World of Warships | The great CC purge of 2021..

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  1. Zoup got kicked because of his own ignorance, he doesn’t deserve any sympathy for him getting kicked from the program. If anybody wants the full story, iChase made a video about it.

    • I’ve never been a fan of Zoup, the time he spent as a CC he came of as a corporate talking head. That being said, what he got kick for was BS. I don’t agree with his opinions on the subject but, in America, we have thing called the 1ST amendment that guarantees ones freedom of speech. I guess to be a CC means everyone needs to hold the same opinions and if you cross some abstract line in the sand then justifies being kicked. (that’s called cancel-culture)

    • The only issue with rights for individuals is that he was sponsored by the Wargaming company. If he did what he did on his own personal Twitter it wouldn’t have been an issue, but since he did it on his account linked to his WoW account directly, he killed his sponsorship through his own stupidity.

    • @JusBlazed In Russia we prefer the term “gulag culture”.

  2. Gibbins left because of the matchmaking and the monetization issues, he’s still a CV apologist claiming it’s the players that just don’t know how to play against them.

  3. Avoid any game from What Gall, the company is poison.

  4. Chobittsu is the director of the huge Mermaid’s Wrath voice mod, who is so infuriated about the way LWM was fucked over that they’ve stopped developing the mod.

  5. was a subscription player for 2 years but stopped subscribing 2 years ago as a lack of value and prices for imaginary products was ridiculous I still play as free player but only when I am bored

  6. Sorry bro I won’t get the vaccine but maybe in a few years we have more Data

  7. I’ve stopped logging in.. If we all did that for two weeks, hell .. even a week … it would send a message to fix this shit. Fix the match maker, the games are so wacked, either your on the team that gets slaughtered or your on the team slaughtering. 90% of the time the matchmaker has one side having an over 5% win rate. There is no such thing as a good game anymore. And the 2 tier uptier is complete bullshit, if I want to play tier 9, I’ll play teir 9, but not tier 7 in tier 9. Fucking retarded. We’ve all hated it for years and they just dont care. Loot ( gambling boxes ) …. I don’t give a shit …. if peeps are stupid enough to toss money at it …. let them. They don’t get a dime out of me. Once a year I use to buy premium in January for half price for a year.

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