceeds to start history class*
    Please never change

  9. I say old man, just a thought but if the action in the video is too intense to allow for your always interesting historical accounts, we of the salt mines would surely not mind if you did your patented historical summary either before or after the actual game play video. Preferably with historical photos as background. Yes, yes, I know… Back to the salt mines.

  10. I’m famous, I’d like to thank my family. And my clan-mate Vad for getting Detonated by that Akatsuki torpedo

  11. Gotta love how the bismarck was ammoracked by the first ever hit he took that game (the torpedo)

  12. I love when you narrate the history of these ships.

    You know, if you wanted to, you could simply tell a story? It doesn’t have to be a ship from WoW if it’s not in the game. Your audience is interested in most things navy and I for one would love to hear some of your favourite stories.

    There were certainly some absolutely heroic efforts by destroyers in the war.

  13. that poor poor Bismark suffering the Hoods fate… that’s karma for ya.

  14. I know everybody (else) loves monsterously OP cruisers which get every possible good consumable but here i am, grinding the japanese DDs and after a long and rocky road i am at the yugumo. Quite possibly the biggest turd in the game. I need to get around 250k experience in this thing when meanwhile every cruiser gets the hydro-search to ruin my one and only defence: my smokescreen, way too many cruisers are faster than the yugumo and it actually has a worse turning circle than a bayern <-- T6 battleship. and the best part about it is that it still uses those 10km ranged torpedoes like the fubuki at T6 except you know what? it fires less of them (only 8 compared to fubuki's 9) and reloads them slower (by what? 20-30 seconds). Oh but wargaming buffed the japanese dds to make them competitive again! The guns now turn a tiny bit slower so that they are still the worst guns of all DDs but at least it doesn't take 2 minutes to rotate them. And the Yugumo's ace up it's sleeve is the consumable that makes your torpedoes reload faster. You can choose it instead of the smokescreen. not the speed boost, the smokescreen -.-* Jingles you know wargaming staff, can't you bitchslap some of them?

  15. damn..I must be tired, tried to click the Start Battle button in the beginning..

  16. Do some videos purely about ww2 tanks/ships/planes/battles or anything really as some of your videos are pretty much history with a replay in the background anyway

  17. does this make me last?

  18. 4:57 “all but 5 bars of gold” – oh, let me guess; the mission was done by FIVE divers xD

  19. A-Actually Jingles the Fiji killed the Prinz Eugen. Jingles? What are you doing with that shotgun?

  20. I watched the entire ad just for you. I hope you are happy.

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